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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Loads of Laughs

As most of you are aware, Dawn aka Longbottom, flew in to Glasgow a week ago Monday to spend a few weeks with us here in the UK.

We started off her trip by staying a night with my dear friend Val and her lovely children in Glasgow City. As per usual, you do not spend a night with Val et al. and remember going to bed the previous night. Dawn has since come to realize this as well.

We enjoyed a memorable time with Val and her children in her huge jacuzzi tub in their new home. The fact that five of us managed to squeeze in still amazes me today.

Since then, we have managed the odd meal out, a visit to Nottingham on the weekend to see the Dali Lama (which I found very fulfilling, since I had never followed his teachings prior to Saturday),and of course Ali and Scott. On Saturday night we all went bowling despite the fact Dawn and I didn't have socks. Thank goodness for Molly's poo bags, as we were NOT going to put our bare feet in rented shoes!

On Sunday night Andy, LB and I met up with the gang from work and spent an amusing evening doing the pub quiz - boys against the girls. Needless to say, the girls kicked ass. This might be due in part to the fact that Sharon's man Steve had trouble figuring out how many stone tablets the 10 Commandments had been written on. The boys should never have abandoned him to go to the bar, leaving him to the wiles of the women!

I'm enjoying having my mate with me, as are the boys. It's been nice to have someone to plan meals with, walk the dog with and just hang out with. Connor has been spending as much time with us as he can, and on Wednesday will be coming to stay until Sunday night. We all want to see as much as Dawn as we can... it'll will be another year until we all meet up again. Its great to know that my English family have come to love her as much as I do.

Us girls are excitedly looking forward to the release of 'Sex and the City' tomorrow evening and will dress the part to attend this long awaited flick. Hopefully we will be able to score tickets. If not though, there will always be another evening. I'm just so thrilled that one of my nearest and dearest is here to see it with me in girlie fashion so that I need not feel envious of those back in Nova Scotia.

On Thursday we head up to the north to hopefully take the boys canoeing in the Lake District, then back to Warrington for an evening with my beloved, who will then take us on a Waterfall Hike Friday. We then come back to Grimsby for the weekend celebrations, as Longbottom turns 34 whilst she is here with us. (I'm not telling you what the plans are for her birthday as she will have to wait and find out :)

I will leave you with a funny episode that happened at lunch last Thursday with Beryl and Wendy:

We were looking at the menu board prior to placing our order when two little 'oldish' women pushed in beside us.

One kept asking the other what she wanted. The other kept replying 'I don't know, I can't see the board at this angle' as she kept trying to push further in front of us.

The third time we heard the comment, 'I don't KNOW I can't see from this angle' Dawn let out a 'Jesus Christ' and stepped back. It was not like we really had much choice.

We decided it was best to just get in the queue to pay for our food. We'd decide what we wanted along the way. As we were paying, I leaned in to Dawn and whispered, knowing full well the obnoxious toads were behind us, 'those ladies behind us are some damn cranky eh?'

Her reply: 'I don't know, I can't HEAR you at this angle'.

Did they hear? Who knows, but they sure heard us roar with laughter.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Any excuse to cut out early...

So... today, as Max and I were sitting in our office doing anything but the heap of work in front of us, my phone rang. I happily picked it up as I saw it was Alex calling and not some boring vendor or even worse, a client.

My joy soon turned to angst as Alex was quick to inform me that our Molly had been sick with the runs. All over our kitchen floor. Our CARPETED kitchen floor (don't ask - we rent and would never be ridiculous enough to lay carpet in the kitchen, or better yet, bathroom). I was trying to coax him into cleaning it up, while he was saying he couldn't manage it (but really just didn't want to and who could blame him?), when Maxine suggested I get off home... you know since we were both so busy not getting anything done it wouldn't make that much of a difference. I was quick to concur since there was only an hour or so left till quitting time anyway.

I hopped on my bike and enjoyed the journey home in the fresh air, wondering what kind of nightmare awaited me at home.

It wasn't too bad, not quite the story Alex had woven, but then again, it wasn't too good. A good 20 minutes and a stiff arm later, I'd finally had the kitchen looking and smelling much more like it's meant to. Alex was a little surprised when he came in and all was as it should be, but I think it was more relief that our kitchen no longer smelt like an outhouse.

Tonight, while we were out on the field, and Molly was being a good girl and listening to me, and her mate Abby was being her usual stubborn assed self, I told Elaine about our kitchen situation. Her response was that I should have called. I responded with 'Like I'm really gonna call my friend and ask her to go clean up that kind of a mess'. She said she wouldn't mind, its not like she doesn't have a dog of her own, and that if it saves me from having to leave work, even work that I'm avoiding, then she's happy to help.

Let me tell you - she might not be the easiest gal in the world to figure out, but she sure is up there in the 'that's some mate' category.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Never Enough

I've just come back from the grocery store, where I'd filled the cart with mostly healthy items, especially zucchini and lean ground beef which I intend to bbq tonight. The weather here this week has been lovely and I want to take full advantage :) Of course I threw in a few extras, as we do, with the full intention of making myself a wrap for my late lunch. That wasn't to be the case though as I ended up buying the chili and red pepper hummus that I had walked by twice before finally giving in and buying; as I LOVE that stuff, I ended up finishing off the few Triscuit crackers I had left with the hummus. I just could not WAIT. I was drooling as soon as I put it in my trolley and could barely wait to get home. I did at least manage some self-control as I only ate the lid and 1/3 of the tub,(and its a small tub) when what I really wanted to do was finish every bit off and lick the tub clean when it was gone. I don't even need the crackers as I can and sometimes do, eat that hummus straight from the tub, and have to try very hard to restrain myself from eating the whole thing. Sadly, all my Triscuits have gone, so maybe the pull from the hummus won't be so strong; yeah ok. I'm really not kidding anyone here. There's always pita chips.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Give me more...

There is a documentary on TV at the moment called To Fat to Toddle; a professor is launching a fat camp for under fives. Call me an ass, but I think its a pretty sad state of affairs when a child under five needs fat camp. What is the world coming to? If children have never eaten it, they don't miss it. There is plenty of time to be introducing our children to sugars and high fat, over processed foods *cough* like McDonalds.

When I was a kid, those things were a treat. And yeah, yeah, I know with some people its the old metabolism dragon, but generally that is just an excuse.

But I do have understanding and empathy for this:

I was doing a step class on Friday morning and in between thinking what a rocking class it was, and how much I can't wait for Dawn to join me at the gym, to wondering when I was going to get a chance for a drink before I died, I took a few seconds to glance around and saw a woman wearing a very different pair of leggings... they were black, with a white patch on the bum. It wasn't until we were changing direction that I noticed she had a white patch on the front too. It took me maybe another half second to realize she had her leggings on inside out. Just call me slow. I then didn't know whether to laugh or be horrified for her. I suppose it was a combination of both as I chuckled and wondered when it was that she had noticed they were inside out, because it couldn't possibly have been before the start of class, and she still continued to work out! That was one lady who put her step class above vanity. Go woman go.