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Monday, March 17, 2008

Precious Time :)

Happy Birthday Brother! Nice ice-cream cake!

Skating with the twins - Brenden and Lucas

Snow! (Sorry everyone, I know you are so so sick of it - Spring can come now :)

Happy 60th Mom!

All dressed up for the party :)

Friday, March 07, 2008


It really is amazing how some things in life can change so quickly, without a moments notice.

This morning I just received word that an old friend from home has had his home burn to the ground. Fortunately, he, his wife and their four kids are ok, but they have lost everything. This came on the heels of another bit of bad news regarding a friends health, but I'm not inclined to speak about that to protect their privacy.

Last night I had Molly to the vets, as her back leg has been causing her some trouble. She's on a round of antibiotics and Andy will have to bring her back next week while I'm in NS. It could be a number of things and I'm hoping with all my heart its not early arthritis. She is such an active little dog, it would break my heart if it were to be so. But the important thing is to try and remain positive. I know she is just my dog, and that some of you will be rolling your eyes, especially in light of all the horrible things that can happen to families, but to any of you who know me, you know how much I love my Mol.

So in light of all this unsettling news, I'm trying my best to stay upbeat. I was on such a high earlier in the week what with going back to Nova Scotia. Don't get me wrong, I'm so looking forward to being with my family, to hugging mom and dad, hanging out with my sisters and brother, even just the little things like going to the gym with mom in the mornings. Oh, and the food of course... not to mention the birthday celebrations! I haven't gotten to celebrate with mom in over four years, so how could I miss 60?

When I come back from seeing my family Andy and I are hoping for a long weekend to Italy to see Valentina and her gorgeous family; then Dawn will be arriving in May, and Stacy in July. The boys are so excited to see them both its unreal. Andy and I have booked tickets to Greece again this summer, we can't help ourselves, we love it there so much, and this time we have decided to go back to the island we honeymooned on (Kafalonia) and to take Stacy with us. I was so excited when Andy suggested this, but to say Stacy is excited is an understatement. We can't wait to show her one of our most favourite places in the world, and hopefully, a dolphin or two.

Through the dark, we must always look for some light, and right now I can see the sun is shining so I'm taking my girl for her walk.

Monday, March 03, 2008

To be so beautiful at 80!

Beryl and Haviere & Tony (the owner of the Millhouse)

On Saturday afternoon, Wendy, Linda and I treated Beryl to an 80th birthday party at the Millhouse.

This amazing woman turned 80 on 18th February, but as her sons treated her to a week long trip to Portugal, we decided to extend her birthday by a few weeks, and why not? The best birthdays are the ones that run for longer than the actual day.

Beryl by the gorgeous tree dressed by Tony

Beryl was so touched and although she was brought to tears a few times I think she immensely enjoyed the afternoon. She certainly enjoyed the brilliant service and attention by Haviere, our Spanish born server.

Beryl and Haviere

They couldn't have been more accommodating, the food is glorious and not one of us girls left feeling dissatisfied. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the ladies flirt with Haviere, especially during the moments when Beryl was trying to steal kisses and Linda couldn't take her eyes from him whenever he walked by.

Me, Wendy, Linda and the birthday girl

My mother always told me that the older you get, the more freedom you have to flirt with the younger men... I certainly see this is true now. When they all expressed that they wished they were younger, Haviere replied that he too wished he was younger. When they responded with 'whatever for? you're young enough!' His response, with a charming wink at Beryl, was to say 'not young enough to go all night anymore I'm afraid'. The ladies didn't even bat an eye as they roared their approval to his banter. I can only say, I could only sit back and smile. These girls could eat me alive I think.

It was such a brilliant afternoon, the Millhouse was so beautifully decorated for Valentine's and as its just such a lovely atmosphere, we have promised ourselves we will try and get out there more often. We have at least two upcoming visits this year that will ensure our return.