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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Conversation as we were pulling into our cul-de-sac...

Me: Watch that cat!

Andy: Why?

Me: It might run out in front of us.

A: So? It'll just get run over...

Me: Don't say that! If that'd happened you'd have a very upset woman on your hands...

A: They shouldn't be outside then.

Me: We'll if we had a cat I wouldn't let it be an outside cat

A: We aren't ever having a cat. I hate them.

Me: Yes we will, someday

A: NO, we won't. I hate them.

Me: Says he who won't ever put Daisy down.

A: Daisy's different.

Monday, January 28, 2008

And what a party it was...

The fact that everyone was willing to drive an hour to celebrate with me was enough in itself.

The fact that I received lovely gifts and a large number of yummy, alcohol fueled drinks made it even better.

The fact that the food was the so scrumptious, right down to the coleslaw will give me something to dream about for a few weeks. I don't often eat ribs... but my God, they were so good I not only finished my half rack, but finished off Andy's and had a taste of Julie's since she had a different flavour. It was all fantastic.

I indulged in drinks I haven't had in years, including Black Russians and Harvey Wallbangers. But I regret none of it!

We woke up the next morning and headed back to the restaurant for even more. I haven't had pancakes so delicious since I was in Nova Scotia. Yummy!

Here's to another year growing older with loved ones by my side or if not by my side than close to my heart.

I'm a lucky girl - I know that.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

How quickly they grow

When I first met Andy's children, there was a certain level of cautious trepidation on all of our parts. The older two were of course more hesitant than Connor, who seemed happy to accept me right from the get go. It didn't take long for Alex to follow suit, and I'm happy to say that Tasha and I have now seemed to reach a really great place in our relationship. She now turns to me when she needs help with certain things, i.e. a trip to the doctor or help with her CV. Its a good feeling. I knew that it would probably come with time, and time has done its thing.

Time has also brought with it a change that took me by surprise momentarily, but in hindsight I just see it for what it is: someone is growing up.

Not long after I moved here, Connor in his 7 year old innocence asked if he could call me mom. Because he has a mom, who often experiences great moments of insecurity, I didn't think this would be the best idea. Connor although he agreed, felt that my role warranted a special name and set about thinking of one. As it was Christmas when I first moved here a small tree was up in the apartment and on it were a few decorations I'd brought from home. One of them was a small little Angel with the name 'jojo' written on it.

Connor asked who Jojo was. I told him it was me. He asked where the name originated from and I explained to him that my Godson, Gavin (who was of similar age to Connor) has called me that from being a baby, since he couldn't pronounce Jody. Connor looked contemplative about this for a moment, trying to make up his mind if he was bothered that another boy held my heart as well. Then he remarked... Jojo is a good name. Can I call you that too? And of course I relented, why wouldn't I. And so I became Jojo not only to Gavin and his sister, as well as some of my family back home who'd begun using it as well, but to Connor. The other kids and Andy quickly adopted the more common nickname of Jods, something Dawn started and it has stuck. At work that is all I am ever referred to. Jody is almost non-existent.

But here I am digressing as usual.

On Wednesday of last week, Connor came into the room to ask me a question and began with Jods... I noticed, but didn't make anything of it. The next morning, he again referred to me by Jods. And just now, when he was kicking my ass at guitar hero, he called me it again. I think its time to acknowledge that he has let go of Jojo in favour of the more adult Jods.

I'm satisfied with that, although a little saddened. But they can't stay little forever, as much as we'd sometimes like them to. I reckon Gavin won't be far behind :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Laugh if you must

For any of you that know Molly, you know that when she even hears the name Abby she goes a little ballistic. She only has to hear the jingle of Abby's tags outside the house and she's whimpering and whinging and acting a little nuts. Trying to stop the two of them from being together is only asking for trouble. The best thing to do when they run to greet each other on the field is to STAY OUT OF THE WAY.

Today, I made the mistake of doing just the opposite. I thought because they had already done their crazy dance of estatic joy on the front lawn, that I was safe.

I thought wrong.

I had just stepped on to the field to greet Elaine when I sort of saw the beige/black blur of dogball that was Molly and Abby right behind me. I felt the force of their combined weight on the back of my knees and realized I was going down. I actually had time to think of this, considering I was airborne. My right arm and shoulder took the brunt of my weight, while my hip took the remainder.

Did we laugh? Of course... it was funny, the boys even came across the road to say thanks for the laugh. We laughed even harder when I saw the pile of dog doo that I'd missed by two inches.

Am laughing now? Not really. I'm relieved that I seem to have healthy bones that don't break easily, but my shoulder and arm muscles could care less about my bones. They aren't openly screaming at me for landing on them, but they are nagging at me for not watching what the dogs were doing.

I think I'll skip the gym tonight and opt for a glass or two of wine and a hot bath :)

Molly and Abby

Sunday, January 20, 2008

When I see these cuties, I can't help but want one of my very own :)

Catherine's Mackenzie

Valentina's Lilyan

Most of you all know who owns beautiful Lily and how she came to be so I need not elaborate.

Catherine and Hunter welcomed little Mackenzie Grace on 22nd December. She's the most tiny, delicate person, who fills her momma's heart with a whole lot of joy.

I have a few more friends, both here and back in Nova Scotia who have recently delivered, or are about to, and I just have to say, it sure doesn't help the baby broodiness ;) The more I keep seeing pictures the more I crave one for my own. Should I be so lucky? Who knows. I just know that at this very moment in time I'm not 100% ready. Will I ever be? Who knows... Will it even happen? Chances are not likely. But we might surprise you someday and go for it.

I won't lie and say that I wouldn't hope for a little girl, because as far as I'm concerned I have two lovable rogues already. (And you don't have to tell me I'd love whatever I get, because I know that already ;)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

And so begins another year

2008 sees me entering my fifth year here in England.

As time goes by I have come to accept this as my home and know that I will be spending much more time here than I had initially anticipated.

Am I ok with this?

Yes, I think I am, here is where my husband is, where my new friends are, and where my job is. A job is easily replaceable, but I've made a commitment to Andy and his children and we have a life here. But it doesn't mean my old life and all that it involved doesn't remain close to my heart, my thoughts. And living here has to continue to be a good life, full of joy and commitment if its going to work for us. I think that's fair to say. I do realize no one knows what life has in store for the future and I'm sure we'll have hard times in front of us, but to get through these we need the ones we love most around us.

This year was a year full of mixed emotions for me. I can't turn around and say it was a terrible year, because although I went through a time late in the year where I really didn't think I could cope with circumstances and wondered if I would really manage to go the distance. But I did prevail, because I do have an extreme amount of commitment and faith in my new family.

For the first time since I've moved over here, last year was more about myself and settling here than at any other time. This year I did not have to deal with the the constant 'occurrences' with Andy's ex, or wondering what was happening with the kids, Alex is here to stay. I didn't have to deal with immigration or visas; There was no one needing care and attention other than the children, although this is something I am always happy to do - families look out for one another be they kin or not.

I got to see my family, and although it was not the trip I had been eagerly anticipating for 14 months, there will be at least one trip home to see them all again this year.

Andy and I travelled quite a bit, some of our destinations were fantastic, one or two a bit more work than others, but hey, not everything will be perfect. I had a nice time seeing a bit more of the world. I love to travel with my husband and hope we have many more journeys in the coming year.

I also hope to see a few loved ones on this side of the pond again... last year we had Dawn come to stay for three weeks and it meant the world. I love having fellow Canucks in the house. Maybe this year will bring someone who has not yet come this way, although I'm not pressuring my mother - she will come when she is ready; at least she now has a passport :)

I think this year will be another chance to delve I've deep into my heart and see who I am, where I want to be. I'm not generally someone who wants a lot. These days I'm happy to be in our home reading or pottering about. I look forward to the weekends when my husband comes home, but again, although we like to get out and experience different things, I do enjoy being in our cozy home having a peaceful night in. And I want that peace inside of me... I so want contentment.

I send congratulations to all of my dear friends who have been blessed with a child in the past year, some of you very recently :) I know you already realize how lucky you are and will embrace every moment with your baby girls.

I look forward to seeing those of you we don't often get to see and hope for wonderfully, amusing and lovely times together. I don't think that's asking for a lot really :)