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Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Monday's aren't my favourite day of the week for a multitude of reasons.  I did however wake up this past Monday in a bright mood, which doesn't always happen.  Rarely in fact. Then as I was getting ready for work I realised my hair straightener wasn't warming up but my mood didn't sour.  I had a momentary minute of panic before I decided to just throw my hair up in a bun and get on with it.  On the drive to work, the drivers side windscreen wiper decided to fling itself onto the hood of my car.  I pulled over and tried to click it back in place to the best of my ability, yet it was clear to me that it was broken and would need replacing.  During the rest of the drive I only turned the wipers on randomly to ensure I didn't lose it again, as a soft rain was falling and I couldn't drive without it.  And still I didn't get stressed out.  There was nothing I could do about it. I only needed to remind myself it wasn't that big of a deal;  because there are mother's in this world who are still dying in childbirth due to inadequate medical care, or people who have to walk miles to the nearest well for fresh drinking water for their children. I could list a whole multitude of reasons why I really didn't have an excuse to get upset over what was essentially nothing.

A couple of times this week I have seen Facebook statuses where people are making a huge fuss that their wifi has dropped out, or that they've had to queue for 15 minutes at the grocery store, or that traffic has been a nightmare.  I get that people in our very fortunate world have legit problems and concerns but I'm sorry, I'm not going to sympathise and feel for you if your biggest complaint of the day is that the server at the movie theatre didn't put enough ice in your diet coke (yes, I've complained about that one before). Get over it.  We have so much in our day to day lives that we need to be grateful for and remember when we start to sweat the small stuff.   

If you have a family who loves you, a roof over your head, enough money to eat and pay the bills with and friends to share your tears and laughter with then you have already have more than so many people in this world.

It doesn't hurt to just take a moment and remember this, especially when it feels like everything is spinning out of control. Maybe if I hadn't woken up feeling so optimistic on Monday I might have felt more stressed.  I get that we all have bad days, me included.  Just lately though I've been telling myself that life could be so much worse and I don't want to lose it over 'the small stuff' and so far, it's been working (for the most part.)

For the past two weeks its been raining almost non-stop and during the moments that it's not been chucking it down Molly and I have still been able to get our for a walk (she doesn't like getting wet any more than I do). She loves all the fresh smells that come out after a rain and me? I enjoy watching her explore and seeing all the pretty wild flowers that have sprung up.   

It's the little moments that really matter.