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Monday, June 21, 2004

Pictures can speak volumes...or not! Posted by Hello

The picture above was taken during an evening out with Andy's family. The man in the picture with me is not Andy, but his brother-in-law, Scott. When this picture was seen after that evening, I took a lot of ribbing. Mind you, I said I took a lot of ribbing. Scott hasn't even seen this picture, nevermind been teased about it! Why do you suppose that is girls?

While I admit that I find Scott to be a very attractive guy, and by attractive I don't mean just his looks because as we all know even the best looking men can be total assholes. This guy is just one of the most sincere and kind men I have ever met - it just doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes! Scott and Andy's sister have been together for a very long time (by which I mean more than ten years!) and make a lovely couple. They have a comfortable and affectionate way with each other that is so nice to witness. I love when they come to visit and I hate to say goodbye to both of them. Its so nice that Andy has siblings that I am growing to love.

The night that the above picture was taken was a very nice evening for Andy and I and Scott and I happened to have our picture snapped without our knowing about it while saying good-bye. Although its a terrible shot of me, I think its funny that I was caught in a snap looking so 'enamored' with this man. It just goes to show that a picture is not always what it appears to be. Anyone seeing this picture would think that this was my fiance eh??? Funny that one of the most romantic looking pictures I have in my possession is one of me and my brother-in-law to be. Go figure! Besides, I'm not going to apologise for taking the opportunity to hug a hottie. I'm still ME after all, I haven't changed that much!

Just for the record, here is one of me and my husband-to-be...

Me and Andy at our 'engagement' party. Posted by Hello

Nottingham City

Speaking of Ali and Scott, I leave on the morning train for a two day visit with them in Nottingham. I'm really looking forward to this time with Alison. We have plans to meet Scott for lunch tomorrow upon my arrival, and while Scott goes back to work, Ali and I plan to chat over a few glasses of wine before we go shopping. Tomorrow night they want to take me out on the town, and then Wednesday Ali and I will do the sight-seeing thing before I catch the 4 o'clock train back to Grimsby where Andy and the boys will be pick me up. At the moment, life is good.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Tuesday Is Chooseday

Would you rather:
1. All your toenails rot and fall off OR grow a thick, bushy coat of back hair?
All my toenails fall out... once you got over the rotting part it wouldn't be sooo bad - at least its only your feet.

2. Have the psychic ability to hear other people's thoughts but be unable to turn it off OR the psychic ability to transmit your thoughts to everyone within a mile, but again you can't turn it off? Be able to hear everyone else's thoughts. Who wants the whole world knowing your private thoughts?

3. Watch Richard Simmons and Susan Powter get it on OR Oprah and Dr. Phil? Oprah and Dr. Phil. Everything about Richard Simmons drives me NUTS.

4. Find a cure for cancer, but be ridiculed for it for 20 years before it was accepted OR find a cure for cancer and be considered a hero for 5 years, only for the public to find out it was a hoax? Find a cure for cancer. Nothing about cancer should ever be made into a hoax.

Halifax, We Have a Problem

The problem being as such: In less than 3 weeks I'm supposed to board a plane to fly to Toronto and after a few days vist, home. I have approximately 13 working days left to have my passport with approved visa returned to me. Less than that actually, because if I don't have this in time, I have to change my flight.

Someone asked me the other day if I couldn't just fly home and have Andy send me my passport avec visa in the mail once its been delivered here. Ummmm. NOPE. Something tells me that the Canadian Immigration Services just aren't going to take my word for it that I am, actually, Canadian.

I'm rather annoyed about this, especially since IND in London told me that the processing of my visa shouldn't take more than two weeks. With this assurance we made the decision to have it processed by mail rather than showing up personally, paying an extra £100 and having it processed in one day. The woman actually encouraged us to do it by mail. Now I'm being told it normally takes 3 weeks, but could take up to 13 WEEKS, depending on if it has to go to a case worker. If this happens I won't get home before September and that is just not ON.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Girls and I Posted by Hello

This is a picture of me with Alison (white tank), Zoe (beside me) and Beryl, who is like another mother to me. We all had a nice afternoon out a little while ago and as the picture is of a really happy time, I just felt like sharing it - also I thought it'd be nice for all of you to see some of my friends here.

Today is a gorgeous sunny day and I've been sitting outside for most of the afternoon just soaking up the rays. I'm enjoying a relaxing afternoon all to myself and am looking forward to a nice steak dinner grilled on the George Forman for our dinner. This is the time when I'd really like a BBQ... Something that I'm sure we will purchase after we have paid for our wedding!

Football Fever

Tonight England versus France in the beginning games of the Euro 2004 matches. Almost everyone here is in a frenzy of excitement. It doubles any fuss I've ever seen made over the Stanly Cup Playoffs. I've never seen a country so supportive of its own team - nearly everyone on the street is wearing England Football Tops, and a number of cars are sporting the English Flag... We've been invited to a Football Party over at Carol-Anne's and Andy's brother and friends will be out in the pub tonight and have extended an invitation to join them as well. I will strongly encourage Andy to go out with his brother as I think he needs an enjoyable night out. Also it'd be better than sitting here alone watching it. (As you all know watching sports is not one of my aspirations in life and I do not intend sitting here for the duration of the Canadian Grand Pre plus an additional 2+ hours of a game I don't follow.)

I do understand all the hype and I will be happy if England wins the match. And although many of the footballers are quite good-looking, and unlike hockey players back home, are not covered from head to foot in protective gear so you can actually see these attractive guys, its still not enough of an enticement to keep my attention. If it was a live match, maybe-definitely. I just think that Andy would enjoy it much better if I wasn't there raining on his parade... I am quite happy to amuse myself for the night.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Visit My Guest Map!!!

I've just added a Guest Map. Feel free to visit and 'post' your presence! Its down on my sidebar just above my Guest Book.

Just Not Into It

These past couple of days I haven't really had much to talk about. I'm feeling kind of 'out of sorts' these days anyway, which doesn't really give me the ambition to write much here. Maybe tomorrow I will have something more interesting to talk about.

Oh, I should note that I have been sticking to watching my food intake and over the last few weeks and I'm down five pounds from the weight I was when I left NS. I'm at my lowest weight yet, however I still have a ways to go. I figure its better to get some more weight off before I go home and probably put weight on, although I will try my hardest as I have full intentions of signing up at Nubody's for the month.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I'm Itching To Get Going

Despite the fact that I'm planning a couple of days in Nottingham with Andy's sister Alison this month, and despite the fact I will miss Andy and his family ALOT, I have to say as the time grows so much nearer, I'm just itching to get home. I'm so looking forward to long lazy swims in the lake and seeing lots of movies with Stacy, and eating my Dad's BBQ at night. I'm hyped about having a few drinks at the pub with Darla and Glen while listening to some good old Nova Scotia music. (Even better now Stacy can be included in this ). I keep thinking about doing things like heading to the beach with Annette and camping with Dawn and the girls. Both Annette and Marina will have new apartments by the time I get home and I can't wait to check out the new pads (luckily both are in the same neighborhood!). But the one thing I'm mostly looking forward to about getting home is to be able to see and hug my MOM.

Something else that is drawing near is our Wedding in October. It's already June and now the date is only four months away and I haven't done much in preparation. Yesteray while talking with Tawny we decided that not only will we go shopping together for my dress during my stopover in TO, we will spend a night doing the invitations so that they are mailed out in time. It means a lot to me that my sister is so interested in helping me. I'm very thankful for this as God knows she's twice as organized as I am. I also have to admit that although I don't really like doing that stuff, I'm looking forward to it as I will be doing it with my sister and I think we will have lots of fun during those 3 days.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

No More Excuses!

Tonight I finally stopped finding excuses and got my ass back to the gym. It was a short work-out, just twenty minutes on the stair-climber, a few squats, abs, and then weights, however a small start is still a start. I've just been so busy these past two weeks with Andy's parents being in hospital and now that his mom needs me to help her with her recovery, I've let my own personal fitness slip. So tonight after being with Wendy all day and then feeding them all dinner (Wendy, Dave and Andy), I came home, ate some of my delicious home-made (extra lean) chili, then took myself off to the gym for some good old ME time! Normally I would have just sighed and told myself I'd go in the morning, but hey, no time like the present.