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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Up That Plank

During the time we were at Mersey River this past summer we enjoyed a lot of time noisily jumping off the large raft into the rusty red water to beat the heat.  (Andy chose to be anti-social and hog the smaller raft in his quest to tan in relative peace.) The boys enjoyed making up games to play and often challenged each other to such things as who could dive and swim the furthest underwater, or who had the most ease in jumping over the canoes docked along side the raft.   Stacy and I played it relatively safe, really only jumping off the raft backwards and Dawn preferred to sit and watch.

(I managed to snap these funny shots with my IPhone.)

I don't know who's idea it was to see who could hold out the longest in plank position (possibly Stacy) but that I was definitely up for (the 30 Day Shred paid off in more than one way).  I won't say who went out first or last but I am pleased to report that it wasn't me who gave in first even though I thought it would be. 

Since I've been back home I've tried to get back into a regular routine which is inclusive of increasing my ability to stay in the plank position each time I visit the gym. I keep telling myself to do it every day, whether I'm at the gym or not. There is nothing stopping me from doing so and I think that today might just be the day I start.  No day like Hump Day to get over a slump right?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Maybe chasing a toddler was too much exertion?

We had Miss Daisy to stay for a few nights over the weekend;  it was a lovely opportunity to spend some time with our gorgeous little niece who already has the vocabulary and will of a 13 year old girl (or so it seems).  

A walk through Hearts Holm Park in Lincoln

She is full of wonderment and let me tell you this kid doesn't miss a trick. It was pure joy to see her glee at being reunited with our Molly or when she see's anything involving Mickey or Minnie Mouse. Her appetite is never-ending and meal times are far from difficult. That child loves her food let me tell you. To hear a one year old exclaim 'olives!' is very refreshing. It's kinda funny how both of my nieces love healthy food when a lot of toddlers will only eat mac and cheese.

We loved listening to her holler 'Mowwie, where aaa-re you' from various rooms in the house (Molly was often  anywhere else, save for the times when she would just give up and let Daisy flop down on her for a cuddle).

On Saturday our Moll was more interested in chasing squirrels than anything else.

Of course we had to take Daisy down to the sea front on Sunday, despite it being cold and windy...

(How cute is she?)

Bath times were fun too; this child is definitely a water baby who loves to 'swim' while in the tub and didn't mind having her hair washed in the least. Water on her face?  Like water off a duck's back.  Seriously. (Not that I discovered this by pouring it over her head myself, I was much more careful.)

Chillin after a long day of adventure...

We had a few fun, busy days however just as I was getting Daisy ready for bed on Sunday evening, Andy informed me that the chest pain he had been experiencing off and on throughout the day had been getting increasingly worse. I finally convinced him to stop trying to self-diagnose online and ring the GP Out of Hours Service   Of course they told him to ring for an ambulance which he debated doing for about ten minutes after hanging up. I told him his options were that I arrange for his Mum to come down with Daisy and we drive straight there, or he could call the ambulance and get checked out;  if they needed to take him in (I knew they would), then at least he would be seen straight away at A&E.

The paramedics came, hooked him up to their cardio machine, deduced he wasn't having a heart attack but decided to take him in to run some tests just to be on the safe side.  Seeing him off in in an ambulance wasn't the most pleasant of experiences but at least I wasn't panicked that he was having a heart attack.  I figured that it might be a gastro-intestinal problem (although I'm not a medical professional by any means, I do know that stomach issues often have similar symptoms) or maybe he might need to begin using inhalers... It was also strange to have to ring my mum-in-law to arrange for her to come sit with Daisy, who was peacefully sleeping by this point.

The A&E wasn't too busy that evening and luckily enough Andy was released within three hours, under the advice to go see his GP for an MOT (health check) and pick up some Gaviscon.  I rang his mum to report that he wasn't dead and we would be home when his bloods were back.  

(I told him I needed a photo for this)

I held his hand while we were waiting and told him I could get over being a granny before I was forty, but no way could I handle being a widow before then. No-way. So it's time for my husband to finally kick himself in the backside and start looking after himself better. He's decided to have the week off work to rest (he has been working flat out) and visit his medical centre for various tests.  Aside from being exhausted, he's doing well.  Now I just have to try and remember to not nag him (too much) about a serious change of diet and exercise.  Like I said to him, just because he's a granddad now, doesn't mean he has to play the part quite so well.

Friday, October 12, 2012


I've recently found a new blog via Pinterest called Clover Lane;  the author is a mother to six children ranging in age from a few months all the way up to 18 (I know, right?)  It might not appeal to all of you, especially since she often writes about raising kids, crafts and recipes (it was her site that turned me on to a fantastic chocolate chip cookie recipe). If she can find the time to blog anyone can. Anyway, I'm getting off track here.

In the last few years I've been trying hard to not become annoyed when I listen to a number of new parents complain about how hard life is now that they have kids; about trying to find that 'balance' in the home or in some cases with the home/work situation.  I'm not being dismissive here, I'm really not.  I get that it's not easy - I really do.  But at the end of the day I do believe that some people, women in particular make their lives a lot harder than they need to be.  Especially in their quest to be the perfect mother, wife, friend, whatever.  I don't even want to get started on how dismissive some new mom's are in relation to the way our mother's did it.  Sure we might know more (or think we do) but what is this quest that some women seem to be on to prove that they can do it better?  

I was browsing through Memories on Clover Lane and came across this post.  I think Sarah sums up the topic of Sacrifice Then vs Sacrifice Now perfectly.

Our mom's weren't perfect but most of the them did the very best they could with what they had at the time. Remember, no matter how perfect you try to be your kids will likely grow up and and think they can do a better job raising their kids then you have done raising them;  Just think of how much more information/technology/stuff  will be available to them in 20 plus years.

Or just maybe, your kids will grow up to be grateful for the Mom (or parent) they had and realise you only did the very best you could.    I know I fall into the latter category.  My mother is often the one I turn to when I need advice.  She is the one I constantly strive to be like when it comes to raising our kids.  Sure I have my own parenting methods that differ to my mother's, but in the long run it's her patience, kindness, generosity and love that I want to model when it comes to parenting.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Eight Years Later

This was me (with Andy in the background) just before our first meal as a Mr & Mrs.

Let me tell you, that young(ish) bride really had no idea what the future was going to hold for her as wife to an Englishman. 

She did know that with him came three children, one of whom was very resistant to her.
She did know that life wasn't always going to be easy, especially as her new husband still had ongoing 'issues' with the mother of his children.  

What she did know was how much she loved her husband and although she hadn't any experience with being a wife and (step)mother, she was going to try her very best to be a good wife, mother and friend.  

So far, we have built our home and family around us and have only come out stronger for all the hurdles that have been put in our path.  

And although I had no idea at all, not one iota of an inkling, that marriage to this dapper guy would make me a grandmother before the age of 40, I would still go back and do it all over again.

In a heartbeat.  

If only the damn Inn hadn't burnt down.  

Thursday, October 04, 2012

As You Wish

I can't believe that yesterday marked the 25th Anniversary Release Date of one of my most favourite films. Ever. If you were to sit and watch it with me you would likely want to knock me out just to shut me up... I can say nearly every line, of every actor.  And I usually do. If they were ever to do a local production I could easily step into the role of any character.  Most preferably Inigo Montoya because he's such a fun character.  I'm really pleased that Mandy Patinkin has gone on to have such a successful career following this film.

I've probably watched this film more times than your four year old has watched Toy Story.  True love, princesses and revenge.  What more could you want?  Sad, yet true.  I'm such a romantic at heart :)    

If you haven't seen it, indulge yourself.
Oh, and I'd strongly recommend the book, for both grown-ups or any young adult that enjoys a good read.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Thoughts on getting better at following through

I have been a bad blogger of late.  I keep telling myself that this is the month I will make a more determined effort to post more frequently. I'm not the only one who has been remiss with posting as a number of you are saying the same when I visit your sites, but that doesn't make it better.  I will really try and make October the month I actually post more, rather than just think about it. Even if it I don't have a huge following, blogging is therapeutic to me for my own reasons.     

I was telling a friend the other day how traumatic it was for me a few years back, when I updated the design on my wall and in doing so lost all the comments I had collected from so many of you over the years (there were a lot more circa 2011).  I used to love perusing older posts followed up by your encouraging comments; and now although I still post, albeit infrequently, I rarely have any comments, which can be discouraging at time but I also realise people are busy.  Also I'm not the most whimsical or witty writer and I'm not ever going to be in the running for hosting one of the most popular blogs on the Internet which was never my goal in the first instance. I do this for myself (and my family).  Besides, I can see from Feedjit that you are still dropping by so thank you for that.  I'm taking a moment to to give a shout out though, to Lara and Stacy for taking the time to let me know  they have been by - thanks girls; I always smile when I see a comment under one of my posts and can pretty much guarantee it will be from one of you... my regulars :)  

So... here's what's been going on this past weekend (not necessarily in my world):  

Canada hosted it's annual Run for the Cure event this week and both my sisters participated: :  

Stacy in Halifax 

Tawny and Clara in Mississauga

I wish I could have been with either of them because this race matters so much to us girls. 

Stacy sent Molly this cute collar in the post: 

Molly sporting her new collar :) 

 I'm going to set myself a goal to run the Race for Life with Molly next June, which is the equivalent here in England.  No more excuses. 

We had a fairly quiet weekend. I haven't been sleeping well and in a quest to sort myself out have finally started working out again.  I'm making another promise to myself as well to do at least two gym classes a week (on top of regular workouts).  If nothing, I feel so much better when I'm fitter, which usually helps me get a better night's sleep.  

Everyone seems to be battling some kind of illness and our little Jayden has been suffering with a cough and bad chest since the week after we returned from Nova Scotia. 

He spent much of Thursday night and Friday afternoon in the hospital having tests to find out if he has whooping cough.  They still haven't had the results back.

His mum took this picture of him on Friday: 

As poorly as he has been feeling, this kid still wakes up with that beautiful smile on his face every time.  

Well that's my weekend update.  Hopefully it won't be another two weeks before I'm back.