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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year!!!

And here ends yet another year. I hope this new year brings happiness and love to all of those whom I hold so dear. Tonight Andy and I are making our way over to the Farmhouse for dinner and drinks and then likely moving on to the Harvest Moon... both of which are in walking distance... rah rah.... although our plans are not overly huge, we are looking forward to ringing in the new year together. Its funny to think that I will be well into 2004 before the rest of you, lol.... Cheers!!!!

She IS Canadian!
Yesterday I had an appointment at the gym with my trainer Phil. Phil and I went into the coffee bar to have coffee and chat about what my goals are and while Phil was getting his coffee a gal approached me and motioned to my Roots Canada sweatshirt saying 'but your not from Canada, right???' in an accent that was NOT british... I laughed and said I certainly was. She almost died. She has been living here for six years and I am the first fellow Canadian she has encountered! 'She' is Carol Ann and lives here with her british husband and four year old daughter. Straight away we hit it off and we have already made plans to meet on Saturday morning. Carol Ann just happens to be an employment coordinator at Grimsby College and mentioned that once I am able to work, she is the one to know, lol. I think she is absolutely thrilled to have someone from 'home' living in her neighborhood, even if home happens to be Ontario for her, and NS for me! Either way it was a much needed lift for me. How come things have a way of looking up just when they seem the lowest??? And although I know it is early days and she and I may not even end up 'clicking' I have a feeling that this will turn out to be a mutually beneficial relationship for both of us.... I do consider myself a good judge of character for the most part. Actually, initially I found myself thinking that my pal Dawn would likely take to this gal... she is 'out there'... and I like that.

Daily Dirt

Bye bye 2003...

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

1. What will you miss about 2003? I can't say I will miss much about it, as it was a very difficult year... I will however miss being a year a year younger, lol.

2. Why should you be looking forward to 2004? Andy and I have so much building to do in our new life that I'm anxious I'm to begin (this would require the dragon divorcing him!) - I'm also anxious to see my sister happily married and my cousin's twins safely here.

3. What will you be doing first thing when the clock strikes 12? KIssing Andrew... then calling home...lol

4. Have you accomplished all your 2003 resolutions? Yup... lost 20 pounds and I made it to England.

5. How will you celebrate the end of 2003? With a few drinks and hopefully a shag.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Quote of the Day: A great marriage is not when the 'perfect couple' come together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. --Dave Meurer

It's Happened!!!!

The best thing that has happened over the holidays is that my little sister Tawny woke up to a proposal from Taylor on Christmas Day!!! The whole family is thrilled for them. All day long while talking to my mom, dad and Stacy, they made it a point to tell me I MUST speak with Tawny that day, especially after I'd informed them that I'd tried calling her and feared I missed her. However she called me at 11:30 that night full of excitement, to tell me her fantastic news.... When I finally talked to mom again she told me it was so hard to keep that secret! She said she couldn't even tell members of the extended family for fear they tell me!!! Either way, I'm so happy for the both of them! My biggest fear now is that they will plan their wedding for a time when I won't be able to be there due to this stupid visa of mine!!! I don't imagine they will have a long proposal, as they have only been going out for nearly a decade!!!! Again... I couldn't be happier for these two whom I love so much.

I'm In Love....

These, quite frankly, put Quality Street to shame... I know when I open a can of Quality, I might like about four of the selections... Open a tin of the Roses... and look out... its like little tiny Cadbury Bars all wrapped up... for example, Dairy Milk, Caramel Velvet and Praline Moment.... YUMMY.

An English Christmas...
Your probably wondering how much I missed everything back home over the holidays.... the answer to that... extremely so. On Christmas Eve Andy and I went across the road to the Harvest Moon for a few drinks, then made our way back across the street to the Farmhouse for a few more drinks... it was here that I tried the traditional English Cider... it was quite different from anything I had ever drank in a bar, but it was nice. Not something I could drink pint after pint of, but a nice drink to enjoy. After leaving the Farmhouse, we made our way to his parents for even more drinks, lol. I must say, pubs being open all over the holidays are not something I am accustomed to.... maybe another enticement for Cat, Darla, Dawn, etc. to come for a visit...lol.

On Christmas morning I was quite spoiled by Andy... just a few of the things I received were a Celtic Gold Cross and on a chain and a lovely bracelet, tons of stuff from the Body Shop, a foot spa, and a suede jacket... unfortunately the jacket was not my size and we were unable to exchange it for one that did fit. Oh, not to mention, we went out on Boxing Day and got this loving PC that I am using to write my blog on....

I also received a top from Tawny, one like she has that I had been coveting during my last visit... its 'dead sexy' as the English would say. Tawny also did up some pictures from our visit to Niagra Falls, which were lovely and touching. Mom and Dad gave me a beautiful jacket, and Stacy gave me a matching scarf, mitten, and hat set... I've been wearing it ever since. After I had opened all my gifts I had a good cry, and then got on with it. We spent the day at Andy's parents with his sister Claire, his sister Allison, and her b/f Scott. It was really nice - Andy's mom and dad had also bought me stuff, which almost made me cry. During the afternoon, after stuffing ourselves silly, we all played Pictionary (a game Andy cottoned on to after spending time with Tawn and Taylor). The only trouble for me was that its the English version. I however have to admit that after being with Andy for nearly two years, I know most of the terminology.

Christmas night was almost as busy as the day, as the phone never stopped ringing... I wasn't complaining though, as I was definitely feeling the love from home. Andy wasn't sleeping well that night anyway, as he was a bit bothered the children hadn't called him - they were not allowed

Boxing Day brought the children like a whirlwind... it was great watching them open their gifts... and we had a pretty terrific three days with them. I'm enjoying getting to know them - they are all so different in their own way, but they are good kids and it is evident they love their dad and are trying very hard to accept me into their lives.

Christmas always seems to bring some sad news too...
Despite all the great things that happened this Christmas, I was informed of a few things that were really disappointing and sad... firstly I was informed that my oldest and dear friend's mother has been confirmed with having a cancerous lump in her breast. She is like a mother to me and I had been hoping with all my heart that it would be benign... now I am hoping with all my heart that all will be well. Secondly, I was informed that my Dad's sister has finally lost her battle with cancer on Christmas night.... My Aunt Terry has been fighting her battle for seven years. I didn't know her at all really, but I feel sad for her, for my dad and for her family. Thirdly, I found out that the marriage of one of my favorite cousins has split up... I don't know why, but I feel doubly sad as their little boy is not even 2 yet. Christmas is the worst time of the year to have to hear such shitty news.

Since Christmas
My mood has been an ever-wavering one... one minute I'm up, the next I'm down. I try so hard not to compare everything negatively to back home, but sometimes I can't help it. Today Andy and I were trying to find somewhere to eat our lunch and every pub/place we went into was chock filled with SMOKE.... I'm sorry I find it so gross and its something I have to be very careful of as smoke filled places can easily set off my asthma/bronchitis, not a good thing while I'm over here without easy access to my or even a physician. I'm also trying hard to make a go of it here... I love being with Andy, but I'm so homesick it's really not funny. After all the years I have thought of living abroad, of dreaming of all the different experiences life has to offer, and of being with Andy, you'd think I'd be much better about it all. Sometimes I feel like such a spoilsport. Its just I feel caught in limbo you know??? I've packed up and left most of my life in NS.... I'm with Andy here, starting a new life with his kids... I just hope that all this passes and I can settle in. Everything, I mean, everything, is just so DIFFERENT here.... it'd be so much better if I could have at least one loved one from home here with me.... picking up the phone and calling just doesn't cut it. Well this week is bound to be ok... Andy is off for the next week and we will get to spend some quality time together. He is so good to me, and as a result... I spend most of my time feeling like a first class shit...

LORD OF THE RINGS - Return of the King

Well we saw this movie on the weekend and although I really enjoyed it, I think I was left a little dissapointed. Althought the hobbit's had a more interesting role this segment, they didn't focus on Aragon, Legolas and the troll nearly enough. And the ending was slightly unclear to me as I had an adorable little seven year old (Connor) chatting in my ear and asking me questions throughout most of the movie... but I'm not complaining... he kept me from crying, lol.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry Christmas!

Well I've just finished wrapping Andy's gifts and have stuffed his stocking as full as I could get it! He has now gone to pick up the children and we will have them for 2 hours tonight. I am going to make the fajitas and hopefully they will like this strange new food!

I want to say Merry Christmas to all my friends and loved ones. Stacy, I especially miss you at this time and wish I could be there with you, mom and dad! In a perfect world I could be with both you all and Andy. I miss my friends and will miss visiting with you over the holidays. Sheila, I miss your cooking and the wonderfully rested times I spend with you and Dawn! Catherine, I truly regret not being there with you now that you are in Halifax. It seems strange that you are there without ME!!!! Its usually the other way around!

But I am happy to be here with my love - like Tawny and Taylor, and now Sandra and Brad, Andy and I too will begin making our own Christmas traditions together with his children.

I love you all and wish you the best this Christmas. I will talk to you all sometime over the next 2 days!

Monday, December 22, 2003

Quote of the Day: A Christmas shopper's complaint is one of long-standing. --Unknown

Song of the Day: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Let It Snow...

Last night just as I was going to bed, I decided to have a look out at the weather, and lo and behold... it was snowing! I actually had thought I was glad to see the back of snow, however waking up this morning to a light dusting of snow made me smile. It also achieved something I have been trying very hard to grasp onto.... a bit of Christmas spirit. I don't know what happened, where it went, cause I had lots before moving to the UK, however I'm sure that's what the major issue was, being somewhere that wasn't home. But this is home now and I am happy to say, that as much as I am missing my home in Nova Scotia, I'm looking forward to Christmas with Andy and his family. His sister Allison and her bf Scott are coming on Christmas day, and his sister Claire, who lives in a group home, is coming home tomorrow and will be staying until New Years. I'm excited about this as I haven't met either of his sisters yet.

Ahhh.... Bacardi Breezers....

Welcome to the wonderful world of the best coolers I have ever drank.... normally I'm not a cooler drinker as I find them much to sweet, however when I was here in April I discovered these wonderful pineapple coolers... I loved them but sadly they were not available in NS... I smuggled a bunch back in my suitcase, and to my surprise and happiness, a few months later they were made available in the NS liquor stores. However, here they are available at the store downstairs... and in many more flavors... tonight I am enjoying an orange-vanilla diet breezer... that's right ladies, only 35 calories per bottle! I must note at this time that Andy was kind enough to have my mini fridge (granted my only fridge) stocked full of breezers and Stella beer.

Christmas Prep...
Ok... one of my current beefs about this country is that the stores in the shopping mall do not stay open past 6 o'clock... what's up with that???? But that is not what I'll blog on about tonight. Tomorrow, thankfully, Andy is off at 2 p.m. and will remain off until January 6th. I'm so happy about that as we will finally get to spend some much needed time together. First item on the agenda tomorrow will be the shopping mall. As I am with him over the holidays and far away from my family, I will need to hold on to at least one tradition. My sister Tawny manages to do this by preparing a munchie tray much like the one my dad does. I however can't really do that as dill pickles and good pepperoni are not available here. What Andy and I will be doing is purchasing stockings and filling them for each other. I insist on this. If we don't have stockings, it won't seem much like Christmas to me. After we finish our shopping tomorrow we are off to have dinner in the city of Lincoln, followed by a movie - Love Actually. I know I have seen it already, however Andy has not, and I think its just the movie to get us even more revved up for the holiday.

The Humberside Country Club
I went and had my first workout yesterday afternoon... it wasn't bad, the cardio equipment is top-notch, however I have to say I was a bit dismayed that they don't offer a good stretching area, i.e. bar, they do not offer hand towels, only paper towel, the weight equipment is lacking, AND most importantly, they don't require members to sign up for equipment or clean it off when finished. That to me is unsanitary and plain gross... if people sweat half as much as I do, and I know they do, its just disgusting. I guess this doubly surprises me as its a country club... caters to the upper crust and all... when I have my appointment with a trainer I will be sure to point these discrepancies out... its my right as a paying customer! Something I haven't been at a gym in over 7 years!

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Quote of the Day:
I'm gonna drive you nuts -- Me to clerk in store across the street

Song of the Day: Break It To Them Gently -- Burton Cummings

Humberston Country Club

That's a fancy-schmancy name for my local gym, eh? However it IS actually a country club, of all things... I walked the mile down to the club this afternoon to sign up for a membership. The gal who signed me in was named Debbie, she's a year younger than myself, and not only did she sign me up, she called the local bus depot to have them send me a schedule, offered to take me to the local shopping plaza and show me around the area! I don't think that is part of membership enrollment plan! And it wasn't to get my membership, since I'd already signed up. She had just moved back here herself from Germany (her husband is in the military) and said she knows how it feels to be in my shoes.

So, now I have an appointment with a trainer (what can it hurt?? besides its someone else to meet here in jolly old England), on Saturday morning at 11. I intend to utilize this membership for sure, besides, what else to I really have to do at this point. Not to mention its been over six years since I've actually had to pay for one, and I will NOT become someone who pays out £40 a month to NOT go to the gym. Also, it could very well be a means to me meeting a potential friend. I miss my pals back home in a rather big way.

Domesticated Jodes
So... my mornings usually start around 9:30 now... Andy leaves around 7:00 after dressing out in the living room and only coming back into our room to kiss me goodbye. Once I get up I will get my breakfast and do a bit of tidying up or watch some telly (LOL). Then I get myself dressed and either go for a run/walk. Starting on Saturday, it will be the gym. I've been walking over the little supermarket across the street to familiarize myself with the food, etc. Then its back to the flat to eat lunch, snooze, tidy up, maybe call home or a friend, whatever. Then I start to prepare supper for myself and Andy around 5:30. I can't believe the way my life has changed, however for the sort of short-term, it works. Andy makes sure to call a few times a day and is always so happy to see me when he gets in. Sometimes I feel a bit like June Cleaver might have felt, sans the Beav, of course, lol. Although maybe with a bit of vixen thrown in... the other night when Andy came home I had actually made him a beef stew of all things, however not only was he met with the terrific aroma of his favorite meal, he was met with me wearing a sexy little get-up!... Is that bad or good? I don't know, but after being left on my own all day, and with a studly english-man at hand, why shouldn't I expect a little luvin??? Its one of the great perks of coming to Enlgand. Boy did I miss that man.

Ok... enough of that... I hope no one has actually been barfing.... life will pick up next week as Andy is off for 2 weeks and we don't plan to be sitting in the flat the whole time. It will be a different Christmas, but a good one nonetheless.

Let's celebrate...
Thursday, December 18, 2003

1. What's your favourite celebration ever? Christmas - and my b-day... I have to admit, I like having my own day that's all for me... I'm glad I don't have to share it with a twin, or even worse, Jesus.
2. Where do you love to celebrate your birthday? With my loved ones...
3. Do you celebrate anniversaries? Yup...
4. What other stuff do you celebrate that does not have an exact dates? Hey, if there is a reason to celebrate, hence have a few nips, lol, I'll find it.
5. Ever celebrated anything alone? Can't say I have... where's the fun in that... if something special came up and I had to be all alone, i.e. Christmas, I'd probably choose to try and just sleep through it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Quote of the Day Your a really good cook... - Andy

Song of the Day Too Lost In You -- Sugababes

Well I made it.... Saturday morning I walked off that plane with my heart practically beating right out of my chest. I was terrified of immigration. I did not sleep on the plane but wasn't feeling tired, just scared. I had tried telling myself that it probably wouldn't be that bad, however I had to hope for the best, while preparing for the worst. To make a long story very short, I had no problems... the Immigration Officer just checked my refusal papers, reviewed what I am not allowed to do, and sent me on through to baggage... no searching through my Christmas gifts, nothing. It was good. Then when I walked through arrivals and into Andy's arms, I pretty much came undone. It all hit me at once... I held up ok until I called my dad (who had already been trying to call) at 6:00 a.m. NS time, only to hear him crying into the phone... he was so worried about me. I think I spoke to my parents about 3 times that day. Andy and I left the airport after we'd had a sit-down, and I was ok through the long drive back to New Waltham. When we reached the flat, Andy thought it'd be best if we had an hour to ourselves before he went to get the kids (who were at his mom's). Well that wasn't overly successful as I cried quite a bit. I think I just needed to get the stress of meeting the kids over and done with. So he went to collect them.

The Children
They came flying in the door, just after I had finished fixing my face. I was greeted with huge smiles and tentative hugs. I don't know why, but I was a little shocked at how beautiful they are.... they truly are. If Andy and the ex-Mrs. did anything right in this life as a couple, it was to create these beautiful kids. Sure they are a bit unruly, but what kids aren't at times... and they are all so DIFFERENT. At dinner that night with Andy's folks, the middle boy, Alex, who is 11, looked at me and said "I'm so happy today is finally here, that you are finally here... I have been waiting for this". My heart melted. It was said with such genuine warmth and childish honesty. Andy's mom has reported that at one point during the meal,when Andy took me off to see something outside that the boys were playing on, Natasha looked at her and said 'Well that's that... she's in and I'm out.". Andy and I did not know this until Sunday night after they had left, but I can understand her feelings, although her Grandma bawled her out for it. On Sunday we went to see a movie with the kids and it was all pretty relaxed. The boys took my hand easily when we were walking, while Natasha walked with her Dad. Also on the drive home, I sat in back with the boys and had a nice talk to them on the long drive home, and when they were tired, they cuddled into me... it was nice. Without knowing what Natasha had said Saturday night at the restaurant, I had purposely done things that day to show that I'm not trying to move in on her relationship with her dad. I think as time goes on she will realize this. Today they came by for their 2 hour visit and Natasha had me come in the bathroom to straighten her hair... God love her, she is trying, and that's all I need. Tonight when they left, I was in the kitcen slicing vegetables, and they both (Connor was at his Xmas concert rehearsal) came in to hug me good-bye - its such a good feeling that they are managing ok with me. I don't think they could willingly come to me for a hug, without being prodded, if they weren't taking to me. Unfortunately they had informed their dad that their mom had given them a lot of grief on Sunday night when he had returned them safely home... questions such as "is she prettier than me?", "is she bigger than me", "do you like her better than me?", all a bit pathetic really, but I can't say I didn't' expect it. Oh, and on Friday, she had tried to stop Andy getting the kids this weekend through the lawyers, but at the threat of court on Monday morning (pre-arranged by Andy's lawyer) she quickly changed her mind. She knew what was what. Anyway, so far all is well with the children. I'm looking forward to getting to know them. Now I just have to work on Andy in regard to the kids... he's a little high strung with them, and now he need not be, he has help, and his time with them is so short, I don't want him to be at them about silly little things.

Good Things About England
1. Andy
2. My own apartment
3. The grocery stores (Some really cool food choices)
4. The booze
5. Booze being sold in the convenience/grocery stores
6. The weather (wavers between 1 and 7 degrees - and NO snow...yeah!)
7. The ice-cream and yoghurt (they are kick ass)
8. The aerobics schedule
9. The music/videos
10. The shopping

The Not So Great Things About England
1. The Diet Pepsi
2. The TV shows
3. The grocery stores (some of my favorite things are NOT available - but I will prevail)
4. The fridges
5. The closet space
6. The driving
8. The litter
9. A lot of movies are released over here much later
10. The time difference

Now, as you can see, my gripes (so far) are the same in number as my likes, however these gripes are nothing serious... only I wish the TV had more up-to-date American shows that I like i.e. Survivor & SVU, especially since there is not a lot yet for me to do, however I will adjust and I'm not someone that needs the TV. I've been here on my own now (while Andy is working) for three days and I've managed to fill my days. My first few days were a bit strange and melancholy, but I really think this is going to work for me. I know I will have good days and bad days, and although I miss my family and friends something fierce, this is something I need to do, and I know I can. The love and support I get from Andy completely reaffirms this.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Well I'm Off On My Journey....

I don't have much time to blog today, lol. Just a quick note to say I'm off and that I will need all your good luck thoughts/wishes and/or prayers.

I may not get to blog for a few days, but hopefully I will be back in the swing of things by Monday... providing I don't get fed up with dial up (that's all we have in Andy's area at the moment)

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Quote of the Day:Anything I've ever done that ultimately was worthwhile initially scared me to death.
--Betty Bender

Song of the Day I'll See It Through -- Texas

The tree that stands alone...

There is a little tree, one that looks like the famous 'Charlie Brown' tree, that stands on a ridge above the #101 highway, just before the Bedford Exit on your way into the city. For as long as I can remember, someone has had the spirit in them to decorate this little tree. Each year I look forward to seeing it all lit up. To me, its when the season really starts. I can't remember the name of the man who does this (he was featured on the evening news last year), but thank you, whoever you are, for this little touch of the Christmas Spirit.

3 More Sleeps
I have three more sleeps, until its time to leave. I'm so excited in so many ways to finally, finally be going to my Andy. We have waited so long, and its going to be so special for this reunion, especially as it is the Christmas Season. As you have heard me say numerous times, and as is obvious from my quote/song selection, I'm really apprehensive about facing immigration again. One part of me says, 'don't sweat it, what will be, will be'. The other side of me is telling me the whole thing is going to be awful. As the time is drawing near, I really wish Andy could be here with me to hold my hand, as we had originally discussed. However I get annoyed with myself for this thought. I am a big girl, and although my previous experience was horrible, its almost as if I need to do this. Its almost like a rite of passage for me, if you can understand that. I kind of need to prove to myself that I CAN do this... I will do this, because the end result will be worth it.

What About the Presents???
I've been thinking about the presents I will be carrying in my luggage. The ones that I am giving to loved ones in England are no problem, as I won't be wrapping them until I'm there. However, my family have wrapped and prepared presents for Andy and I. Initially I was worrying about Immigration unwrapping everything, which is a nasty thought, but one I can live with. What I started thinking about today though, was what if they ask me if I know what's in them??? That would be awful, as you are supposed to know what is in your suitcase. Roisin gave me a great idea (she's brilliant really), - to have mom or stacy write down everything that's in the presents, that way if I'm asked then I can say, everything that's listed here, is in those gifts. Sounds good to me....

Jods Review

The Last Samurai

All four of us, Glen, Darla, Stacy and I, spent a full 2 hours, 45 minutes last night completely engrossed in this movie. The scenery, the direction, the acting were all absolutely brilliant. I often say one sign of a good movie, especially one this long, is that its over much sooner than you expected it to be. I hear there is talk of an Oscar for this movie, and for Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise did a fine job, especially if that was him really speaking so much Japanese. I can see him being nominated for an award, however I am a bit dismayed that his co-star Ken Watanabe is not given more recognition. He was absolutely fantastic, and played a very important role in the movie, more so than the others listed BEFORE him in the credits (next to Tommy), likely just because they are more well-known actors. All seriousness aside though, I think I have found yet again, one more ethnic actor to swoon over - this man's intensity is captivating. In my eyes, he was the Last Samurai, the last true one, anyway.

Ken Watanabe

Love, Actually
Darla and Glen gave me a copy of this CD as part of my Christmas gift... I've been listening to it all evening, its really really nice. Its making me think of the movie, which I think I wouldn't mind seeing once again. I'll also think of my two pals when I listen to it as well.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Quote of the Day: We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes.
--John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Song of the Day: Nothing Really Matters -- Madonna

The PussyRanch
Right - the other day I was nosing around a few blogs, and I found a link to one called "pussyranch - the soul of the pole". I had to take a look and low and behold it's the blog of a girl who happens to work in a peep show. She actually sits behind a glass partition and does pretty much what is asked of her. She has no bones about calling herself a stripper. She is very pretty, (minus a pretty bad tattoo on her left thigh), smart and very witty and funny. Much of the time she talks about the regulars that come into the show, sometimes she talks about life in general and sometimes she talks about her boyfriend, who just seems to accept her just fine for who she is - on Saturday he proposed to her. Every now and then she talks about how her/his family doesn't know what she does for a living. It can all be quite interesting I must say... for the most part I like how she is so free to be herself and doesn't make excuses for anything. And its true what she says, the things that upset most girls, don't upset her. I wish more of us could adopt an attitude that is less self-depreciating and more self-accepting.

I can't wait until I'm safely in England and can stop worrying about dipping into my pot of savings that is so necessary for this visa of mine. I've just about finished all my shopping, but still have a bit to go, and I'm a bit frazzled. Soon, my money will be my own, to spend however I see fit. I love buying gifts for the people I love, even those who are not so easy to buy for.

Nine More Sleeps Till...

The Lord of the Rings -
The Return of the King...

I really can't wait until this comes out. Andy says he's pretty sure that its premiering in London on the 12th... I wish we were able to see it then, however just the fact that I will be seeing it with him in England is good - so long as he doesn't mind me drooling over Viggo!
Glen, Stacy, Dawn and I were gonna go see it if I was still here, as I don't intend to be, we are going instead to see The Last samurai tonight . We're heading down to Studio 7 in the hopes that Stacy will be off in time to come see it with us. Dawn, well she and Stacy have plans to see LOR together, as Dawn is just not into the movie of choice tonight.

My First Christmas Present... and Wow... what a Gift

Today, Dawn gave me the most wonderful gift - a beautiful journal in which she has placed some of her own words, some whitty memorbilia and some great pictures, with lots of space left for my other loved ones and myself to fill in. Her mom added a lovely note as well. She put a lot of time and work into it, and I will treasure it for sure. It will have a special spot in mine and Andy's place, for all to see. Thank you, friend.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Quote of the Day: Did you know we just knocked a whole stack of sweaters off the shelf? -- Tasha, AFTER we left the store.

Song of the Day: Holly, Jolly Christmas -- Burl Ives

Midnight Madness Alright
Today, Mom and I were to go shopping after work as Mic Mac Mall was having its tax-free, midnight madness event. Unfortunately Mom woke up this morning experiencing the same symptoms I was going through last week. I ended up going to work at the day care myself this morning. We were both hoping she'd be feeling better at lunch when I got home, but she wasn't. After sleeping all afternoon, Mom still wasn't feeling any better, so I decided I would just have to go to the mall without her . I ended up taking along my little pal Tasha, who is 11. Before going, I made sure she knew what she was getting into. She was still determined to come. The mall was crazy upon arrival at 7:30... we never left until 11:10 or so. It was a long night of shopping but I managed to get a lot done. I just wish Mom could have been there too. We need to wrap things up for Tawny/Sandra/Taylor for posting. Tasha was quite funny while we were out though. I managed to keep her spirits up by treating her to an Orange Julius midway through, buying her a bracelet and afterwards ducking into the mall Arcade to play a few games... she had never seen Dance Dance Revolution before, which surprised me. She was even more surprised when I told her Taylor owned it. I also said that if she loved that rinky little Arcade, she'd go nuts over the playdium in Ontario.

We kept hearing tales of a snowstorm while shopping and low and behold, we we left the mall it was really coming down. The drive home was ok, cause I'm ace in the snow, if I say so myself, and the bad weather did not stop us from shooting into McDonalds for Big Mac combos.... we deserved it, we shopped for way too long! Tasha was laughing on the way to her place, saying she'd had lots of fun and that she'd never been out till midnight before. I can't believe her mom lets her hang out with me sometimes... lol, granted we did call Tanya (her mom) before we left the mall. I'm glad I still have a special connection with Tasha - she's a great kid.

The Christmas Tree
Tonight mom and dad were talking, and dad mentioned he's not really in the mood to do the tree tomorrow. Initially we were gonna do it this weekend, as I'm leaving on Friday and thought I wanted to see the house decorated before I left. I told Dad tonight though, that if he didn't really feel like doing it now, he should wait as it's probably only going to make me a bit melancholy to see it before I leave. He seemed to understand and was ok with that. Besides, like mom said, he's off all next week, there's plenty of time to do it then. Mom assured me that she would help Stacy to decorate, and dad even piped up that she could invite friends over for a tree-trimming party. So that settled that - they will wait to do the tree until after I'm gone, which is probably for the best.

My Wish List
I had a tough time tonight shopping, as I saw a number of things I want for myself. How terrible is that? Surprisingly, I didn't over indulge myself. I bought myself a pretty bracelet, and spent just a small fortune on Redkin hair product. However my hair needs the attention badly and it was on SALE. I refrained from buying myself the gift pack of Vanilla scented product from the Body Shop as I'm hoping St. Nick brings it to me. Other than that, there is not too much I need, other than to be happy with Andy over the holidays. (Well except for a gym membership and porcelain hair straightener - one that is compatible for use in England - as my new one is NOT - however those are a must have before Christmas, lol).

It's Storming Out There
Well, its quarter to two in the morning and I'm pretty much ready to crash. I'm sitting here listening to the wind howl and the ice-pellets hit the window. The last thing Stacy said before she went to bed was "Now all that rain is going to make the snow melt". She just loves the snow. I however don't. Sure I love the first few snow falls, but I strongly dislike scraping my car free of snow, shovelling (not that I ever do much of it), and getting out of bed in the morning to find I have to drive to work in a blizzard. Not to mention the fact that winter hangs on WAY TO LONG here in NS. I must say, I'm not gonna miss that a whole lot. I am content, however to see a bit of snow before I go, just not Friday night!

Friday, December 05, 2003

Quote of the Day:Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey.
--Babs Hoffman

Song of the Day: Jingle Bell Rock -- George Straight

3 Couples, 2 Compliments, 1 Adventure!

Three couples went to a restaurant. The women wanted to compliment the men with something that was on the table.
"Could you pass me the sugar, sugar?" said the first gal.
"Could you pass me the honey, honey?" said the second.
"Could you pass me the bacon, pig?" said the third.

Christmas Shopping
Today I just had a look around the mall for some ideas re my Christmas shopping. I held off purchasing anything as Mom and I are heading over to Mic Mac Mall tomorrow as its tax free there tomorrow. I dread the amount of crowds tomorrow, but I suppose its worth it to save a few bucks. I have a number of people I still have to get out of the way... I don't even really know where to start, I just know I'd better. I only have one week left now to get the presents bought and wrapped. I don't even know what to get Dad... maybe Tawny can give me some ideas.

Babies, Babies, Babies
Everytime I turn around it seems as if someone I know is pregnant. My cousin Wayne's wife Jennifer is now pregnant with twins. I feel a bit sad that I won't be around much to see them grow. Wayne and I grew up more like brother and sister than cousins, including the fighting. The ultrasound tells them they are expecting two boys, however I don't completely trust this method and have some small hope that one of those babies is a girl. Wayne shouldn't get off so lucky with two boys... he needs a little girl in his life to give him grief and worry.... Owell, there's nothing saying these two are the last Wayne!

My friend Val, who resides in Scotland is pregnant too. She is expecting her baby in April sometime, which makes me very happy, cause I will be there to help her out with the new one, as well as my little doll 'Lori'. Lori is three and very excited to be having a new baby in the house. Val is just very happy that I will be able to come for a few weeks and help her out, as her husband works away a lot of the time. Val will be finding out what sex the baby is the 15th of December. She is hoping for another girl as she says she wouldn't know what to do with a boy... lol. Anyway, she wants help with a name... she's only come up with one, for a girl... Millie... She's asked me to think of some names... I might wait until I at least know what she's likely having. I do know that she likes cutesy names for girls what with Lori and Millie.

Good-bye Daycare
Today I handed in my resignation at the day care. I'm really gonna miss all the cute little kids - all their cuddles and smiles. Today, one of the little girls we mind quite often, Bailey, who is 2, was all dressed and ready to come with me for the day.... she kept coming over and taking my hand and pulling me toward the door, saying 'lets go, Jody'. She is so adorable... my nickname for her is Boo, from Monster's Inc. It's things like that I will miss, especially since I don't know anyone in the UK with little toddlers, other than Val that is.

I am looking very forward to meeting Andy's children. Now that its on the horizon, I'm actually very impatient for it to come about. I'm thinking of a number of things we can do together when they are with us. I know over the holidays (provided we get them), I want to make bath bombs, cookies, etc. If they wish to participate, I'd love that, if not, that's ok too. Just for us all to finally meet is going to be a big weight off our shoulders. Andy's lawyer has anticipated some problems with the ex-Mrs. and is doing some preparation work, just in case she tries to screw things up for us and the kids over the holidays (as she will be told when the children are due to meet me, as is only proper). It really is sad it has to be this way, but we can't let her bitterness affect ours and the children's Christmas. Andy's lawyer actually received a letter from the ex-Mrs's. lawyer, outlining her reasons for not signing the divorce papers, but what it basically comes down to is that she thinks it's postponing my going there. Oh boy, I cringe at the thought of the direction this all might take when she realizes there is nothing she can do, and that I WILL be there, a permanent fixture in Andy and the children's lives. Hopefully she will just realize it is all futile, sign the papers, and MOVE ON with her life.

Quote of the Day: What are we doing WRONG! -- Kathy who was helping me put the lights on the tree.

Song of the Day: O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree

Today I went into SV to decorate the lobby Christmas Tree. I must say, it took a long time to get it up and going, and I was glad when it was done, however I had a great day doing it. We actually didn't start the tree until nearly 11:00 a.m., as we had to ensure which lights were in fact working. We found three sets that were, however, we put them on backwords (the plug was not right). We took them down and put them back on right, only to find that one set that wasn't working right. By this time, I gave up and went to lunch with Marina and Shauna. When I got back, luckily two staff members had taken pity on me and had fixed the lights. Granted there was only two sets of lights on the tree now, and they didn't quite reach the bottom of the tree, but owell, enough was enough. The rest of the afternoon was spent singing and dancing around the tree whilst decorating, with Marina and Shauna. A good day, even if the tree left a lot to be desired, when I agreed to do this for Darla, I warned her I wasn't the best decorator, and that particular tree and its decorations are NOT user friendly.

Oh, the VISA:
Today my passport came in the mail, with visa attached. I was very happy about this and Andy has booked my flight for next Friday as scheduled. The only trouble is, with all the stress of our life these days I don't know if I'm coming or going and have a ton of mixed emotions about the holidays. Its not just my personal emotions either, but his issues in regard to the ex-Mrs. and the children. Its more of the same old, same old, nevermind my axiety re immigration officers, so I won't get into ANY of it. You'll all thank me in the end.

Well since its Thursday night, Stacy's and my date night to watch Friends and Survivor, I don't have much time left to blog. I look forward to these nights with Stacy and tonight we are being bad and ordering pizza, something we haven't done in a long time, but when your running out of Survivor nights, what can you do????

The Last! (This was done post-TV, lol)

last car ride:Tonight with Mom and Stacy into visit John
last kiss: John - goodbye
last good cry: Tuesday evening
last movie seen: It's Showtime (on dvd)
last cuss word uttered:shit
last beverage drank: diet pepsi, naturally
last food consumed: pizza
last crush:
last phone call: Andy
last tv show watched: Will & Grace
last time showered: 2 weeks ago??? (I take baths, lol)
last shoes worn: my black lace up shoes
last cd played: My homemade Christmas CD (while decorating tree)
last item bought: A pizza - if that doesn't count, pottery from Claytime
last downloaded: Two Different Worlds - LL Cool J
last annoyance: Someone cutting me off mid sentence
last disappointment: Finding out Friends was a repeat tonight
last soda drank: Naturally.... diet pepsi
last thing written: My blog
last word spoken: I don't know where she get's that... (this thing from Dawn's site)
last sleep: Last night - this morning till 9
last weird encounter: The guy from RBC, who cut my pension cheque. was JUST like Nicholas Cage.
last time amused: watching Will and Grace tonight.
last time wanting to die: as Dawn said, back in my teens
last time in love: I'm in love right now
last underwear worn: blue La Senza thong
last shirt worn: black GAP turtleneck sweater
last time dancing: this afternoon in lobby of SV
last poster looked at: Photo of a dock on a clear lake with reddish sky over mountains - by Mel Allen
last show attended: Movie - The Missing, Show - Wake Me When Its Over - Grafton Street Dinner Theatre

Monday, December 01, 2003

WARNING Site Rated AA Today

Quote of the Day: The next time you are having a bad day, imagine this: You are a Siamese twin, your brother, attached to you at the hip, is gay - you are not. He has a date coming over tonight. You only have one ass.

Song of the Day: Come Away With Me -- Nora Jones

Ring Ring:
This morning at 8:30 while I was eating my breakfast, the phone rang. I answered it expecting it to be for my mother, however it was Andy on the other end. Just calling to tell me he loved me and to say good morning. He hasn't done this in awhile, so it was a lovely surprise. When I used to work full-time and had a cell, he'd call every couple of mornings - days like today make me wish I had a cell phone again.

Kissing Cousins:
At the moment I am almost finished reading a book by one of my favorite authors. Its fiction of course, however it still doesn't stop me from being disappointed by the fact that two of the characters, who are cousins, are romantically and sexually involved. I know that I personally had a 'crush' on my own cousin once, who lives in NF. I can see that happening, as he is older, smarter and I didn't grow up beside him. However that is ALL it was and it certainly was innocent. In the book, the couple want to get married and they actually have a baby together... what gets me is that their parents don't seem too bothered by this fact. I could just imagine my parents reaction if I wanted to be involved with my cousin. Its just gross. Its just too close of a relationship and I'd be against it if I was a parent.

Season = Autumn
You're Most Like The Season Autumn ...

You're warm, and the most approachable. You have
that gentle prescence about you. People can
relate to you, and find you easy company.
However it's likely you've been hurt in the
past and it has left you scarred so things can
become rather chilly with you at times. Being
the third Season in, you're mature, trustworthy
and loyal to your friends but prone to
depression and negative thinking.

Well done... You're the shy and sensitive season :)

?? Which Season Are You ??
brought to you byQuizilla


1. Do you diet? Not really. I initially began the WW Points Plan, which helped me lose 20+ lbs, and as a result my eating habits have changed dramatically. I really should get back on it though.
2. How do you eat healthily: I eat lower cal/low fat/low carb foods, salad, veggies, etc. I try to eat a fair amount of fibre and I try to drink LOTS of water.
3. Do you skip meals? Yeah right.
4. How often do you exercise? Lately, not as much as I should, only 3 times a week or so. I know I'll get back into working out 5-6 days a week again once I settle with Andy.
5. After trying any of the methods, do you see any results? I do, but I want to see MORE.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Quote of the Day: He's the Devil he IS.... -- My Mom, watching The Missing

Song of the Day: She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain -- Barney & Friends


Tonight, Stacy, Mom and I went to see the Missing. I personally found it to be excellent, with a very strong cast, and not just because it has this newly found HOTTIE in it.... however, I took one look at the 'Indian' - "Kayitah" and instantly fell in love... I have since discovered he is Jay Tavare... an Native American Actor who is slowly making his way into the movie scene. I was looking forward to seeing Cold Mountain before today, but I will be definitely seeing it now, as he is in the movie. I was really surprised to see the actress Sarah Polley, who I newly discovered from her movie, 'My Life Without Me'. Her role wasn't big in this movie, nor was Jay's, however they both played interesting roles. Val Kilmer has a cameo in it too, which immediately scores points with me.

Jay Tavare

I normally am not attracted to men with long hair, but goddamn, can you not blame me for this one??? I have since seen pictures of this man with short hair, and although he still looks good, the native look is just perfect for him. I suppose its natural, considering he IS Native American. How do you like him girls??? Or is it just me????

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Quote of the Day: Christmas ... is not an eternal event at all, but a piece of one's home that one carries in one's heart.
--Freya Stark

Song of the Day Baby Please Come Home (for Christmas) -- U2

Sometimes I do my own head in....
Tonight I was on the phone with Andy. We were just talking about the usual stuff, when he mentions he will be decorating the flat with the children on the weekend. I was a little thrown off, as I was hoping to partake in this when I got there and I didn't react very well. I was already slightly annoyed from his making a joke of almost everything and I know I sounded a bit silly. It didn't help matters that my mom was throwing in comments here and there, mainly siding with him. To make a long story shorter, I ended up apologizing to Andy. I however told him its tough for me, and probably only going to be a bit tougher in the near future, as I have never, ever been with him and his children together. Its going to be an adjustment, and of course they must decorate this weekend. I had just been so looking forward to 'helping' to decorate my own place. Once the conversation ended, I had words with my mom, which again made me feel even more horrible and guilty. She does throw in comments when I talk to Andy and mostly they side with him. What she doesn't understand, is that she's only hearing one side. However once I saw how hurt she looked, it broke my heart and once I again, I started to cry. I apologized and we moved on and talked about the stress of the upcoming holiday. She said if she were me, she'd be going too. She mentioned how its probably hard for my sisters to not be home for Christmas, but I told her I think its different for them... Tawny IS home for Christmas, as is Sandra. Also what's different for them is that even thought they are both with their boyfriends, they also know the people (friends, family) they will be with very, very well, as they have already spent a year/years there. Its going to be different for me. Also, in response to Mom saying that they had to make a choice to move too, I replied 'well they didn't leave just before Christmas'. I am however not bitching about leaving before Christmas . I'm ok with it... I'm just being silly again. Sorry to sound like I'm in the pity pool again. I feel good now, I really do and I'm so looking forward to being with Andy (and his children and family) for the Holidays - they are making me feel very welcome.

I've finally put a dent in it...

Today I put a little dent in my shopping. I'm a little worried about the gifts I got for Gavin and Hannah, as they are a bit 'difficult', however with their artistic talents, and the help of their mom, I know they will have fun with these, as will Roisin I'm sure, which is good, considering I don't think I will be able to afford to buy for her as well as the kids. This year, as I'm not working, I'm not able to buy alot. This will be the same for any of my friends with kids... , or at least that's what I think now, lol. I love buying Christmas presents. I'm rather excited as I will have it all done well ahead of Christmas this year... not much choice there!

Movies, Movies, Movies

So... last night Stacy and I took in Master and Commander. I liked it, it was not what I expected, but it was certainly interesting enough. There was a beautiful blonde young man in it who unfortunately dies rather early on, but other than that, it didn't disappoint, lol. I would like to know who the actor was. Stacy and I have seen just about every movie in the theatres at the moment. Can't blame us though, we are running out of time, lol. Tomorrow night I believe we are off to see The Missing. That one has even reeled mom in, who will likely be going too. I like those nights. After that? We are looking forward to Timeline, Bad Santa (the one my mom is patiently awaiting, lol), The Last Samurai, etc. Can't wait. My friend Glen was a little bit disappointed I won't be here to see Lord of the Rings with him, but he's ok now I agreed to see Tom Cruise flick with him. Besides, I can't be sorry about seeing Lord with Andy in ENGLAND. I think Stacy is a bit disappointed about that as well, but I know Dawn will be there with her for that one. Right Dawn???