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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Quote of the Day: He's the Devil he IS.... -- My Mom, watching The Missing

Song of the Day: She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain -- Barney & Friends


Tonight, Stacy, Mom and I went to see the Missing. I personally found it to be excellent, with a very strong cast, and not just because it has this newly found HOTTIE in it.... however, I took one look at the 'Indian' - "Kayitah" and instantly fell in love... I have since discovered he is Jay Tavare... an Native American Actor who is slowly making his way into the movie scene. I was looking forward to seeing Cold Mountain before today, but I will be definitely seeing it now, as he is in the movie. I was really surprised to see the actress Sarah Polley, who I newly discovered from her movie, 'My Life Without Me'. Her role wasn't big in this movie, nor was Jay's, however they both played interesting roles. Val Kilmer has a cameo in it too, which immediately scores points with me.

Jay Tavare

I normally am not attracted to men with long hair, but goddamn, can you not blame me for this one??? I have since seen pictures of this man with short hair, and although he still looks good, the native look is just perfect for him. I suppose its natural, considering he IS Native American. How do you like him girls??? Or is it just me????

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Quote of the Day: Christmas ... is not an eternal event at all, but a piece of one's home that one carries in one's heart.
--Freya Stark

Song of the Day Baby Please Come Home (for Christmas) -- U2

Sometimes I do my own head in....
Tonight I was on the phone with Andy. We were just talking about the usual stuff, when he mentions he will be decorating the flat with the children on the weekend. I was a little thrown off, as I was hoping to partake in this when I got there and I didn't react very well. I was already slightly annoyed from his making a joke of almost everything and I know I sounded a bit silly. It didn't help matters that my mom was throwing in comments here and there, mainly siding with him. To make a long story shorter, I ended up apologizing to Andy. I however told him its tough for me, and probably only going to be a bit tougher in the near future, as I have never, ever been with him and his children together. Its going to be an adjustment, and of course they must decorate this weekend. I had just been so looking forward to 'helping' to decorate my own place. Once the conversation ended, I had words with my mom, which again made me feel even more horrible and guilty. She does throw in comments when I talk to Andy and mostly they side with him. What she doesn't understand, is that she's only hearing one side. However once I saw how hurt she looked, it broke my heart and once I again, I started to cry. I apologized and we moved on and talked about the stress of the upcoming holiday. She said if she were me, she'd be going too. She mentioned how its probably hard for my sisters to not be home for Christmas, but I told her I think its different for them... Tawny IS home for Christmas, as is Sandra. Also what's different for them is that even thought they are both with their boyfriends, they also know the people (friends, family) they will be with very, very well, as they have already spent a year/years there. Its going to be different for me. Also, in response to Mom saying that they had to make a choice to move too, I replied 'well they didn't leave just before Christmas'. I am however not bitching about leaving before Christmas . I'm ok with it... I'm just being silly again. Sorry to sound like I'm in the pity pool again. I feel good now, I really do and I'm so looking forward to being with Andy (and his children and family) for the Holidays - they are making me feel very welcome.

I've finally put a dent in it...

Today I put a little dent in my shopping. I'm a little worried about the gifts I got for Gavin and Hannah, as they are a bit 'difficult', however with their artistic talents, and the help of their mom, I know they will have fun with these, as will Roisin I'm sure, which is good, considering I don't think I will be able to afford to buy for her as well as the kids. This year, as I'm not working, I'm not able to buy alot. This will be the same for any of my friends with kids... , or at least that's what I think now, lol. I love buying Christmas presents. I'm rather excited as I will have it all done well ahead of Christmas this year... not much choice there!

Movies, Movies, Movies

So... last night Stacy and I took in Master and Commander. I liked it, it was not what I expected, but it was certainly interesting enough. There was a beautiful blonde young man in it who unfortunately dies rather early on, but other than that, it didn't disappoint, lol. I would like to know who the actor was. Stacy and I have seen just about every movie in the theatres at the moment. Can't blame us though, we are running out of time, lol. Tomorrow night I believe we are off to see The Missing. That one has even reeled mom in, who will likely be going too. I like those nights. After that? We are looking forward to Timeline, Bad Santa (the one my mom is patiently awaiting, lol), The Last Samurai, etc. Can't wait. My friend Glen was a little bit disappointed I won't be here to see Lord of the Rings with him, but he's ok now I agreed to see Tom Cruise flick with him. Besides, I can't be sorry about seeing Lord with Andy in ENGLAND. I think Stacy is a bit disappointed about that as well, but I know Dawn will be there with her for that one. Right Dawn???

Monday, November 24, 2003

Quote of the Day: YOUR OLD! -- Cop who Id'd me and Dawn

Song of the Day: Without Me -- Eminem

I'm Not Crazy

Tonight Dawn, Stacy and I went to see the movie Gothika. It was just as scary as I'd predicted it to be, maybe a little worse. It was scary in all the right places, it made me jump more than once, etc. The only thing missing was my friend Shauna... I remember we saw The Ring together and practically clutched each other the whole way through. I guess Dawn and Stacy are too cool for that... they aren't demonstrative at all. I must say though, people locking you up and thinking you are crazy, when your not, would have to be the worst feeling in the world. I'd say it would MAKE me crazy, especially if ghosts were playing around with me to boot.

My Best Gal and My Love
Today my girl Cat and Andy have made contact via email. Catherine emailed Andy to apologise for something she did one night this summer . I hope with all my heart they can work it out. They are two people whom I love tremendously and who I hope can be friends as I want to be able to spend time with Catherine in Colorado, with Andy. I think once they get to know each other they will see that they are both truly wonderful and loving people and I think they are already beginning to realize why I care so much for them both. I also think they are both beginning to realize how much the other loves me... Cat has been with me through a lot of rough rides and I know Andy understands this. The fact that Cat is reaching out to Andy speaks volumes in itself. I know that my friend is experiencing a rough road herself these days and even though I'm not with her in person, I hope she knows I'm here for her, always. Thank you both for trying to start anew... It means the world to me. I love you both so much. I think we could all have a fantastic time together in Colorado as well as in England.

About Last Night
Last night was pretty fun. Dinner was great and for the first time in ages, I've had a little glow on. Mind you, I only had three beers! How sad eh? Funnily enough, when Dawn and I were bouncing around the store looking at various booze, a very cute cop came up to us and said he needed to see some ID. Dawn grinned from ear to ear while she passed him her ID, with a big "THANKS". I handed him mine and said, 'your about 12 years to late...' he just looked at the ID's and said 'YOUR OLD' with a big grin. We were quite pleased as it couldn't have been a case of him thinking we were cute, we were so dressed down and sloppy looking it wasn't funny. Maybe that was it, added to the fact I had braids in my hair and was wearing stacy's track pants with 'wrestling' emblazened across the ass... whatever the reason, it was a good thing!

7th Heaven
01. Is the world more beautiful because of love? Of course it is...
02. What really inspires you? Who really inspires you? I guess love... love is the driving force behind most people. Andy, Dawn, Catherine, Tawny, my mother, hell lots of people inspire me, for different reasons...
03. Have you met your soul mate? I don't really go into the 'soul' mate thing, but I have met the love of my life... as we all know.
04. Is everyday a special occassion? NOPE, unless you want to say it is, just because you have been granted one more day to live.
05. Who's voice would you rather hear than any sound in the world? My mother/Andy's - its a toss up - both can make me feel absolutely secure and they're voices are always so full of love.
06. Does that 'if I had a million dollars' song make you want to break your tv? No, why should it?
07. Have you ever lost your religion? Yes - and I'm not trying to find it again.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Life is just one damned thing after another --Elbert Hubbard

Song of the Day Heads Carolina - Tails California -- Jo Dee Mesina

So Many Mixed Emotions:
My visa isn't even in my hands yet and I'm already stressing about the upcoming holidays. I can't believe that I have to go through all of this decision making again especially so close to the looming holidays. Every person I tell about my visa is so excited for me, but I'm receiving two responses 1) How terrific! You will get to be with Andy over the Holidays! 2) Your leaving when??? Your going to leave your mom just before the holidays??? GAWD - like I'm not feeling enough agony over all of this already. I wish life were simple... but what am I supposed to do??? Wish away Andy's kids so that he could come here with ME??? Sorry, no can do. Wish that my two sisters were home so that my leaving wouldn't be so awful for everyone??? Sorry no can do - they have lives of their own. So... here I am again being pulled in different directions. My mother is still not saying much. She says 'you have to do what YOU want... you have a life.' However its not said with much zeal - you know what I mean??? I'm torn up here... in a big way. Part of me wants to say I'll stay until Boxing Day, but I know I will be sad without Andy. Either way it looks like I'm in for a pretty bittersweet Christmas. I just wish the whole Holiday could be erased - for this year anyway.

Happy Birthday Gavin!!!!
Well my little Godson turns seven today! He's growing so quickly - it only seems like yesterday his mom was telling me she was expecting him.... I remember the day she asked me to be his Godmother... I was floored. It really means the world to me, even if I have fallen away from the Catholic Church. I think to Roisin and Tim, its more than just being a Catholic anyway... its about being there for Gavin his whole life and even if I'm here or far away, they can certainly count on me. Today we are off to Studio Seven to watch Brother Bear.

Stacy's Crazy Cat
Daisy.... hhmmm what can I say??? Daisy is white and dainty, a sweet little cat really, when she's not being destructive. She absolutely adores Stacy and the feeling is mutual. Actually, even those who don't like cats can't really get away from the little minx's charms, just ask Andy, lol. BUT, however cute she is, she's still a bit nuts... like now, she is insisting on practically laying across the keyboard as I type. She barely ever comes around me these days, except for when I'm on the computer... then she feels as if she needs to be right in my face. What's up with that???

Goodbye Rupurt
Well Rupert took the boot in the ass last night on Survivor. I wasn't as surprised as he evidently was. However I do wish I could wipe the smug smile off that ass, John's face. Why do the ones you love to hate always make it so far??? I'm not gonna give up on the show like Dawn though. Rupert was a good guy, but he couldnt' hack losing. He was great so long as everything was going his way. His insecurities did not help, I know, but maybe he shouldn't have tried so hard. He said last night he felt as if he never fits in, no matter how hard he tries, however that wasn't the case. Rupert, they gave you the boot because you were too strong. End of story.

A Little Pick Me Up

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Quote of the Day:Sometimes you need to give others what they want before you can do what you want. --Unknown.

Song of the Day:Bad Timing --Blue Rodeo

Wednesday Workout:
Nada yet. I had myself convinced this week that I would take Mary's Body Bar Class at noon, however I just couldn't get myself upstairs. I've since told myself that I will go to the gym this evening, but that remains to be seen.

So Many Mixed Emotions:I'm still so very excited to be going to live with Andy after all this time and deep down I'm much more excited than I was in August, not to mention much more prepared. These past three months have given me a different perspective of it all, mainly that no matter what, I need to be in the UK with Andy. I don't think I was quite ready to go in August and everything happened so quickly... gave up my job, had a week to pack, say goodbye, etc. Since my return, lol, I have had three months to relax a bit more and spend more time with my family and friends. It was nice in a way to not have to work full time and I seemed to have survived on less money. I guess I can thank Andy and my parents for that. Andy for helping me with my payments and mom and dad for letting me come back home rent free. I will have to make it up to them, for sure. So, back to what I meant to say originally... as excited as I am to be going to Andy, I'm feeling tremendous guilt to leave the family just before Christmas. Dad seems to be ok, he sounded pleased when I told him I was leaving, however Mom and Stacy aren't saying much at all. Stacy told me last night that she will miss me as it will be lonely. I told her that John would be out for the night on Christmas Eve, so it won't be that bad. Her reply??? 'Yeah like that's a lot of fun, it's like he can't wait to go again and while he's here he's grumpy'. LOL, we'll see I guess. I feel bad though, especially since I'm sure Mom was pretty certain I wouldn't be going until AFTER Christmas. I know that she is very happy for us, but I know its a bittersweet happiness. I know that I will miss my family BIG TIME at Christmas as well, however I have had many, many Christmases here and its time for me to be with my love. They will be alright, we all will. At least I have the thought that the four of them - Mom, Dad, Bud and Stacy will all be together. If I don't go to Andy, he wakes up alone on Christmas Day, and that just can't be allowed to happen, especially now that I have the go-ahead.

Interrupted Sleep:So... last night I was plagued with dreams of facing immigration. Good Lord I hope this doesn't happen everynight. There is no way of getting out of it all, so I will just have to be tough and do it.

Christmas To-Do's:I now have a ton of things to do before I leave, namely get all of my Christmas presents bought. I don't think I will have a problem this year, I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to helping Andy do a little shopping when I'm at my new home. I can't wait to be in London at this time of year, especially after seeing Love Actually. I told Andy that we must stay in London for the night.

Quote of the Day:"I don't understand why you were told that yesterday, from what I know, its a go" -- Allen, BHC.

Song of the Day:Come Away With Me -- Nora Jones

I can't believe what has happened now. At 9:30 this morning I received a call from Allen at the BHC in response to the message I left on his voice mail last night. He informed me that he had no idea what I was talking about and would go 'investigate'. He called me approximately 15 minutes later to say that the woman who called me yesterday had made a mistake and I was wrongly informed. He said that if I had a moment he was going to interview me, (of course I did), and he then informed me that anyone who reaches the final interview stage is pretty much guaranteed a visa, once final approval is given by the clearance Entry Officer. Lo and behold, at 4:30 this afternoon Allen called back to tell me that I was approved for my Fiance Visa and when would I like it valid for. Am I happy about this??? Let's just say I'm more than ECSTATIC. Allen is my new best pal. And I have to say, he's an upstanding guy - never once did he contradict me when I was upset and reminded him of everything he told me in our initial conversation re the Fiancee Status - he totally backed me up. Like I told Andy, sometimes it not worth it to risk pissing the people you need most off.

Estimated Time of Departure:
It looks as if I will be leaving around the 12th of December. To say Andy and I are thrilled about being able to spend Christmas together is an understatement. To leave my family just before Christmas is not so great, however I need to be with Andy, we've waited long enough, and I'm sure my family will understand.

My Old Stomping Grounds:
I'm so glad I put off cancelling my lunch with Kristin today as things turned out to be much better than they looked yesterday. It was fantastic to see her, though it really hits home how much I miss her when we are together. We had a great lunch and caught up on so much. Being at SV today was really nice and it was good to see former co-workers. What's funny is that it seemed as if I could have just walked right back in like nothing had ever happened - except for when I go in my old office of course and Nancy, the new gal, has it looking way better than I ever did, lol, but its all good. Of course Darla grabbed me straight off and asked me to assist with the resident Christmas shopping trip on Thursday, not to mention she roped me into decorating the lobby Christmas Tree! Both of which I'm very happy to do. I still feel the love, which is great, I must say. And I've said it many times, there is no better place to put you in the Christmas Spirit than SV. I think Andy and I have timed my departure well, as I will still get to do a few Christmassy things before I leave.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Quote of the Day: I get by with a little help from my friends -John Lennon

Song of the Day: You Were Meant For Me - Jewel

Feeling OK
Today is a good day. I haven't done much per say, got up and worked the day care, and then worked out for over an hour. After I had a light lunch I went and curled up in bed to read my book and now I'm sitting here listening to the music I've downloaded. Its really relaxing and nice. I'm happy to finally be able to pick the songs I want without bugging someone. Next on the agenda will be actually burning a cd. I haven't got around to it yet, but when I do it will be full of my favorites: Jewel, Sarah McLachlan, Nora Jones, Enrique, Dido, Evanescence, etc. Some of the songs I have been downloading are old country classics, and its funny, if mom comes in the room while I have them on (which isn't now, lol) she starts singing. Its nice really. I was just saying to Andy the other night (when he was calling it 'shit kicking' music) that I used to swear that I would NEVER listen to country music when I grew up, however there is something sweet in a song that can take you back to your childhood and happy memories of your parents. I especially like the old boys Jim Reeves, Johnny Cash and George Jones. Imagine!

So I'm pleased to say, that today I'm feeling calm, quiet and at-ease. I'm looking forward to having a nice chat with Andy tonight and then just taking it easy.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Quote of the Day:
I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it. --Jack Handey

Song of the Day:
Don't Stop Believin' --Journey

Friday Express:
Last night when I went to bed, I was thinking of getting up early and working out before work. Not to be... I just couldn't get motivated this morning, and as a result I was resigned to doing cardio and some weights at noon. Areobics classes are scheduled at noon on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays - the days I happen to work, however on Friday's the instructor is not so great, so I often opt out of Friday's Fitness Class. What a pleasant surprise I got when I found out Carolyn, the morning instructor, was teaching the noon Friday Express Class. Although there were only two of us taking the class it was still better than what the friday class is normally like. You see, to save money, Nubody's is getting Trainer's to teach a few areobics classes. This is ok, if they know what they are doing, however advanced 'steppers' don't want to be taking a class where the instructor has to keep breaking to read over the lesson. So needles to say I was quite pleased with the class as Carolyn gives a 'kick-ass' class. Not surprising as she was always full of pep and vigor back in high school.

Week-End Wind-Down:
I'm glad today is Friday and I don't have to face the possibility of yet another distressing phone call from the BHC, or wonder if my visa acceptance/denial has come in the mail. It will feel good to wake up tomorrow and not have the stress of it all hanging over my head. I tried to explain this tonight on the phone with Andy. He is so anxious to hear news and he is asking me all the time if I have heard anything. I tell him that it is likely too soon, however I can't blame him. Today though, I told him that just for once, I didn't want this to be the focus of our conversation. Its like this... if news had come today and it was bad, I would have spent the weekend feeling low, if the news was good, well there is nothing we could do about it until Monday anyway. So... for just once I want to try and forget about it. (Like that's really gonna happen I know, but I think most would understand where I'm coming from.)

The Kids:
Andy has his kids this weekend and I'm content in the knowledge that he is happy to be with them. I know that they always have a good time with their dad and that they look forward to these visits as much as he does. Tomorrow he is suprising them with a trip to Lincoln to see 'Elf'!. I'm glad he is taking my advice, I'm sure they will all love it. Ironically he told me tonight that they were asking him if they could download Elf! I think they are in for a nice treat tomorrow. Its so much better to actually see a movie in theatre, rather than pirate it off the internet. I only wish that I could be there with them. I think that this is getting to all of us. Here he is over there in England with three children whom I haven't even met. Each time they visit Andy they ask when I will be coming, so it is obviously getting to them as well. Here I am, a very serious part of their father's life, and have been for almost two years, and they still don't know me. Hopefully it will all work out when I do get there, and despite a few ups and downs, life will begin to settle down for all included (even the dragon, if she can let go of her bitterness).

Back to the Movies
Stacy and I have plans this weekend to take in a double feature at the movies. We did this one Friday night and had a lot of fun. I think this weekend we will see Love Actually and In The Cut. It depends on how busy Love Actually is, as its only just opening, but I CAN'T wait... it looks terrific. Master and Commander is on my list of 'Must-See's', however we have to save some for later on, lol. I truly am looking forward to seeing Love Actually,

it has a fantastic cast, and it's about love at Christams time - a real feel good film. Ack! I can't believe I just said that...but still, I bet its gonna be great.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Memorable Quotes
A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
--Sir Winston Churchill

Song of the Day:
Believe - Cher

Living in Limbo...
Today is one of those days. I have just spent a few minutes online chatting with Rena and in the middle of the conversation, she wanted to know if I'd be free to babysit for another friend on the night of their staff Christmas Party. This really shouldn't be an issue of course, but it kind of set me back for a moment. Normally I'm quite ok with the fact I have given up a good job, a job where I loved going to work and I especially loved those I worked with. Today, when I'm asked to babysit on the night the party is being held I normally help organize, it really hits home. I knew that life there would go on without me, but I wasn't supposed to be here while it was. Normally when I hook up with friends who used to be co-workers I try not to talk too much about work, at least not my former job - there are differences, of course, but some hit a little close to the heart. So here I am... in limbo. Trying to figure out what is going to happen. I want to pack up and move off to Enlgand to live with Andy, but I have to face facts that this might not happen for awhile. What then? Well I guess I have to start seriously looking for a job. Someone I know who works for another health organization has sent me a job posting. It sounds like a great opportunity, however at the moment I don't think I'm prepared to go back to being an Executive Assistant. As much as I loved my former boss, my co-workers, etc., I really don't miss taking minutes. Everything else about the position was great, but not the minutes, lol. Also I didn't leave my job to find work as another secretary to someone other than Kris. That will come in time, I'm sure.

So, this is my plan: If by next week I should find out that I'm not going to live with Andy, I will be bringing my resume into the head office of the company my friend Dawn works for. Yep. I will apply to go to work in group homes. I can't see why I shouldn't. Its something different, the pay is reasonable, and I can pick my hours as a relief worker. As nice as it is working with Mom and Ivy in the daycare, its not enough, never mind the pay is not good. The perk of getting a free membership is great, as is playing with kids, but right now baby, money talks. I've worked hard these past 10 years and I need to earn more than minimum wage. Not to mention I hate being broke!!!LOL All was fine up until this point, I thought that if at least I wasn't getting to Andy, EI would see me through, but as my luck would have it, the bastards are playing dirty with me. Owell. You win some, you lose some. What more can I say?

Survivor Woes
I must say, Thursday nights is the highlight of my TV week. I can't wait to get back into the drama of the Pearl Islands. I am a bit downhearted that my choice pick, Savage, has been booted out. I thought he was a strong player and deserving of the game. Lil made me really mad last week when she let her bitterness get in the way. (Although I can't say I would have felt any different, lol). So now I'm routing for either Rupert or Burton. I'm also looking forward to actually getting to watch the show with Stacy. In the past, (I'd say for at least the past three Survivors) Stacy and I look forward to watching the show together, however what with her work commitments, we haven't been getting to do so much this season, which sucks, cause this Survivor is good, much better than last season, which was NOT. So anyway, where was I? Right, tonight Stacy and I are back on!!! (the couch, lol).

Let's Go to the Movies!
One great thing that I was annoyed to miss out on from my move to the UK, was the fact that Stacy, who is now an employee of Empire Theatres, is able to bring someone to the movies for free. She was to get her Cast Card only a few days after my departure in August! Well guess what, I'm here and I'm enjoying a multitude of movies free of cost, and better yet, with my best pal. Stacy and I make it quite a habit to see most of the movies released in metro. Thanks Stace!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Memorable Quotes
People should think before they speak or make accusations, because once its been said, you can't take it back, the damage is done.

Song of the Day
I Walk The Line (because your mine) - Johnny Cash

I spent the day with Dawn and her mom, Sheila, which was really nice. Dawn and her mom are pretty fun to hang out with, as Sheila is really laid back and easy to be around. I can't say that about all of my friends mothers, lol. Most of them, but not all. We ate lunch at Boston Pizza which was not good for my lifestyle plan, however when you look at the big scheme of things in life, you have to live a little. We spent a lot of time today talking about the wars and watched the Remembrance Day Service on the telly. It was a nice service.

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed...
Spending the day with friends was good, as it kept my mind off this stuff with the BHC. All that has happened to Andy and I is beginning to have a negative effect on me. For example, today while watching the service, I noticed they sang 'God Save The Queen'. I also happen to know that anyone wishing to receive Canadian Citizenship must pledge allegiance to the British Queen. My question??? WHY? WHY? Why all this pomp and circumstance for the British Queen? I realize we are supposed to be part of the Commonwealth, however I have to find it all a bit ridiculous when one little Canadian girl can't get into a country that we share so much with. Anyway, in speaking with Andy today, he's told me that his lawyer is faxing the BHC that, "in his legal and professional opinion, the divorce should go through in the near future, etc. etc." I hope this is enough. Again, I am asking you all to keep your fingers crossed, or say a prayer (whatever suits), that this thing comes through and I am able to join my love. I feel bad sometimes because the stress of this really gets to me and I lean on Andy a lot. I can't imagine what he must go through in England, where the stress is right in his face. I wish we could just be together, enough of this already.

Happy Birthday to my pal, Jason!!!!

Tuesday Is Chooseday
Would you rather:
1. Have a one night stand with George W Bush OR be responsible for his re-election?
If I was an American, have a one night stand with him, but since I'm not, then be responsible for his re-election
2. Show up for work naked OR have everybody else show up naked?have everyone else show up naked.
3. Have teeth as large as a horse OR as brown as dirt with no hope of whitening them?As big as a horse, brown as dirty looks nasty and I'd be more inclined to get a kiss with clean looking teeth.
4. Accidentally shoot one of your parents in the butt OR intentionally burn down their house?Shoot them in the butt, they'd get over that a lot quicker.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Quote of the Day:
"I think your beautiful and my tongue swells up when I'm around you" Buddy the Elf

Tonight Stacy and I went to see Elf, with Will Farrell. Even though the preview looked funny, I didn't hold out too much expectation as I thought it might be overly silly, never mind the fact that I'd probably seen the best funny parts in the trailer... WRONG! I laughed my ass off throughout the whole thing. I strongly recommend it if you want to have a laugh and begin to get a bit motivated for Christmas. I sent Andy an email informing him that he NEEDS to take his kids to that one.

Speaking of Movies....
It would seem as if Stacy and I have suceeded in the conversion of our mom into a movie goer... last week we took her to see Radio, which we all enjoyed, however mom and I cried throughout most of it. Owell at least I know where I get it from. I remember once watching the movie Simon Birch with my three sisters... by the end of the movie I was sobbing so hard, Tawny had to ask if I was alright... LORD! Anyway, mom is pretty revved up to see a few upcoming movies, mainly Bad Santa, lol, I suppose because its got Bernie Mac in it, whom she loves.

Still Waiting...
Eight days now since Andy has left. In some ways the time goes by quickly and in some ways it drags. Either way, it seems to be taking its toll on the both of us. Today Andy was sounding pretty low, his reasoning for this - he misses me :(. Each day he is asking if I've heard anything from the BHC... As we only got all the info into them on Tuesday, I'm not expecting anything till at least next Wednesday, however I can't blame him, he is anxious to have me there. I know he realizes that the moment I DO hear something, I'd let him know straightaway. I prefer to try not to think of it so often (even thought its ALWAYS at the back of my mind) because I cannot bear to be let down one more time... and the higher your expectations, the harder and longer the fall. It is the most important thing for us at the moment. Please continue to keep your fingers crossed for us. I MISS YOU TOO ANDY, BIG TIME.

Booby's Off to TO!!!!
Congratulations to Marina's son Merle... his grandma told me this week that he has been accepted to the Art College in Toronto! I know Rena will miss her young man, but he is off on a wonderful journey that should take him to the moon (and hopefully back).

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Saturday, November 01, 2003

This is getting annoying

Well... for the time being I'm not going to get into the going-on's of my life, especially as I am a bit down with the departure of my Andy. What I will say though, is that I feel an absolute idiot because I cannot seem to cotton on to this blogger thing... So far (and I admit, its only been the past day or so that I've actually been trying) all's I have managed to be able to do is type whatever it is I want to say. I want my blog to be nice like both Dawn and Tuna's. I can't figure anything out... i.e. how to add a comments section, how to ad the side bars with my 'moods, the weather girls, etc, how to change the format and coloring of this stupid ass thing.... which is awful since I've only been working with computers for the past 10 years. I might get more interested if I knew... I guess I'm calling for help from you Dawn.... I think we will have to make a 'blog' date....

Well cheers for now