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Thursday, January 29, 2004

By Golly there is SNOW on the ground...

Everything in the area has seemed to come to a halt, as the night before last, we had a snowfall amounting to about 2-3 inches of snow, that has amazingly stuck. I seem to be the only person happy about it, lol. The only thing I don't like is that as they are not prepared for snow, no one shovels walkways, driveways, etc. so it makes walking without snowboots a bit tricky. Another bonus is that Andy's is off tomorrow due to the extreme wind and ice (yeah, ok - try living in NS) which will give us a day together before the children come at 6. I was supposed to head up to Glasgow this weekend but I've decided to postpone by a few weeks till the roads get better. Over here they are not accustomed to this weather and don't have proper equipment - so for here its understandable. I talked to a couple of schoolgirls at the bus stop today (school was cancelled) and they said they wanted to move to Canada after I told them that although school wouldn't be cancelled for THIS back home, its cancelled about once every 10 days due to the amount of snow, lol. If this is the extent of winter, I will be happy - that's enough snow for me - I'm really not missing a six month long bitter, Nova Scotia winter.

Tony Hadley VERSUS Peter Cox
Most of you are probably wondering 'who the hell???' as I was when Andy told me we were going to this concert last night. These two fellas are from two old 80's bands... Spandau Ballet and Go West. They were both surprisingly good singers and I really enjoyed the show, as they didn't quite stick to 80's music... Although Tony was a fabulous singer, I preferred the shorter, trimmer, balding, sexy - Peter Fox... he was a definite rocker and had great stage presence. You might best know him from the Pretty Woman song, 'King of Wishful Thinking'. My favorite song of the night besides one called Try Me, was Me & Mrs. Jones... Pete did a great job of it. I naturally thought of my mother's pal and Rena's mom Ivy... who I always said reminded me of it, as she IS a Mrs. Jones...lol.

Blogger Trouble
I finally figured out what the heck was wrong with my blog from Tuesday... I had to take out the address for Dawn's site as something apparently wasn't gelling with it. Now you can read the rest of it, if you so feel like it!

Scotland on Hold

I was supposed to leave for Scotland tomorrow at noon with a co-worker of Andy's however due to the icky weather I've decided to hold off until the roads are in better repair around here. I was gonna leave Andy to it with his kids this weekend, but instead I will spend my afternoons at the gym while he entertains the children. It will be good once we are able to move into a house with a few rooms - the weekends the kids come down are crazy as we don't have much room here in the flat.

PS - Thanks to Jeff and Jaime for sending me an actual Keith's Beer lable so I had proof in hand that our beer IS 5%!!! Of course Andy's smart-ass remark was, well you drink Keith's Light. That wasn't my point and we all know it. So drink on my fellow Haligonians.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Quotable Quote: "How do people make it through life without a sister?" ~ Sara Corpening

My Birthday

(this picture was taken by my pal Dawn last summer in a store from the twilight zone... I liked the shades, lol)

My birthday began at 6:30 a.m. with Andy wishing me a 'happy birthday' softly in my ear before getting up to get ready for work. He came in around 6:50 to tell me he wanted me to come out and see the gift that Tawny had sent online before he left. I shuffeled out and sat down in time to see a soft pink screen flash up and hear a beautiful song called "I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenders start to play... then flashes the words "God must have known I wouldn't make it on my own and so he made you first... January 26, 1973" - five seconds later a slide show starts, begining with a picture of Tawn, Sandra and I in the tub as little girls... with a lovely, suitable quote - and so begins a multitude of pictures and lovely sayings. Will we take bets on if I cried or not???

After that, I opened my gifts from Andy... a gold ring, bracelet and three-tone gold earrings! They were lovely. All morning long I received calls from loved ones at home. I spent the afternoon with Wendy and Beryl watching a film and eating WAY too much. Andy had offered to cook me a roast beef dinner as mom always does, however it just wouldn't be the same, but the thought was lovely. We went with his parents to a lovely place called The Sparrow for dinner. Again, I ate to much, but SOD IT, as the English say, it was my birthday! When I checked online today, I also had numerous emails wishing me well - Dawn even devoted her site to me, which was lovely considering she wasn't well, lol. But I love it... go check it out at The Ramblings of Globose Thought (found on sidebar).

The only unfortunate thing was that as I was out most of the day/evening, I missed a lot of calls. But to all of of you who tried, whether we talked or not, thank you for thinking of me. Today, I received a beautiful boquet of flowers from abroad, as they say, from my great pals Darla and Glen! Another result of not being home yesterday, however it was a wonderful suprise to get them today!!! As well the cards keep coming in the mail. I realize that although I am far from home, I'm close in thoughts. Life is good - all in all, my first b-day in England has been rather nice, especially since I have a good & loving man with me.

The Gym... A Distant Memory
I have to get my butt back in gear and get to the gym, its been a week today, which is absolutely shoddy on my behalf. Its hard to get motivated once you slip, but I am determined (again) to get there tomorrow.

Saturday, January 24, 2004


Quotable Quote: Marriage, as its veterans know well, is the continuous process of getting used to things you hadn't expected -- Tom Mullen

Whoa, Wedding Talk Now???

Ok... last night Andy turns and says to me "We have things we need to discuss" - just as I was getting settled to watch one of my shows. Great. Hit me when I least expect it. He then proceeds to go over to a drawer and remove from it a bunch of travel and wedding magazines. SHIT. I told him that I didn't want to have this discussion yet as his divorce is not even through. He however reminded me that his lawyer has predicted that this will all be wrapped up by the first of March. IF, and a big IF, this is the case, we do have to consider what we want our wedding plans to be as I only have until June 5th to get married. Oh Boy. I love Andy with all my heart, he is the man for me, I know this, he knows this and so does everybody else. I also know that I want to marry him, however I just wish I could raise a magic wand over us and have it all done. Honestly, I read my sister's wedding blog faithfully and can relate to a lot of her feelings. BUT God, I can't even really bring myself to discuss what I want, cause I DON'T HAVE A CLUE... other than knowing I don't want to get married in front of 200 people. I wanted to go to my sister's wedding in Vegas, but the sad reality of the matter is that if I have my own to contend with and pay for, I don't know how I can swing this. And I know that she will understand this, because I HAVE to get married - at least if I want to stay here with Andy. Now... I have to contact the Embassy to see if I'm even allowed to get married outside of the country, because if so, I imagine we will head down south. If not, we talked about the possibility of getting married at Gretna Green (in Scotland). This is the most appealing to me, however it makes me sad to think I will have NO family with me... NONE. Not even really good friends I expect. What with Tawny and Taylor going it in Vegas and mom and dad not going there, I certainly can't expect them to come to me... and if Stacy and Dawn are going, I can't expect them to be able to come here either. I imagine my friend Val and her husband would be here for me, however other than that, unless some other friends were willing to fly in from other parts, I would have only Andy's family. Now considering I'm not even that bothered about a wedding, I have to admit that I would be a bit down to not have any of my loved ones with me... but we will see. It also worries me to think of how this would make my parents feel... two daughters married within a few months of each other (if that) and they don't see either! If I do get married here, it will likely involve a flight to NS to celebrate with everyone and then hopefully on to a honeymoon down south. The whole thing is already doing my head in - I honestly think I'm the only girl who has NO interest in looking at a bridal magazine. The only thing I'd want to do is pick out a dress. End of story. If Andy will do the rest, I couldn't be happier. Seriously, the whole thing makes me uncomfortable. What is wrong with me???? I'd almost prefer to just go to the registry office here in Grimsby - however I'd look kind of stupid in a wedding dress, however simple.

On Thursday night I received my birthday package from Mom, Dad and Stacy. One gift was only wrapped in tissue and mom told me to unwrap it while we were on the phone. It was a little white stuffed kitty.... Mom said since I've been missing our little white cat Daisy so much, Stacy and she thought they'd send me my own Daisy, LOL. Andy proceeded to put her in the real Daisy's favorite perch, on the shelf above the kitchen sink, LOL. However now she is in the big comfy chair directly across from Boo's comfy chair.

Jody Goes to the Dogs
Tomorrow I'm on my way with Wendy (Andy's mom) to one of her dog shows. She has been busy grooming and training two of her little dogs for tomorrow's show. Andy's sister Allison will be meeting us there. I think it will make for an interesting day. We have to leave for the show at 8:00 a.m. - here goes nothing!

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

By Golly, I think I've GOT IT!

Today, I managed to get my butt out of bed to take my love and his dad into work, thus freeing me up to use the car for the whole day. Now, I've waited this long to drive him in as driving alone on the other side of the street had me a bit nervous, not to mention the road rules are VERY different in England. Andy and I had driven the route once before so I was pretty confident I knew where I was going. I have to admit, I rocked. No problems at all. I'm actually leaving to pick the boys up in about 20 minutes - I hope all goes as well as this morning, lol. I have to admit, I'm not a nervous driver in Canada and I absolutely refuse to be one in England! Now I just have to concentrate on how to get around from town to town so I can take some of you around when you visit me.

Tuesday Is Chooseday

Smells Like Teen Spirit...

Name it!

1. Scent on you... Body Shop Vanilla (in winter for sure) or Flower by KENZO

2. Scent you your significant other... Jazz (which I love) or Aramis (which I don't)

3. Scent that can work up your appetite... Just about any food cooking, lol... especially the scent of Itialian food.

4. Scent that turns you off... LIVER, LIVER and LIVER (or any strong, pungent perfume)

5. Scent that reminds you of sweet/bad memories... GIN - got way too drunk when I was 17 - I was sick for a long time after, not to mention I got caught by my parents. I think of that EVERY time I smell gin.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Quotable Quote: Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. --Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)

The Joke Was On ME.... Or was it???
Enough of the miserable blogging on my behalf. I have some dedicated friends who say they look forward to reading my blog each day, and although I haven't been writing everyday, when I do, its often depressing, lol. I've decided to change my sad, sad ways. But first of all, I have to say that on Saturday when I went down to Wendy and Dave's (very anxiously I must admit), I was questioned by Dave as to the audacity of myself for ringing him at 1:00 in the morning. But then he took it too far and said I was rude and nasty and where did I get off calling him a 'Fat Old Bastard' - with a very serious face. I knew then that he had taken things to far and I immediately started to cry, choking out 'I would never say that'. And I was right. I was pretty sure that I hadn't called, but when your memory is fuzzy at best, people can play games with you. However I'm not that damn stupid... when I'm drunk I can be damn nasty, but there are certain people I do not cross that line with... and calling people FAT is not part of my vocabulary. Well, as a result, my breakdown ended up making the Allenby men feel horrible. Good on them... I was very angry with Andy after we left, as he had really let me suffer through a day of hell on Friday. Needless to say, it was partly my own fault for getting so damn drunk, however I can say now, I'm not sorry for taking the piss out of Andy that Thursday night, and as for the cabbie, well that is just one unfortunate circumstance of their jobs from time to time, right Cat???

The Beer Debate

If there is one thing I know, its my beer. My Canadian beer anyway. The Allenby men and I were having a debate on Saturday since I can't handle the oh-so-strong English pints. First of all, I'm in agreement that English Beer, especially served on tap, is much stronger than Maritime Beer. However I've been drinking Canadian brewed beer long enough to argue that our local beer (in the bottle) begins at 5.1% alcohol content. They are trying to say that its only four-point-something. They initially tried to say that it was only 3% or so, however changed their minds. I need some support in this from my friends back home - these men seem to think they are experts since they were in Canada for the better part of a year. Please, someone, verify how much alcohol content is in a bottle of Keiths or Olands or Blue - either of these is fine. I will say for the record that I know Canadian draft is of a lower alcohol percentage.

The Food Debate - Again
Ok... I love a lot of the food here... I really do. As I've mentioned before I love the English selection of yogurt's. They come in bigger, more reasonable sizes, i.e. 200 gram servings. However as much as I love my toffee flavoured yoghurt with chocolate covered rings, I'm beginning to miss the easily gotten low fat foods from home such as Skinny Sticks... Betty Crocker's low fat brownie mix.... Baked Doritos... watching what you eat is so much easier when your snacks are varied. I think its soon gonna be time to have a little care package sent over. But did I mention that the chocolate ROCKS over here.

Wedding Woes
In reading my sister's wedding blog today, I took considerable note of the fact that she thinks she is becoming a bad bride. This is because she's not a 'typical' bride. (Thank God, lol). I would never knock a woman for wanting the full-shebang. However I don't think us McDonald girls are the typical girly-girl brides that most women are. I mean, Tawny is planning to get married in Vegas. She has invited only their close friends and family - she has decided on the traditional wedding dress, and it will be more or less a traditional ceremony, but other than that, this wedding will be about them. I couldn't tell you what kind of wedding my sister Sandra would have, but I'm sure it wouldn't be anything too pomp and circumstance. And Stacy... hmmm well I think she's more like me and would just want to dash off down South. I could be wrong though. But I will guarantee you one thing, Tawny is a much better bride than I will ever be... I absolutely abhor the though of planning anything... never mind something that makes me the center of attention. The only things I have ever planned were my own b-day celebrations and that was just asking people to turn up at the local restaurant/bar, lol. I imagine my wedding would be similar to this (unless Andy wants to do the majority of the planning). I too, like my sister, will want the wedding dress, but I picture myself in bare feet... no fancy sandal's, or shoes... no tiara's, no veil, hopefully minimal jewelry, and even less makeup (even if I'm here, in Nova Scotia, or on a beach in the south). Andy and I have put up with enough BS in life... I want our wedding to be a simple but special affair. In regard to Tawn, I do know one thing, she will be beautiful on her wedding day, whatever decision she makes in regard to 'accessories'.

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Friday, January 16, 2004

About Last Night
So.... I got absolutely and utterly inebriated while out with Andy and his work pals. Andy told me to pace myself but I didn't listen.... I cannot handle my drink when I mix my liquor as well as drink them very quickly. I know this... I just got carried away. It was so nice to be out with other people enjoying ourselves and putting a little 'rest' to our problems with the ex-Mrs and my emotional fluctuations. I just wanted a release from it all and as a result I made things even worse. I naturally did not want to leave the bar when Andy did and the result was nasty. Ironically enough the cab ride home is the last thing I remember, and that is vague at best. Andy informs me that I was horrid to the cabby... and upon arrival home absolutely rotten to him... to make matters worse I got the drunken dials and apparently called his parents at 1:00 a.m. F**K. In between all this I apparently found the time to puke my guts up - something that NEVER happens. Today I have been nursing a hangover from hell (something else that never happens), however that I could handle... what I'm having a hard time coping with is my humiliation and disappointment in myself for my behaviour - how old am I???? Sadly, the only person who could understand where I'm coming from is in Colorado Springs. I know some of my other friends get drunk and stupid sometimes, but not this bad... or as often. Only one other girl can relate to this shit. And like me, I know she spend the whole of the next day beating herself up. I just hate the fact that I've done something so moronic to the two people I love so much here in England. I'm sure Dave isn't too pissed about it, however I know it couldn't have impressed Wendy and I hate the fact that she might think poorly of me. I guess tomorrow I will know when I can bring myself around to seeing her. Part of me thinks that she's not gonna hold it against me forever, or judge me just from this one incident, but I'm sure her good opinion of me got knocked down a lot of pegs. And my mother - Lord she would be so unimpressed with my behaviour. Drunk is no excuse, however I'm a good judge of being drunk, as I've been so enough, and I know that I do things when I drink that I would NEVER, EVER do sober.

Spinning the CD Way Too LOUDLY

To make matters worse, the guy next door has a major problem with cranking his stero up way too high. Now if its in the middle of the day, I don't really care, and I can tune him out most times. It does however get on Andy's nerves and he has had words with the young ass in the past. The couple upstairs have a big problem with him too. This evening he was absolutely blasting his music when I heard a pounding on his door (Andy was out). It was the girl from upstairs asking him to turn it down as she had someone coming to view her flat as they are trying to sell it. He wouldn't answer the door as usual. He never does when his music is up. He turned it down but as soon as she was backupstairs it was on again - resulting in her coming back down. Nothing was working. I went out and told her he doesn't come to the door when you knock, for all the good that did. When Andy got back he proceeded to go out in the hall when the girl's BF was down banging on the door telling him in no uncertain words to cut it out. Profanity was flying left right and center and the nut said if he opened his door he'd be liable to stab Dean and Andy. (Not his exact words - they were much more rude). The music finally stopped however. Moments later a knock came on our door. It was buddy from next door coming to apologise. He was obviously drunk. Andy should have let it go, but he proceeded to get into it BIG TIME... and was threatening to fight the guy.... it was absolutely ridiculous. I told him to close the door and leave the guy to it... I know Andy is tired of it all, and does not need the added stress, however this situation got way out of control. We don't need this on top of everything else. I'm glad he saw sense and listened to me. The next time the young fellow next door starts up, I will handle it. I can keep my temper in check and getting loud with him obviously doesn't work.

The Bottom Line:
Jolly Old England isn't proving to be quite so jolly for me. My stress levels are way up. Instead of helping Andy to de-stress re his divorce situation, it seems to be hitting me two-fold. Enough is enough already - I don't know how much more of this I can take. It only makes me wonder 'what the f**k is next??? I can't help but think of home where my life was realitively stress free. I've never in my life experienced this kind of shit. I wonder what in the hell I've gotten myself into by coming here. If I didn't love Andy so much, I'd be booting it back to Canada where everybody I associate with is SANE. That at this moment in time is not an option. Let's hope next week is better.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Quotable quote: If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them, I'd be at the bottom to catch them. Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say. We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.
--Tim McGraw

Oh The Joys Of Trying to Eat Sensibly
I refuse to say that I am on a DIET. I'm not really. Last year in February/March I got quite serious and went on WW - the points plan. Amazingly I stuck to it, with only a few flub ups (i.e. eating the bad stuff on weekends) and I managed to lose 17 pounds by the time I took my trip to England in April. Since then, I've lost about 6 more pounds. I usually gain 4/5 back over more difficult times such as trips and holidays. So what I like to say I've done is changed my lifestyle in regard to eating... Stacy laughs at this, however it works for me. I've been working out quite often at the gym, thus I didn't feel too overly guilty last night when Andy and I devoured a piece of heaven... a toffee/caramel cheesecake covered in chocolate coated caramel balls AND drenched in real cream (not whipped).

Now in Nova Scotia I always appreciated a piece of yummy dessert, however I would never have dreamed of covering it in a wet creamy liquid... its good enough like it is - isn't it??? NADA... one thing the English do is cover practically all desserts (or should I say puddings, lol) in cream... like the dessert alone isn't fattening enough!. However they have a point... its damn good. Alas, I want to lose more weight, not maintain, so a treat like that every now and again is ok, but that's it for me for awhile. I'm happy to stick to my vanilla/toffee or caramel flavored yogurt's... lol. Yogurt's kick ass over here if I say so myself.

The Patient Is Home
Yesterday my friend's mom went in to hospital to have a lump removed from her breast, as well as her lymph nodes... when I called last night she was home and resting comfortably. Due to the amount of flu that is assaulting the hospital they decided to send her home rather than keep her in overnight. I was dismayed to hear they weren't sending the VON out to check on her - and she doesn't even have to go back in for two weeks for her check up. I don't have a lot of faith in our hospitals, and can be very mistrusting of them, as you will undertstand if you go to my sister's blogsite locobellatuna and read about what happened to my aunt last week, who is still in hospital. In regard to Marguerite though, I happen to know she is in very good hands...

The Kids
On Monday Andy went back to court for the supposed Final Contact Order in regard to his visitation with the children. This of course did not come to pass as the Ex-Mrs. was a complete and utter bitch yet again. The accusations this arse makes are unbelievable. Anyway, the judge basically informed her that if all the drama does not end soon, he will take the children out of her custody. That wiped the smirk off her face. However since she continues to make things difficult, the judge didn't put closure on this and he will review the situation once again in two months. I was feeling a bit down in the dumps that day, however hearing all this didn't make it any better, especially when I tried to explain to Andy that there is at least one valid point that was made that day... he needs to stop badgering the kids in regard to certain things, especially when it comes to their mother. When he talks to them on the phone they don't want to be hammered with questions about their mom and the stupid things she's doing... they want to have a nice chat with their dad. And when he picks them up he needs to just accept it if one of them is not coming and not question the remaining two. They are only the messenger. I have an understanding as to how frustrating this all must be, how hard, however I think its important we try our hardest not to involve the kids. It's bad enough SHE tells them everything, including lies.

Feeling Better
So needless to say, Monday was a day of downtrodden emotions. I felt horrible that I was so down on this day when Andy needed me to be there for him, however its like I tried to explain, sometimes I feel as if I just don't fit. I was feeling rather disconnected from everything here... he has so many problems with his divorce and the kids... I was feeling so far from home where my life had been relatively easy... I was just sooo down and nothing was seeming to help. Then my Cat rang around 5:30 while I was laying on the bed doing nothing. Just what I needed. How come friends seem to be able to know just the right time to call??? (Darla had done the same the night before). After I got of the phone with Cat, Andy and I went to out to dinner and I seemed ok. However around 11 p.m. the dam burst again and I lost it... Andy tried his best with me, God love him and lost out on a lot of sleep that night. At 6:30 a.m. the phone rang again and it was Cat. That set my Tuesday off on definitely the right track. Thanks to all my friends who are so supportive of me.... and thanks to my Andy who is able to somehow put up with this foolishness on top of everything else. I think he thinks I'm gonna turn around and tell him I'm off home, which is not the case... I'm in this for the long haul.

The Humberston Country Club - Part Two:
Yesterday I took a day for myself.... after doing some light housework, I jumped the bus and went to the gym. I started off in the tanning booth for a five minute boost (my skin is breaking out a lot over here, probably stress - and I hope a light tan will improve it), then 50 minutes of cardio before making my way to the pool for a leisurely swim... I then sat in the sauna and read my book for a bit before going to have a lovely shower.... that is a treat within itself as we don't have one in the flat. Now I'm normally a bath girl, and rarely choose to take showers, however when the option is not there, its funny how quickly you remember and want the other. I've decided I rather like the Humberston Country Club.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Sounds From Home...

Sitting here listening to the Rankin Family as I blog away. I wasn't gonna blog today, but figured I should as I might not be able to for the next three days. I've a full day tomorrow and we have the kids as of 6 p.m. tomorrow night till 6 p.m. Sunday night. I can't say I'm overly looking forward to the children coming this weekend as Natasha is being 'difficult'. To make a long story short the first thing she said to her father last nigth (when I wasn't around) was 'So did you get your harrassment order from the police???' in a very snarky manner. Enough said. Andy sometimes can't help himself and will get into it with her... I've suggested from now on he just say to her 'I will not discuss these things with you'.

A Day Out With the Ladies
Today I had a day out with Andy's mom and her 74 year old friend Beryl. It was very nice actually and we had a lot of laughs. I wasn't expecting it to be unpleasant as I always have a nice time with his mom. I however have to say, I thought of my friend Darla alot today as she is always chumming around with the 60+ crew... and I have to say, I can't really blame her and can certainly see why. These ladies have had a lot of life experience and they can be quite FUN.

Keeping in Touch
I'm really pleased with the way my friends have been keeping in touch with me... I know that there are a few of you who read my blog regularly (and those of yours that I read) - it is a great way to stay up to date. Other friends have been staying in touch by email, phone and happily actual letters and cards. I was just saying to Andy last night, that my mood got that much lighter from just receiving my third email from a gal I used to work with. This gal, Crystal, was always up for a good time and never dissapointed! Let's just say I won't be surpised to hear that she might just one day be making a trip to this side of the pond. And I tell her what I tell any of my friends... my place will be your place, I might even be able to be a tour guide at that point ... and if not, there are plenty of pubs I can bring you round to!

Books, Books and More Books

Since I've been here, I've already bought six new books... (I brought 3 with me and have completed two and 1/2 of those). I couldn't wait to read one of my new ones, The Good Women of China and now I'm quickly trying to get through the one I'm currently reading so I can begin The Lovely Bones, a book everyone else seems to have read but me. Andy had given me a gfit certificate for Christmas and as the store was having a buy 2 get one free sale, I just couldn't deny myself... ahhh books... I love them so.

Weekly Wrap Up -
To Blog or Not to Blog

1. Why do you blog? Its a good outlet for my emotions and its a great way to keep loved ones up to date on what's happening in my life.

2. What do you blog about? Why? Just about anything that I feel like really. I use it as sort of a journal.

3. Who is your primary blogging audience? Why? Definetely my sisters and friends who blog themselves... a few other friends check it out occassionaly, and I'm sure some friends/people have looked at it once or twice and never came back...lol - let's face it, what's interesting to me, might just be crap to them.

4. What is your blogging philosophy? Why? I wouldn't say anything in my blog that I wouldn't directly say to someone. My blog is not meant to trash talk any of my friends or loved ones, EVER. I never intend to offend anyone either, although I never know anymore what might offend some people, and if people find my blog offensive, they don't have to read it...

5. Have you ever stopped blogging or considered ending your blog? Why? What happened? Nope... I've only been blogging for about 4 1/2 months... I'm hooked!

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


I have to admit, actually I hate to admit, that over the years I have become strongly addicted. Not to drugs, not to coffee or tea - strange since tea is the #1 drink in England, not to alcohol (although I've come close, lol) - but to Diet Cola. At first it was Diet Coke. Throughout high school and most of my 20's I was an avid gulper of Diet Coke. However in the past few years my tastes have changed and diet Pepsi (at least out of a can) became my diet cola of choice. Now, I'm not too fussy, some people only want one or the other all the time. I however can make allowances and if I'm out at a restaurant and they only serve one or the other, fine by me.... and when I was in TO visiting Tawn, she'd bought me a case of Diet Coke for my visit - which I thought was the sweetest thing ever - and although I was more into Diet Pepsi at the time, I happily drank it. Now however I am living in England and I have to say, the Diet Pepsi here stinks... it is so syrupy and sweet that I can't just take to it... I thought my days of drinking diet colas were over as coke must surely be the same (which would be a great thing actually as my teeth might stay white a bit longer, I wouldn't be consuming aspartame, my bones would stand a much better chance of staying strong, not to mention my skin might just improve) but alas, I tried the coke, very hesitantly, and voila - it was much the same as back home... thankfully my one bad vice will remain. I need that much living over here - besides the only other thing I ever drink is good old water (not counting booze mind, lol).

My Little Sister is Really Getting Hitched
Well from reading Tuna's blog, I can see that all her plans are in order. Quite frankly that doesn't surprise me one little bit! Tawny and Taylor don't waste time when it comes doing things that are important to them, and this being the most important thing in their lives thus far, of course they are anxious. The plans sound absolutely lovely right down to the location and the beautiful dress I believe she has selected. I have to admit though, that when I read her blog, or talk to her/the family about her wedding it is with some bitter-sweetness in my heart. I am sad that my parents will not be attending as I know they want to so badly, and that Tawn would love for them to be there. However I understand my mother's fear of flying... when you are prone to rupturing your ear-drum, flying must seem to be a very scary thing. Also the money is a big factor for my folks. I read this morning that Tawny has asked her best friend and my dear friend Dawn to give her away. Naturally it is a wonderful idea and I know Dawn must be thrilled. It does sadden me though that as Tawny's big sister that this role cannot be filled by me... however as circumstances are what they are, it is so right for Dawn to do this. Dawn is an honorary sister in the McDonald clan and as she is next under me, lol... she is the best woman for the job. I am so happy for this! I'm glad Tawny and Taylor have taken the initiative to get all their plans in order... and I want them to know that I will do all in my power to get to their wedding. If this damn divorce ever goes through, I WILL be there, nothing will stop me. Just to see my sister get married will be enough. However if I cannot get there, I know the whole affair will be taped (at least I hope so)!!!

Sex and the City
I have never been a real follower of this show, only the odd episode now and again as we did not get this channel at home. I always knew who the characters were and what their respective personalities were like. I wished that it was a show I could watch. Now however I have a satellite dish and can pick the show up. Mind, its a season behind, but really what do I care since I never got to watch much of it and they are all new episodes to me. Andy watches the show with me, which is great I think, as it opens many venues of conversation. He does not find the character Carry Bradshaw attractive in the least and doesn't like the fact that I say that out of all the characters, I'd mostly relate to Samantha. I'd like to think I'd have ended up like her if I hadn't 'settled down' LOL. Its funny the way people look at things differently - my friend Jason is so hot for Sarah Jessica Parker, its not funny. I really don't know who I would consider the best looking as they are all so different, with very different styles. One thing I have noticed though is that Sarah is looking a bit aged, which is only natural I suppose.