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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Every relationship has its ups and downs and I've always said that we never know exactly what goes on between two people who choose to live out their lives together, except the couple involved.

I often try to sit back and not take sides, or be judgemental when I hear this person is having an affair, or that one spends too much time on the drink, etc. I especially try to remain impartial when couples I know are splitting up. Its harder when you know one half of the couple better than the other and even harder when you are very close to both people and can often see for yourself the strain that is threatening to crack whatever delicate bridge is left holding that relationship together.

At the moment I have a very dear friend who has tried to seperate from her husband in the most adult and pain free manner as she possibly can. She has gone way beyond what is considered reasonable to ensure her daughter remains as unaffected as possible that mom & dad are no longer together. I commend her for this because so many people in this world have chosen to take the bitter route and not only meander down it at a tepid speed, but race head long into it with all their might, forgetting their children are at the heart of everything.

On the other hand I hear of those people who divorce and although they might not like each other very much anymore, meet over children's parties, or school events and manage to smile at each other and exchange one or two nice words. I have had one friend who had her ex husband over for Christmas Dinner with her and the kids, when she would have much rather have gone to her parents.

Some of my friends whom are divorced go out and buy the children presents for the other parent on such occasions as birthday's and Christmas in order that the children have something to give to their mother or father. We included do this. Luckily for our kids though, they have me to buy for their dad, and if they didn't have me, they'd have Andy's parents. We would never expect them to try and come up with the funds out of their own pocket money to buy & wrap presents for the other parent. And this is not something we do for the children's mother, its what we do for them. I know if I was a divorced mom and my kids didn't have a dad who would buy a gift for them to give me, my parents would.

Because my parents are like that.

And thankfully my mother raised me up to be an adult that can think for herself, who loves children, no matter who they were born of, and to never get involved in other couple's relationships.

Oh, she also taught me that Christmas can be one of the most joyful times of the year, even without a load of material stuff :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I see the crystal raindrops fall...

Apparently back home in Nova Scotia, they have been bombarded with the first snowstorm of the season. I couldn't help but feel a little homesick when I heard this. Although I don't miss the shovelling and driving in bad weather, I do miss sitting inside watching the snowflakes fall. I also love seeing everything bathed in white, looking so pure and clean. At least for the first hour or two anyway. I often wonder how our Molly would react to all that snow. She sure seems to love the small scattering we rarely get here.

At the moment its coming down out there rather steadily. I'm not holding my breath for anything substantial, but we probably will head out in a minute for a little stroll through it. Connor has decided to forgo a birthday party tonight, instead choosing to go out with his mates to play. It took me forever to scrounge up a pair of mismatched gloves for him. Looks like gloves all around will be on the next shopping list.

This evening, as we were driving home from Tesco, pondering if the snow would actually start sticking we heard a voice from the back quietly singing 'I see the crystal raindrops fall hmmm hmmmm hmmmm' and couldn't help but grin. That Connor. What is he like eh? Completely adorable. That is our Con though... despite being a little stubborn and lazy, he is undeniably, hugely lovable. Just looking at him makes you want to smile.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Dachshund & Pink the Pig

Mommy Dachshund is fostering this little guy for another mom who couldn't take care of him.
He had his eyes closed, but now they are open.
He is just a little bigger than her other pups.
She loves this little guy as much as the other puppies and she is nursing him back to health.
He is the cleanest pig-uppy ever because she licks him all the time.


Monday, November 10, 2008

I just got this last Thursday...

I have already made a fantastic, warming vegetable soup, a beautiful chicken stew, and so-so mac & cauliflower cheese.

In the past year, instead of cooking a variety of meals for each of us on any given day, some that include the microwaveable sort, I've been trying to cook good wholesome meals for us all to enjoy; something that is now becoming easier due to books like these.

Most of the ingredients that Jamie uses are natural and organic and so long as I follow a healthy diet including exercise, I shouldn't have a problem with maintaining weight.

Alex was poking fun of me yesterday, saying I spent all evening reading it, like it was my new bible, but I make no apologies. I do like getting new cook books, I can't help it, especially ones with pictures to accompany the recipes - it makes is so much easier. And I don't think anyone in the house is suffering because of it :)

If my 20 year old self could see me now...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A love like this...

They say that you can't choose your family. And they are right. You can't. But as far as families go, I was fortunate to be born into mine. I have three sisters and a brother, and two parents who are still married to each other, and if they don't seem to always like each other, it is obvious that they love each other.

When I got married, one of the biggest requirements on my list was that I liked my husband's parents, and he liked mine. Never did I realize that not only would we like each other's parents, we would love them; and not only love the parents, but siblings too. When I first moved over here, I knew I had Dave's heart, but I was on very shaky ground with Wendy, my mother-in-law to be, as she had a number of issues over Andy's former wife, and felt devoted to her. Through no fault of Wendy though, that relationship broke down. As time went on this enabled Wendy to spend time with me and come to the conclusion that it was ok to like me. Over the past five years, we have grown to love each other and I can't imagine living over here without the love and support I receive from my in-laws. It means the world to Andy, as he has never experienced the love of parents-in-law, espeically a mother-in-law, and no one loves better than my mom Gina. I think I'd be hard pressed to find someone to dispute this.

Now what is completely causing me no end of pride, is that earlier this month, Wendy and Dave took a trip to Canada. They began in NF, were not only did they spend time with their friends, they met up with my Aunt Nita and cousin Heather (whom they met this summer for the 2nd time during her visit here) for lunch.

They then moved on to NS where they stopped with my parents for four days. Most people are in awe that my parents were having Andy's parents to stay, and vice-versa. And whilst in NS not only did they see my parents and siblings, but my three Aunts and Uncles all came out to spend time with them on numerous occasions. I'm not done yet... Dawn and her mom Sheila also picked D&W up and took them to a fine lunch, followed by some shopping.

At the moment D&W are in Toronto, where they are spending lots of time on their own, but again, took the time to call not only my sister Tawny, but my mate Carol Anne, who has just moved back to Toronto. My sister drove them downtown and met up with them after work to have dinner, and CA spent yesterday with them, and has promised loads of pictures.

I'm trying not to get soppy over it all, but at this moment in time I am thanking God for the blessings he has brought to my life, for the family I have, both mine and Andy's and for the beautiful friends that have crossed my path.

Nothing on earth can take that away from any of us... the boys have embraced the way my family is, both in NS when we were there in 2006, and here, when we have company. They are already so looking forward to getting back out there to the loving arms of my loved ones, not to mention the great weather, beaches and Gina's cookies and pancakes...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Ghouly Halloween

Ghetto Ghoul

Wicked Witch of the West and the Corpse Bride

I cannot believe I managed to drink a 'Yard of Ale'. The only girl to do it that night, and I'd never even seen one before!

What a motley crew...

Proud to be the winner of the best costume! Ironically, Alex asked me as I was getting ready, 'Are you planning on winning best costume or something?'

Andy and I went non-stop at the weekend. We had the party at Liz and Marcus's Friday night, then our friends Sophia and Paul joined us with their Dalmatian Maebh on Saturday. We had a gorgeous pub lunch at the Harvest Moon. Sophia and Paul commented on how much Alex is growing and told us we should be proud of how he is turning out, A real credit to us. Which is something to smile about considering they are both child psychologists.

We also saw the James Bond movie that night, something I prefer to forget about. Lucky for us, Ali and Scott will be taking the boys to see it this weekend in Nottingham. Although we have to give up our weekend with Connor, we would never deny them the trip as they love hanging out with their Aunt and Uncle. And we don't even have to pay them off!

On Sunday Andy and I drove three hours to the Williams Centre in Oxford for a big Formula 1 event. It was worth it for me to a certain extent just to see the stupor my husband was in, especially when he got to see Louis Hamilton became World Champion at a place like Williams. Lucky for me there was an open bar and Internet access ;)

And lastly, a Happy Birthday to my mate Roisin. Wish I could be there to have a Keizer's and piece of cake with her.