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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prickly Heat

Finally the sun has come to town.  The last week or so has been glorious and like they do, people of this town are walking around dressed like it's the height of summer.  I only spent a couple of hours off and on in the sun over the weekend and definitely didn't lay out because on Saturday my arm and chest broke out in a few blisters (yet I wasn't sunburnt or anything).  By Sunday it had spread to both arms although my right is significantly worse. So I figured I'd be best off staying out of the sun; the sun and heat I've been waiting months for.  Yesterday I thought the blisters were starting to dry out, especially those that I'd scratched but today it appears to be even worse and what's annoying is that my arm has only been exposed to the sun via the drivers side window of my truck! 


The moles, freckles and hairiness I can live with, but this??? It's embarrassing if nothing else... yet it's more than that, it's itchy and uncomfortable and it's just too damn hot to wear long sleeves. I think I'd better get myself to the pharmacy because after four days of this, I think I need some help.

I don't know what's going on round here, what with Molly's skin issues and now mine.  But something is definitely up with my skin, which is normally not what I would describe as sensitive.  Last night I rubbed A535 onto my back and knees after my workout and after about 30 seconds I suddenly felt like my skin had been set on fire.  I was in agony; I honestly don't think being whipped would hurt more.  Wait, I know it doesn't (sorry but I've been there done that). Well at least by sharing that fact you'll know that I have a high pain tolerance... yet it felt like I was being flayed alive.  I'm just relieved no one was around to see me as I pranced naked around my room waiting for it to pass, while pressing a cold, wet towel against my back and sweat poured off of me in buckets.  My knees just had to suffer.  Man alive, it was awful.  I thought the cream might be out of date, hence the reaction I had but it wasn't - I checked after I sewed my head back on. 

If you're still here and I haven't put you off, would you like to know what the rest of my week has been like? Maybe not, but here goes:

The weekend was lovely as I had loads of Jayden time and on Sunday the kids came over for a bbq with me and then later we had champagne in the hottub to celebrate Jayden's arrival (I can't believe it's been six weeks today since he came into our lives.) 

I've been awake more than I've been asleep this past week and last night was particularly bad because Molly had the trots and needed out every hour or so. I had to take the morning off work as I couldn't leave her till I knew it was over (that was one mess I didn't want to come home to).

I'd taken this afternoon off by prior arrangement as Natasha had to have an investigative procedure at the hospital that her mum wasn't available for.  Turns out her prep didn't work properly so it was postponed... so today's annual leave has been a bit of a write off.  Bah, nevermind. 

It is what it is.

I can't sit out in the sun but I still rather fancy one of these:

However the only place you can get one is at the mall, which closes in less than an hour and is on the other side of town.  Iced, decaf coffee will just have to suffice.

Either way, it's Wednesday, which means the weekend is almost here and for us living in the British Isles it means a four day weekend.  Let's hope my arm is cleared up so I don't have to spend the whole time inside. Speaking of which, as mentioned previously, I think I'd better go get me some cream for my lurgy. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Alex popped round this evening for a bit and as we were chatting in the kitchen he mentioned that Bonnie made a comment earlier in the week regarding how skinny I used to be when I was younger, which made me chuckle because I have never been what you, or anyone under 200 lbs, would call skinny.

Alex said he responded to Bonnie's statement with an 'I wouldn't really know, I never knew Jods back then' (Although he did meet me at the ripe old age of 30).  Bonnie proceeded to show him the picture that I'd posted on my facebook wall, and mistakenly led her to believe I used to be thin:

This is a picture of my little sister and her friend Christina on Sunday - the day they completed the Bluenose 1/2 Marathon in Nova Scotia.  I'd posted it on my Facebook page because I'm so very proud of my baby sister. (Bonnie wasn't the only one to comment on our looks, a few of my friends pointed out how much my sister resembles me).

I never thought for a moment we looked so much alike that someone would mistake her for me, past or present. Yet for the past 27 years I have heard how much she takes after me, the poor wee girl. But it makes me happy, if not a bit sorry for this little girl I was allowed to name, that she has been  cursed with my looks ;)

This picture sits on my window sill in the kitchen.  I can see how much we do look alike in this photo and have mentioned previously on this site that people often comment on how we practically look like twins.  Again, major bonus for me, what with being twelve years older.  Just goes to show how deceiving a picture can be.

I don't have a child of my own flesh that I could spend hours staring at and wondering if he or she looks like me. But I don't really need one anyway, not with having Stacy, who was practically my baby from the start and she's definitely my own little mini-me.  If I'd had a child of my own he or she'd probably be the image of her dad anyway; as my other sister could tell you... 

So there you have it: I have a baby sister who is beautiful, clever and oh-so-fit, and just happens to look like me.  I can't tell you how much I admire this young woman and all  that she has worked for.  She is truly an inspiration. 

Now please excuse me while I go work out.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lessons in Lorry Driving

We had a relaxing, enjoyable weekend round these parts. Nothing too exciting, just spending time with each other, family and friends.

I managed to 'rescue' the cake by cutting the sponge in half, filling it with raspberry and cream, then topping it with a creamcheese whipped icing and fresh raspberries.  It went down a treat with the family and friends we had over on Sunday.  Oh and Andy polished off most of the cheesecake (which wasn't that brilliant on it's own) all by himself.  

Saturday afternoon I had been up at my mother-in-law's sorting out her dogs and I got home around 2:30, sorry that I had missed Alex, Bonnie and Jayden;  however I was cheerfully surprised when I walked in the living room and saw that the kids had left the baby with us while they ran their errands.  It was so cute to see Jayden and his Grandy cuddled up together.

And the weekend was over much too soon with Andy back on the road bright and early yesterday morning.

Yeah... yesterday.  What a messed up day; it began by my truck getting clipped (and nearly pushed into on coming traffic) by a lorry who was more interested in forcing me to play a game of 'cat and mouse' in my much smaller vehicle.  I was pissed off and shaken up and spent the rest of the day out of sorts, which is just perfect for a Monday don't you think?   I cannot stand drivers who suffer from road rage at the best of times, however when you drive for a living you represent the company you work for and it's reprehensible that you let your need for speed, or rage interfere with your work life.  Especially when your office is a 40 ton vehicle.  But, we all make mistakes at work and I was satisfied when the transport manager informed me that it would be investigated thoroughly and offered their sincere apologies for the bad behaviour of the driver. (He had actually rang in to the office to say he knew he clipped me, but still continued on.)  They will be calling me in a week's time to share the findings of the investigation.  As I said to the manager, I don't want anyone to lose their job, but someone sure needs to recognise that it's people's lives they are messing with when they are out on the road. 

So after a tough day at work I got myself home and took my girl Molly for a walk in the evening sun prior to working out and enjoying a healthy dinner.  

I got a call from Alex later in the evening asking me if I wanted a sleepover with our adorable little man on Friday;  after I consulted my Big Book of Plans and reported that Friday evening was wide open, the deal was done.

So there's my Friday night all planned out :) 
Nanny McAllenby and her little man Jayden. 

How could this face not make you smile? 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Andy isn't sorry

I saw this cake over at Rock Recipes (which can be found here.)

I thought it looked pretty amazing and as my husband is a total cake fiend (especially for cheesecake) I figured that I would give it my best and attempt to make it for his homecoming this weekend.

I had a fantastic day at work yesterday and because I had some time owed made my way home early to get a start on the cake. 

I could have worked out but I didn't; it was prime time to make the cake base and the cheesecake topping;  the cheesecake could set overnight and I would only need to make the whipped icing today. 

Pefectly planned right?  

This morning I did get up and go to the gym; I came home and then walked Molly.  After our walk I had a shower and took my time getting ready to go uptown with Andy as he was tied up on the phone giving someone or other a piece of his mind (I think it was the phone company).

I probably should have moved my ass a little quicker, or perhaps I should have put a sign on the cheesecake in the fridge.  But I didn't think I had to... I'd shown my husband the picture of the cake yesterday when he walked in the door asking what smelt so good.  I figured it was a given that he would leave the cheesecake alone.

That's what I get for thinking.

I couldn't believe it when I saw the rim of the cake pan in the kitchen sink when I came downstairs.  With a racing heart I ran to the fridge and saw that a huge hunk of the cheesecake was gone... and proceeded to lose my rag.

The sad thing?  He wasn't even sorry.  He tried to tell me he was sorry but he couldn't stop the grin on his face or the gleam in his eyes;  he said it was worth it though, as it was scrummy all on it's own. 

I told him I would respect him more if he just admitted that he wasn't sorry, like a certain Joey.

So he did.

Now I just need to figure out if I want to try to salvage it or just ice the cake base.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


I have three days left until my husband gets home. He will have been away for 12 Days.  I guess I’d better get used to this because for the next few months it will be the norm. Like it or not. Although the separation is not so easy, our bank balance will be much improved which is definitely a bonus. 

This coming weekend is a long one so I will have three days to spend with Andy, just relaxing and chilling out.  I might plan a dinner and drinks with our close friends but I will see what the feeling is once the weekend is upon us. Either way bring it on; I can’t wait to enjoy a few cold beers in the hottub with my man when he is back.

We definitely know how to relax and unwind when we need to!

Level three of the shred begins tonight.  (I’m technically behind one day but wanted to complete 10 sessions of level two prior to this last more than-slightly-obnoxious level.)  My knees are not my best friend at the moment and I think they are going to loath me with a renewed passion this evening. I’m used to arguing with my body so this is nothing new. 

Although it’s not the third of May, it is the first of May today (just in case you weren’t aware of this) and I’ve been waiting for this month for a variety of reasons (not just it's the month our gorgeous baby sister was born), but namely Andy and I get a free upgrade on our mobiles if we want it.  I thought I was content with the i-phone 3 but in actuality I’m looking forward to upgrading as there are so many apps that aren’t compatible with the three.  I didn’t think I liked the look of the i-phone 4 but it has grown on me and I think I’m ready to move on up and change the colour from black to white. But let’s get back to the topic of why I’m also happy it’s May. 

a)    It’s nearly summer (not that it counts for much in the north of England)


b) We only have three months till August and our trip back to Nova Scotia. Something I'm sure Connor will remind us of when he walks through the door on Friday night; it’s usually the first thing he does on his bi-weekly visits.