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Friday, March 27, 2009

Rise and Shine, whether you like it or not

I was enjoying a fairly good sleep this morning when the phone rang. As I reached over to pick it up, I looked at the clock to realize it was only 6:30 a.m. 6:30 on a Friday morning - my day off. The day when I enjoy a bit of a lay-in before heading to the gym, and most people know this.

I then experienced the obligatory second of wondering if it was someone calling to convey bad news. But thankfully no, it wasn't anything serious. Yet, in a sense it was bad news: bad news in the form of the blond, curly headed one in our family who is usually so oblivious to anything unless it involves sugar or getting back outside to his mates.

As soon as he heard my mumbled 'hello' he quickly apologised and hung up (because this isn't the first time he's made this mistake, but it is the earliest he's made it). Who he was ringing at that hour is beyond me. I'd like to think he has more sense than to even bother trying his brother at that hour, but since I didn't hear Alex's phone ring, it couldn't have been him either. He's lucky he's still at the stage where I find him so adorable, I'd forgive him almost anything.

Regardless, that was me up for the day.

So here it is, 3 p.m. in the afternoon and I've accomplished a multitude of tasks that I only half reckoned on completing by the day's end, nevermind before it was only half over. But man, I'm tired - I don't even get up that early on work days.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You'd have to have way more money than sense...

It costs a whopping £10 a day to sign a guest in at the place where I work out. Now as the gym is part of the country club, which has a pool, hot tub, steam room, etc. I figure this is the reason they can get away with such an inflated price.

Last year they were selling off guest passes at half price so I bought quite a few as I knew Dawn would be coming over and Andy was keen to use a few at the weekends. At £5 a pass, it didn't seem so unreasonable. Towards the back end of last year, I had some left over so I took Alex with me a few times. We both had great workouts and he didn't seem bothered in the least to have a soak in the hot tub with his old stepmom.

He's been asking me recently if he could go again but as there hasn't been any half-price sales, the answer had to be no, as much as I would have liked to be able to bring him with me.

Today though, his dad and I were chatting and we figured that since he didn't last out the weekend at his mum's, I'd offer to take him with me tonight since there wasn't much else to do. Besides, he seems to prefer that over a movie, and it would have worked out to a similar price.

So twenty minutes ago, with our gym gear on and our swimwear packed, we headed up to the country club. As we were in the process of signing in, I pulled out a £10 note to pay the receptionist. She visibly gulped before saying 'I'm very sorry, but its gone up to £12.50'. She looked embarrassed to even have to say it; And so she would be. Jaysus. You'd think you were working out at an elite A-lister club what with that ridiculously jacked up price. I can't believe that anyone would actually pay that... and obviously they do, or the club wouldn't be able to charge it. Unfortunately for Alex, and my much needed workout, I wasn't one of them.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

These shoes were made for me

Normally I post about items that I have been coveting after I have made the purchase, or at least have it on order. As do most of us bloggers.

But I held off buying these shoes, thinking they just might be an impulse buy as sometimes is the case with me. However this was something I needn't have procrastinated over, as I've thought about them almost everyday since trying them on in the shop. I think about how kick-ass they would look with a certain outfit, especially my jeans and a colourful top. And although I wouldn't be able to actually walk in them, come payday they will be mine.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Voted by our boys as their favourite holiday to date

Its been nearly three years since Andy and I took the boys to Canada to meet my family and friends (well those that hadn't yet been able to come to us).

Since then, they have continuously asked when they would get to go back out there, because they seem to love the way of life and the people, just as much as me and their dad. Connor repeatedly refers to that trip as 'the best ever'. This year, we were able to tell them that providing we found flights at a reasonable price, we would be going. And so we are. I love that we have the opportunity to bring them back home, not only because they love it, but because of the people out there who love them and can't wait to see them. So many plans are already in the works and its only March. I honestly couldn't be more joyful about this trip.

Well, maybe if we could bring Molly with us!

Here's to getting more fabulous photos like this for the memory books:

Fern and the boys (hope she's prepared for them)

The 'reflective two' - Alex and Tawny

Oh, and of course one of my most favourite places in the world - seriously:
Mersey River

Connor looks so young here! But so happy :)

Alex and Dawn

Already we are talking about the even larger group that will be at Mersey River this summer... cabins, teepees and all the canoeing and kyaking we can handle.

Added bonus - the old wood fueled hot tub with a few beers and bottles of wine thrown in for us 'adults' of course.