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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I think this about says it all.... I'm missing it big time. There is Subway in England, however the closest one is about 30-40 minutes away. We are off to see a movie tonight in Lincoln and we will dine on this delicious sandwich I have been missing for nearly six months. I'm curious to see what it will be like over here, as so many restaurants seem to put the English spin on every thing here, including McDonald's - however judging from the website, it looks pretty good so far! Andy didn't really take to it in Canada, however hopefully his sandwich artist will do a better job of convincing him tonight, LOL!

The Quest For Cheap Flights

On the weekend we began looking at flights to get me home for a visit this summer. I cannot believe how outrageously the prices increase over the summer months. It's a total rip off. There are a few charter airlines that could get me there at a more reasonable rate, however this means flying back thru Gatwick Airport, which doesn't thrill me, but hey, if I need to do it, I will. As these cheaper flights book up so earlier, we may be getting my tickets as early as next week!

I was also looking into stopping over in TO to see my sisters for a few days and maybe shop for a wedding dress of sorts up there. It's really starting to sink in now that Andy and I are going to be married, especially as we purchased our wedding bands this weekend!

Tasha reported this weekend that her mom said that she won't allow them to accompany us to Canada this fall to attend our wedding, as well as meet my family and our friends. This comes as no surprise, however as they really want to join us Andy and his lawyer will be forwarding a proposal thru the courts to have Jane agree to let the children go. Apparently the judge could even rule in our favour regardless of what Jane says. Jane is citing the reason for their not being allowed to go as she doesn't want them taken out of school (something I could most definitely agree with) however as Andy has said, they have taken the children out of school for holidays on numerous occasions in the past, this is just likely an excuse - and I have to agree that he is most likely right. Again I feel bad for the kids, this is something they have all stated very strongly that they want and is much more important than a holiday down south.

Tuesday is Chooseday

Around the Globe

1. Where do you currently live? N.E. Lincolnshire, England

2. Name all the places in the world that you can think of that you've been to. Upper Canada, Eastern Canada, Virginia Beach, Tampa, Mexico, Grand Caymen Islands, New Orleans, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Scotland

3. What place in the world do you want to go to that you haven't been to yet? Where to start? Italy, Greece, Australia, China... the whole world really.

4. What's your favorite place in the world, so far? I have to say Nova Scotia... sorry but home is where my heart is. However, I've loved New Orleans and want to go back as it was too short the last time... each place I've been to has had something very special about it - I love travelling and can't wait to see more of the world. Now that I'm on Europe's doorstep, Andy and I intend to do exactly that.

5. What's the worst place you've been to, so far? Ummm, nowhere has been a bad experience, however the poverty in Cuba and the Dominican has been the worst thing to witness so far.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Bon Voyage Dawn!

Tomorrow, my friend and fellow blogger Dawn embarks on the first leg of her journey south. First she is going to Florida to spend time with her friend Debs and then she is off to Vegas to join in the celebration of my sister's wedding. Dawn, I hope you have all the fun and relaxation you deserve. I will miss you and your blog updates - look forward to seeing you on the live feed on the 5th!. Take Care and HAVE FUN! (Oh and keep an eye on my baby sister for me, ok????).

Its a lovely and sunny 18 degrees here. I've been happily wearing summer pants, skirts and flip flops these past few days. We have the kids down this weekend and will be going out shortly to enjoy the day. Andy and Alex just came back with a patio table and chars so we can eat our dinner outside tonight. Next on the Agenda will be the purchase of a barbecue. Yummy.


Yesterday while Andy and I were in town, we stopped at the Town Hall as Andy had to send off his passport for renewal... I stopped to read the notices for people intending to marry and was quite amused and a little 'insulted' at how they list single women. Of course, they note the name of both parties intending to marry, their age, their addresses and their status... You would be amused, as I was to see Andy would be listed as 'previously married' and I would be listed... are you ready for this - as SPINSTER!!!! What is up with that? I noticed men who hadn't been previously married were listed as Bachelor. Good God... I guess its a good thing Andy will soon be rescuing me from living a life as a Spinster woman. I'm at a loss for words... have a good weekend.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

It'S BeEn A LoNg DaY

This morning began at 6:30 when I got up to drive Andy to work. It had been a miserable night as this is our 5th week of sleeping on a futon while we await the arrival of our new bed.

I came back with the intention of going to the gym for a workout but then realized my sneakers were a filthy-muddy mess from my jog the other day and when I tried to clean them up, I also succeeded in soaking them. Alas no gym.

Around 11:30 I took myself off shopping only to end up with nothing of substance at the one store I feeling hopeful about. So feeling optimistic, I decided to brave the parking garage at the shopping precinct (Mall). This parkade is multi-level, however space here is so limited its a major squeeze of twists and turns. I was so thrilled to have found my way there that I didn't take as much care as I should have on one turn and knicked the front bumper on one of the guardrails... I then managed to squeeze myself tightly into a very small space, however once I'd seen that I'd scraped the car (one day after it came out of the shop) I was too ill at heart to shop and just left.

I made it home to find an email from a good friend saying that the lease company he works for is giving him the opportunity to offer friends/friends of friends $1000 off a new vehicle (I think to lease or buy) and as it's the company that I leased my car thru back home (I won't get into all of that as everyone knows my story) I responded rather quickly, saying that I wouldn't lease from, or recommend that company to anyone again. I think I really hurt him with this email and for that I am sorry. Although I was having a bad day, it was no reason to open my big mouth in slight of something that is really a good offer. I was out of line.

Andy and I then took the boys out for supper, which wasn't very good at all and thankfully he and I have just made it home to relax for the evening.

I really need to wind down.

Oh one good thing - the car isn't too bad - I wasn't going very fast so its not dented or anything and Andy thinks he can fix it himself.

Daily Dirt....

Couch potato...

1. What shows do you watch?
Hmmm it's different here in England... Friends, Miss Match, American Idol, CSI, CSI Miami (most of this shows are a couple of episodes behind). I do like watching My Family and old reruns of the Vicar of Dibley in regard to English TV.

2. As a child, which shows/cartoons did you always watch? The Littlest Hobo, The Flintstones, Fantasy Island, Charlies Angels, Night Rider... lots of TV!

3. Approximately how many hours a week do you spend watching TV? Hmmm now while I'm not working??? Probably too many... at least 10-15.

4. What kind of shows do you like to watch? (reality/cartoon/soapies etc) I do like the Reality Shows such as Survivor and the Amazing Race, however I can't get them here! I do like the funnier sitcoms such as Friends/Frasier plus a few dramas i.e. CSI. I do NOT watch Soapies, lol.

5. Do you tape any shows? Not anymore, now that we have satellite - most of the shows repeat themselves within a few days.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Unconventional Bride-to-be

Andy and I were discussing the weekend the other night over dinner. My mother had been to Toronto to visit Tawny/Sandra and to attend Tawny's Bridal shower. It all went beautifully and I'm happy to say that she was pleased with the whole outcome. Andy sighed after I finished telling him about it and said 'It's sad that you aren't home with all your friends and family, and as a result will likely miss out on a Shower of your own". I laughed and replied that having a bridal shower thrown for me is NOT on my wish list and I'm more looking forward to a night out with my girlfriends. Showers have never been my thing, and as much as I like getting gifts, I would be happier to not have a shower. This combined with the fact that I will be having a very low-key wedding and all that entails brought Andy to the conclusion that I am very 'unorthodox' - his words. Be that as it may, I'm not willing to bend to conventionalism just because its the 'norm'.

Hence my stubbornness in refusing to let Andy purchase a diamond engagement ring... I refuse to have him spend loads of money on a diamond, just because its what's normally done... Especially since diamonds are not really my rock of choice. Before he left Nova Scotia to come back to England in September, 2002, he gave me a beautiful sapphire ring as a symbol of our love. With it he promised to come back to me - and that we would be together again, no matter how long it took. No, its not an engagement ring, however an engagement ring would not mean as much to me - the ring I wear has more significance to me than any diamond bought for the sake of propriety.


We had a really nice Easter this year, especially since we had the children. We spent the days going on long walks and eating ice-cream, as the weather was absolutely wonderful. No, the sun did not shine continuously, however the air was a nice comfortable 16 degrees most of the time. At our hike through a place called Hubbards Hills the children even took off their shoes and splashed about in the stream. Below is a picture of Connor - he later fell over and became drenched!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Hallo My Friends!

As you can all see, my blogfrock has been changed - although I liked the previous one, I was having trouble getting decent sized photos to fit, so I asked my pal Dawn to find me another frock as she is so good at it! Thanks Dawn - you are truly a STAR!

I think it looks pretty groovy and I will be able to download some decent sized photos - that's if you're all interested!

Please - feel free to comment on the new site, or sign my guestbook that's located down on the side bar.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog and continue to show your support! Life is good when you have so many friends!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Well, Jojo, this is a bit bigger for you. Why don't you check out some templates with wider girth. It was impossible for me to switch the dimensions of your old one. I can change it back to the calla lilly, or you can hunt out a new one! There are lots of templates here, just make sure you pick one that is adaptable to blogger. Then let me know, and I'll fix her up for you! Hope you don't mind I played with yours!


Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Happy Birthday Rena!!!

Today my pal Marina is turning 39! One more year to go until the big 4-0 baby doll! Hopefully life will give you all the good things you so deserve this year. I miss you bud, and wish I could be there to celebrate with you!

It was also my buddy Darla's Birthday on Saturday and boy I wish I could have joined in for that celebration, as I'm sure it was a party. As Darla doesn't read my blog, she doesn't get a big bunch of balloons!

What Is It With These Things Anyway?

My sister Tawny has been working really hard and has lost about 10 lbs so far. Her goal is to lose another four pounds or so prior to her wedding in May. She is really pleased with the results of her weight loss, especially since she has lost some poundage off her breasts.

Which brings me to this... boobs! What is it with our infatuation with tits?? Not only are men obsessed with them, women are too. They either want bigger ones, smaller ones, higher ones, perkier ones, etc. I'm a 'little' guilty of this too. Ultimately, we all seem to want what we don't have. A few are satisfied with the ones they have - they are lucky for that. I don't mind mine, truth be told as I've lived with them for nigh on 20 years - I've had bigger boobs my whole life, and when I lose weight, it generally doesn't come off my chest. Tawny has gone down a cup size with her weight loss, as she wasn't always big breasted. Not until she was in her twenties and gained a bit of weight did she end up with a full sized chest. Its just a struggle sometimes when trying on clothes and you have to get a bigger sized top, one that's too big around the waist, to fit your chest - and face it, we're not rich enough to have our clothes custom made! Tawn and I agreed in our conversation the other night, that a good C , or even D cup was a good size, well for girls our height/build. I have lost 23 pounds or so in the past year and still wear a DD. I honestly hope that if I manage to shed another 10 pounds or so, I might make it into a D, cause frankly, I have lots to spare - but I wouldn't want to go much lower than that. Andy gets distressed when I say I wish my boobs were a bit smaller, but face it, I'm still relatively young at the moment. He has to think about me in another 20 years, unless he has the coin to pay for a 'lift'. I have nightmares of someday tucking my boobs into the belt of my pants. Don't laugh - it happens, I worked in a Nursing Home, remember? However I'd like to think that with continuous workout's and a steady diet, I might not have to face this fear for another 30-40 years... at which time I hopefully won't give a damn anymore.

Tuesday is Chooseday

Blah, Blah, Blah...

1. Do you talk a lot?
....Umm YEAH.

2. Do you like/hate it when people talk to you a lot? I love it when people converse with me if the conversation is interesting to us both.

3. Who do you talk to the most on the net? Tawny or Stacy

4. Who do you talk to the most over the phone? My Mom

5. What kind of conversations bore you? Conversations with people who are self-absorbed annoy me, and I don't like it when a bunch of people who are employed together talk shop around those who don't work with them.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Sent With Love

Yesterday was a really good day for me. I met up with my pal Carol-Anne at the gym after having my root canal finished, and off we went to the Cafe she and her husband have recently purchased. They are in the process of renovating and making new menus. I have happily agreed to design them a few flyers and if all goes well, I will be designing their menu. After we left the Cafe, we went to the College where Carol-Anne works (she's an employment coordinator of sorts) where we logged onto Skyco and ordered some American/Canadian food that cannot be found here. I met a number of her colleagues and will be going to The Learning Center with her to check out what goes on there, and maybe offer some assistance in regards to resumes. Carol-Anne says she wants to get me on staff at the College once I'm allowed to work, so we will see what happens. We have been making a few social plans for the next few weeks, which is really nice - it feels good to be out with a friend of my own.

Later, Andy and I went to see the movie Starsky and Hutch, which we both found to be funny, if not silly. As we were in Lincoln, I went to pick up a parcel that Mom had been sent from home, but was returned to the main office as I wasn't in to receive it on Monday. My mother had lovingly, with the help of Stacy and Marina, packed some of my favorite low-fat foods that cannot be bought here or through Skyco! I drooled when I saw the Dill Pickle Rice Chips... the vanilla Snackwell Cookies, and best of all, the low-fat Betty Crocker brownie mix that I make my WW Muffins from!!!! It's taking all my will power not to rip open the rice-cakes - I want to save them a while longer. I did however eat one cookie, and give one to Andy, who said I will have to hide them from him as they are good. Since he's not really concerned about low-fat cookies, he is to stay away from my Snackwells!

Fun With My ABCs
(Might as well do it too)

Age: 28
Band listening to right now: Blue
Career future: Maybe Community Relations
Dad's name: John
Easiest person to talk to: Andy, Annette, Rena, Dawn
Favorite song: I'm Not In Love (Enrique)
Gummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy Bears
Hometown: Halifax
Instruments: I wish
Job: Lady of Leisure (for the time being)
Kids: Would love to, but not likely
Longest car ride ever: To NF
Mom's name: Gina
No. of pets: None
Oldest friend: Annette Brown
Phobia(s): Don't really have the usual, i.e. spiders, clowns, heights... don't like the thought of being burned alive, however I don't let that one slow me down, lol.
Quote: You can do it the easy way, or the hard way - choice is yours
Reason to smile: My loved ones, children, spring is here, ice-cream
Song you sang last: eight World Wonder - Kimberly Locke
Time you wake up: 1st Time: 6:30 when Andy does, 2nd: between 9 and 10
Unknown fact about me: You'll have to keep wondering - I don't have many secrets after all.
Vegetable you hate: Brussel Sprouts
Worst habit: Procrastination
X-rays you've had: Chest X-Ray
Yummy food: Muller Rice Pudding - Caramel Flavour
Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Well It's Done

So, on Tuesday morning I made email-confirmation for my wedding venue. Yup. It's done. We are getting married on October 9th at an Inn in Bridgewater. We decided that this would be an ideal location as 1) It's a beautiful Inn, 2) They have a wedding coordinator on site 3) The wedding can be conveniently moved indoors if the weather isn't good.

I know that its an hour outside of Halifax but I'm sure most people won't mind traveling that far, as its a lot nearer and cheaper than flying to England. Also, the Inn - The Fairview Inn, will be reserved for the entire weekend for my guests, and my guests will receive a 20% discount. There are also a number of hotels/B&B's in the area, and again, its only an hour away so people who aren't indulging in drink can drive home if they choose.

I got an email from Dawn this morning with a lovely suggestion of holding my wedding at Citadel Hill, something that could be done with the help of her sweet father, and Andy and I would love to have it there, it would be soooo cool. However there is one problem. I doubt the Citadel has a Wedding Coordinator, and sadly I am one of those gals who needs one, desperately - especially since I won't be home to do much of the planning.

Planning a Wedding - Ack

Not my thing, not at all. I guess we went in the right direction by deciding on our budget. We are not going to skimp mind, however I don't want a very large Hoop-la, just something more intimate with close family and friends (under 100, lol). Andy has already done the big song and dance with the dragon, and luckily for him, its not something I want - although God luv him, he has said he will do whatever I want. What I want is what I've just described, and he's happy with this. What makes us happier is that his Mum and Dad, sister Allison and her b/f have said they will come! We will spend the next few weeks/months determining if the children will accompany us (provided the dragon gives consent).

I still don't know how I'm gonna do this, or where to start - but I'll get there. As much as I'd love to mastermind a lovely wedding blog like my sister has done, I doubt very much this will happen as I likely won't be doing much wedding chat here. I will be laying low for the most part. I think it will hit me more when I come home in the summer to a) check the venue out, b) buy a dress, and c) sort anything else wedding related out.

So, now you all know (well those of you that don't read Locobellatuna, lol). I'm glad my sister is excited about my plans - I think I will get there eventually, lol. However I am happy to think that we are both getting married in the same year - although I'd be happier if I could be at hers, but alas, we've been down that road before - maybe we can celebrate our 10th Anniversary together!

One other very big reason why I'm coming home to tie the knot - so my family can all be together and I can celebrate with all of you who have been soooo supportive of Andy and I. It's meant the world.