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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Tentative Friendship

Almost since the day she became aware of her, our niece Daisy has been completely besotted with Molly.  She has been following her around trying to hug her and give her love since she could crawl.  Other than the odd time I used to find Daisy sitting on Molly, she has never been anything but loving toward the dog.  (I think sitting on Molly was her way of getting as close as she possibly could... or maybe a fur seat is much more comfortable than your basic chair).  Both her parents and I think it's adorable that it's Molly she looks for the moment she enters the door.  Her calls of 'Mowie where are you' could melt the hardest of hearts.  

And then there is Jayden.  He never really seemed to notice her until about six months ago and then it was just a bit of curiosity when she was nearby.  He would reach out to touch her but would never actively crawl or chase after her.  A couple of months ago he discovered the word dog and just more recently has started saying Moll Moll. He has definitely grown much more interested in her and I would even go so far as to say he is fond of her. Because Molly has been 'broken in' by Daisy, she seems more resigned to the fact that there is sometimes a small child boisterously invading her quiet world.   Maybe it's because she sees Jayden more, but whatever the reason, lately she is usually in whatever room we are in and more times than not, right next to Jayden if he happens to be playing nicely quietly.  

I love moments like these:

Although I have to keep a very close watch when they are this close to each other.  Not only because it's dog and child but because our boy has a penchant for reaching out and giving my girl a quick swipe; as he did just moments after I snapped the photo. Often I catch him out but sometimes I don't manage and bless her, Molly will just sigh or get up and go lay on her bed.  Most times Jayden just strokes her fur or tries to hug her but I have to be careful because he's a little unpredictable at the moment.

Breakfast times are very amusing too as I don't know who wants the next bit of toast more - Molly or the baby.  Jayden shouts 'more' while Molly pleads with her eyes.  It's funny.  They are quite the team at mealtime.  

Something else that demonstrates what an amazingly good dog we have is when the little ones are walking around with a snack in hand; although Molly is right next to them keeping a close eye on the tidbit that is directly at her level, she has never yet tried to take it from them.  It must be torture for her but I love her geniality when it comes to the kids and she is well rewarded for being such a gentle girl. Besides, the kids love sharing their food with the dog; something that is probably the same in any home you might find both a dog and child in. 

Thursday, November 07, 2013

2 for 1 and not much else....

Not much has been going on round these parts so I don't feel like I have much to post about. Halloween came and went without fuss because as usual I didn't have any little goblins knock at the door (other than Jayden). The organisation I work for didn't have a client party this year so I didn't even have a reason to dress up.  We also refrained from decorating this year, which I won't let slide next year.  Besides I'm determined that next Halloween will see us throw a party instead of just thinking about it. So it was just me, Jayden and Molly for the night. It was the same again on Bonfire Night (this Tuesday past); Alex and Bonnie wanted to attend the fireworks so Jayden stayed with me and Molly. I honestly don't know who was more frightened by the loud bangs - the dog or the baby.  Jayden was super cuddly though, so while Molly hid under my desk, Jayden and I skyped Andy and then my Mom.  He fell asleep while we were talking to Mom and my heart melted when Mom put out her arms and said 'here, pass him to me'.  If only it were that easy to travel between worlds.

I haven't been exercising nearly as much as I should.  This is because I mostly exercise outdoors and have a dog who is too frightened to go for a walk even at dusk, so there goes any running after work at the moment.  (Oh, and there is no point in suggesting I go without her because I won't leave her at night, not even for half an hour as I leave her to go to work all day). I'm too lazy to get up on cold mornings before 7 am and head out.  I think about it but that's about it.  Although because I actually enjoy the feeling working out gives me, I've decided to bring our stationary bike back into the house.  Oh and buy another pair of trainers so that I have a half decent pair for outdoors, yet a clean pair for indoor workouts.  This is my main reason excuse for not shredding as much as I should - the mud all over the floor. My trainers have been getting quite muddy from jogging . Autumn in England involves a lot of rainfall.  (Any season in England involves a lot of rain so  indoor/outdoor trainers do make sense.)

I've been managing to stick with healthy eating for the most part but sometimes it takes a lot of determination.  Not to mention the food planning.  O well I don't have a lot else to do. Well besides spend half an hour each evening coaxing Molly to go out to wee. I don't bake nearly as much these days because unlike most people who enjoy baking, I actually like to eat what I bake, not just give it away; although that's normally how it plays out.  Our budding chef, aka our nephew Archie, is coming over on Saturday morning to do some baking with me though, which will be fun (and I can send it all home with him).  I'm thinking I will go with cupcakes, easy to make, fun to decorate.  I've decided I won't be doing a Christmas bake this year because as you may or may not know... we are going home for Christmas this year!  Oh wait, I think I've told you that already but I'm not sorry for being repetitive.  Because I'm EXCITED people.  Excited that for the first time in 8 years I get to spend Christmas with my dysfunctional wonderful family.  

In other news I made the decision earlier this year that once I had my eyes re-tested in September I'd buy myself some new specs and begin wearing them more.  I normally wear contacts up to six days a week and thought I should cut down on their use and give my eyes a rest.  Besides with all the trendy glasses on offer why not?  I'm still more comfortable wearing contacts (I don't like the weight of glasses or how my hair gets stuck in them) but since I've gotten two new pairs on a two for one offer, I must say I'm not doing a bad job rocking the intellectual 'secretary' look.  

Don't you think?