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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Prep

Normally we go to Andy's parent's for Christmas Day lunch, but this year, we've decided to have Wendy, Dave and Clair around to our house and will cook for them. Especially in light of the fact we our in our new, bigger home and Andy received a lovely turkey from work.

We have to borrow the table from Wendy, as we use our dining room as a tv room for the kids, and Wendy is supplying the desert, but thanks to the help of my wonderful friend Carol-Anne, this it what I'm planning on fixin for Christmas Lunch:

Roast Turkey, wrapped in bacon
filled with a pork & cranberry stuffing
homemade roast potatoes, parnsips and carrots
plus, steamed broccoli and mashed turnip
Yorkshire Pudding and bacon wrapped mini sausages

I will also endeavour to make homemade cranberry sauce.

I've been baking a lot lately, using my mom's recipe's, but also with the aid of a great website I found through Tina's site.

Tonight Alex and I made Gina's cherry balls, and The Rock's, Chocolate Chip Squares, which don't look exactly like this, but do taste quite nice ;)

I'd love to try making chocolate snowballs but as I seem to have trouble making macaroons, I think snowballs are out of my league at this moment in time.

This weekend I will however make more Melting Moments, shortbread cookies I've made once already that have managed to dissapear in a few short days.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yegads! After four years of living in this country...

I have an appointment on the 15th January to see a DENTIST.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A few of my favourite things...

Today I have managed to have Christmas Lunch with the gang from my old office; it was so good to see everyone.

I also managed to get up to the shopping centre for a few bits and as of an hour ago, my last package is ready to go, and tomorrow I will be sending it off, along with a few Christmas cards. While getting this stuff ready, I even managed to wrap a couple of other gifts.

I've got two sleeping girls (Molly and her best friend) here at my feet as I type away on my comfy sofa in the glow of our Christmas tree; which also happens to smell divine.

I like this time of year, the expectation and preparation of Christmas. Even though my family and friends back home are kept close in my heart, I'd have to say it is the only downfall of the whole season, being far away from them. Well, that and the fact that chances of seeing a proper snowfall are almost null and void.

I'm not your skivvy

Something I find rather amusing happened at work today.

Annie was having a impromtu meeting with two other people, one being a woman who works with us on Tuesdays only - I'll refer to her as M. Because Annie was rather 'rushed' this morning, I volunteered to make coffee for them.

I was sitting at my desk during a rather hectic moment when I turned around and noticed M (who I get along with quite well) standing behind me. I was getting up to rush somewhere when she motioned the three empty coffee mugs in her hand.

'What's that'? I asked in response to something she said that I hadn't heard.

'Oh', she smiled... 'I was just saying I would take these back down to the kitchen for you'

She realized the moment the words left her mouth that she had said the wrong thing.

I quickly replied... 'For me??? Those aren't my mugs, they're yours... whatever gave you the impression I was responsible for them?

I do love winding people up when making a truthful point ;)