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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Prep

Normally we go to Andy's parent's for Christmas Day lunch, but this year, we've decided to have Wendy, Dave and Clair around to our house and will cook for them. Especially in light of the fact we our in our new, bigger home and Andy received a lovely turkey from work.

We have to borrow the table from Wendy, as we use our dining room as a tv room for the kids, and Wendy is supplying the desert, but thanks to the help of my wonderful friend Carol-Anne, this it what I'm planning on fixin for Christmas Lunch:

Roast Turkey, wrapped in bacon
filled with a pork & cranberry stuffing
homemade roast potatoes, parnsips and carrots
plus, steamed broccoli and mashed turnip
Yorkshire Pudding and bacon wrapped mini sausages

I will also endeavour to make homemade cranberry sauce.

I've been baking a lot lately, using my mom's recipe's, but also with the aid of a great website I found through Tina's site.

Tonight Alex and I made Gina's cherry balls, and The Rock's, Chocolate Chip Squares, which don't look exactly like this, but do taste quite nice ;)

I'd love to try making chocolate snowballs but as I seem to have trouble making macaroons, I think snowballs are out of my league at this moment in time.

This weekend I will however make more Melting Moments, shortbread cookies I've made once already that have managed to dissapear in a few short days.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yegads! After four years of living in this country...

I have an appointment on the 15th January to see a DENTIST.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A few of my favourite things...

Today I have managed to have Christmas Lunch with the gang from my old office; it was so good to see everyone.

I also managed to get up to the shopping centre for a few bits and as of an hour ago, my last package is ready to go, and tomorrow I will be sending it off, along with a few Christmas cards. While getting this stuff ready, I even managed to wrap a couple of other gifts.

I've got two sleeping girls (Molly and her best friend) here at my feet as I type away on my comfy sofa in the glow of our Christmas tree; which also happens to smell divine.

I like this time of year, the expectation and preparation of Christmas. Even though my family and friends back home are kept close in my heart, I'd have to say it is the only downfall of the whole season, being far away from them. Well, that and the fact that chances of seeing a proper snowfall are almost null and void.

I'm not your skivvy

Something I find rather amusing happened at work today.

Annie was having a impromtu meeting with two other people, one being a woman who works with us on Tuesdays only - I'll refer to her as M. Because Annie was rather 'rushed' this morning, I volunteered to make coffee for them.

I was sitting at my desk during a rather hectic moment when I turned around and noticed M (who I get along with quite well) standing behind me. I was getting up to rush somewhere when she motioned the three empty coffee mugs in her hand.

'What's that'? I asked in response to something she said that I hadn't heard.

'Oh', she smiled... 'I was just saying I would take these back down to the kitchen for you'

She realized the moment the words left her mouth that she had said the wrong thing.

I quickly replied... 'For me??? Those aren't my mugs, they're yours... whatever gave you the impression I was responsible for them?

I do love winding people up when making a truthful point ;)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Surprising myself

I've just spent the last few hours baking and prepping for my Candle Party tomorrow evening. After a few short hours (and careful instruction from my mom) I now have chocolate macaroons & cherry balls chilling in the fridge. Hopefully there will be some resemblance to Gina's and people don't discreetly spit them back into their napkins!

I also have a hedgehog (cheeseball) chilling, which I at least know will be ok, as I've made one a few times prior. Tomorrow I will chop up some pita and vegetables for a tray to lay out with some of the dips I have (a few I even brought all the way form NS).

This is the first time I've really sat down all day as I also spent the afternoon at the Brigg Garden Centre with Wendy and Beryl. We wanted to check out the wonderful Christmas display they put on each year and weren't disappointed. After we had a scrummy lunch, I quite cheerfully dropped about £70 on Christmas decorations including lights for the outside of the house, something Andy and I have wanted to do since living together, but not so easily done when linked to three other homes. Now that we have a single family home there's no reason not to decorate it. I've already laid out a few Christmas bits but will go full out next weekend when we go pick out our tree.

I do so want this Christmas to be lovely and I'm trying to roll with the whole spirit notion. I think it might just be working, and may even kick into overdrive as soon as I break out the Bailey's on ice ;) and maybe a movie or two - as Dawn says, Elf anyone?.

I only wish I knew how to make apple cider!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top of my Christmas List

Years ago, I read this book:

I adore Ken Follett's writing and The Pillars of the Earth held me enraptured for the short time it took me to read it. It is hands down one of my most favoured books. I keep meaning to read it again.

Now, more than ever, there is no reason not to. Because not only has Ken finally written another book he has written this:

which amazingly enough, happens to be a sequel to Pillars.

I've let my husband know that to find both hardback books under the tree on Christmas morning would make me a very happy girl.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Something similar to disbelief :)

I say this for a few reasons:

~ Today I started and just about completed my Christmas shopping for those back at home.

~ Its quiet and peaceful here as both boys are at their mother's for the evening.

~ And as I sit here I'm listening to the whoosh of the dishwasher. Yes, the dishwasher.

After nearly four long years I am again living in a home with a dishwasher. When I first moved here I didn't think I'd ever get used to not having one. Washing dishes by hand? Ick. However we didn't have room for one in our last little house and after a few years went by, I slowly got used to washing up by hand. Unfortunately, my hands have paid the penalty for it.

Now that we are living in a bigger house and I finally agreed to us purchasing one (believe it or not, it didn't seem as important anymore!?!) Its going to take some getting used to, but I don't think it will take long :) And with Andy's parents and sister joining us for Christmas Dinner, I think I will definitely be thankful for this mod con come Christmas Day.

Not to mention whenever we have any other small gatherings :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

For every season...

Wow. So much has happened since I last blogged I truly don't know where to start.

I have been going through a few things of my own, however they are nothing I can't surpass. Ultimately family and friends are what is most important in life and I thank God everyday for these blessings in my life, both here and at home.

In the past month I have been fortunate enough to feel the warmth of my mother's arms around me, of her unconditional love, to laugh and cry with my sisters, brother and close friends, to feel the embrace of all my boys upon my return to the UK. I have felt the joy of our very dear friends Valentina and Mike, upon the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Lilyan Arwen; I have also felt the sadness of a childhood friend at the loss of her father, a man who was taken from this world much too early.

Life gives us some unexpected curve balls, for sure. It is who we have with us that helps us through these times. Be they good or bad (times ;).

Because life has thrown us a few curve balls lately, both in our personal and work lives, Andy and I decided to treat ourselves to a break in London. We stayed in luxury at the Marriott Hotel London, where we were treated to a champagne breakfast and enjoyed the delights of the wonderfully 'wicked' show Wicked, in the West End of London.

Now I feel the cold in the air as it quickly changes from Autumn into Winter and I'm thinking of things to come. I have Christmas to prepare for. This year I'm actually going to try and make it the best it can be, and actually look forward to it. Andy and I have vowed to really make a start at creating our own traditions, as a family. This I am looking forward to more than anything.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I've just finished watching Grey's and between sipping some wine and having Molly stare at me intermittently, I'm thinking of events to come, eagerly anticipating most.

Tomorrow I'm shopping and lunching with two close friends and tomorrow night my husband is taking me out to a lovely restaurant to celebrate our third year anniversary, since I will be in Canada for the actual date. I've bought a new outfit to wear for him and I don't know if I'm more psyched about that or the actual meal. The top can be either sexily racy or more modest depending on how I will wear it, but either way I think he's going to like it just a lot, especially if I prove to be brave.

On Saturday Andy, Alex and I are paintballing with friends from work and I'm a bit apprehensive about this, as I fear I'm going to get creamed. Both Andy and Rob have expressed an interest in popping more than few off at me. Hopefully I will surprise them and myself by proving to be a better shot, but I think I stand more chance of winning the next edition of Britain's Next Top Model.


Some have called me crazy for doing this just before heading home, and perhaps they are correct - I'm more than likely to be covered in bruises on Sunday but my mind will be otherwise preoccupied as I try and figure out what to pack for my journey home on Monday...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Breathing In

Today I'm still feeling a bit tired but other than that I've completely rallied (as I knew I would). It wouldn't have been so easy if I A) Didn't have the husband that I do, and B) Work with an amazing bunch of people.

In hindsight, I see that the mistake I made was one that anyone could have made whilst distracted. It still doesn't make myself any less mad, but I realize there is nothing I can do about it but move on, which I'm beginning to do.

As for everything else that was bugging me, well a lot of its still on my mind but I had my little 'purge' and for that I feel a lot better. Its the people that can't rant and rave every now and then that I feel for.

The weather here has turned amazingly cold - I can't believe its only the middle of September. It feels like the first of November. Either way, I'll breath in that crisp air and get on with it. I've got bigger things to worry about - like what to pack.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The word crazy isn't in my blog title for no reason...

Rational me says that tomorrow morning I'm going to feel much better. Calm and easy-going me, knows that in a few days, even hours, this will pass and I will look back and wonder how I could let myself fall into this little corner of crazy I enter into at least twice a year.

Maybe I need psychological help. Maybe I'm beyond that. I have had psychological help before for variant reasons and I don't know if it helps. I think deep down we all have this little, tiny piece that is utterly and completely nuts. I like to think that I'm being half-way healthy, even if I save it all up until my head feels as if it might explode and then bang, I let it out. That has to be better than letting it all build up and not doing anything about it. I'm trying not to focus too much on it as I sit here tonight. I should be up in bed beside my husband but instead I choose to be downstairs drinking my diet pepsi and trying to get some work done, even thought its after midnight. Once finished this post, I'll get down to work. Sleep won't be coming easy tonight.

The damn inside me has been trying to break ever since I was the cause of a screw-up at work on Wednesday. I've received a load of support from my co-workers over it, and I do realize that I am human and prone to making mistakes, but I have such a feeling of disappointment hanging over my head. I haven't screwed up this big in well, never. And to do so at this point in the job just multiplies the level of disappointment I am feeling in myself. It'll pass, I'm sure of it, but at the moment, I'm really feeling it... and to talk about it in this forum is taking a lot of guts on my behalf. I'm not looking for a rub on the back to reaffirm that mistakes are made, I just want to be honest with myself - I know I'm not the only one who has made a mistake - I just have to learn from it and remember that its nothing to be wrapped in a blanket of humiliation over. We all go through tough moments in life, its just important to ensure we come out on the positive side...

Tonight though, Andy and I watched The Last Kiss, probably not such a good idea when I was feeling slightly out of sorts to begin with. I suppose because of this, it brought up a lot of old, forgotten emotions within me. It really made me angry and it got me thinking of certain unpleasant events in the long ago past. As I lay in bed my mind started whirling out of control, fretting over work, my broodiness, my family, going home, and these old, old memories. I thought my head was going to explode. But my husband was there for me tonight and he's spent the last hour and a half listening to me as I ventured into crazytown and back. But I'm back now, and feeling that little bit better.

Time to go and get some work done, leave that messed up place behind, at least for another 6-8 months :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

They say Canadians are the friendliest bunch...

If you are an animal lover, hell, even if you're not, you need to to go here and check out this amazing slidewshow.
If I'd have been with Molly I'd have wet myself.

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest women I know, shortly to become an amazing mom.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What am I missing?

I make sure they get up for school in the morning.
I make lunch and dinner for them everyday (they usually help themselves at breakfast).
I clean up after their meals.
I wash, hang out and iron their clothes.
I schedule and then drive them to their appointments, and sit waiting patiently, sometimes for over an hour.
I'm in contact with the school over attendance, course work and behaviour issues.
I attend parent/teacher nights.
I make alternate arrangements for their care when I myself can't do it.
I set boundaries.
I often listen to whinging and moaning as to why they aren't allowed to do something.
I make sure they have their bath/shower and are in bed at a decent hour.
I help with homework.
I sometimes have to hear an awful lot of back chat.
I taxi them to where they need to be.
I take them shopping.
I buy food that they like to eat.
I ensure that they get enough vegetables in their diet.
I get loads of cuddles.
I spend time with them talking about what is important to them, be it the certain bike part that want, or what they might want to do when they are grown.
I take them to movies and other activities and often enjoy it as much as I would with a mate.
I comfort them when they are upset.
I have a great laugh with them.
I listen.
I'm always there when they need me.
I love them.

Whilst in conversation regarding children and mobile phones, someone insinuated that my opinion really doesn't matter, or basically I don't know what I'm talking about, because I don't have children of my own. Her actual words were 'Your not living in the real world'.

Other than missing out on pregnancy, labour and delivery, and the initial few years of their life, I would have thought that I do the same thing any mother does. Some would reckon I do more than some mothers do.

Will somebody tell me what the difference is? And don't tell me its love because I wouldn't do what I do if love wasn't a factor.

Monday, September 10, 2007

10th September, 32 Years Ago
A day my life was changed forever...

Happy Birthday Beautiful.

What an amazing woman you turned out to be. I can't remember my life before you came along, and I certainly can't imagine my life without you.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Going Home

Yesterday, I purchased my ticket to go back home for 18 days.

For nearly four years I've lived abroad in a country I was always fascinated with, but never actually thought I'd live in. I've been embraced by the people in the town I now call home and they have certainly helped in my quest to make a new life for myself. I love my job, but more importantly, the people I work with, and for. I have such an amazing group of friends now that it actually brings a pain to my heart to know that someday, I will have to say good-bye to them as well.

I've been totally enveloped in the love of Andy's family, especially his parents. His children are another matter - I have come to love his children like my own and I know the feelings are reciprocated in full, at least with the boys. Natasha and I are slowly but surely finding our way.

In this new world, I have settled into a life that I never envisaged for myself, primarily having stepchildren, but it is a life I choose to live, not only because I love my husband and would do anything for him, but because now I could never imagine being without them. I realize that wherever I may go I will have the love and support of my husband and our family. The fact that I get to share this amazing new existence with the love of my life is astounding. Not very many people are this fortunate.

Andy always promised me that he would back me 100% in all my endeavours, and one very important wish of mine was to ensure I got to go home to Nova Scotia at least once a year. So far, he has kept that promise to me. We are lucky enough to be able to travel often and I look forward to every place that is yet to be discovered by the two of us. We've already been to quite a few countries but here is where I tell you, I never, ever get the feeling down deep inside of me that I have at this very moment, when I'm holding the ticket in my possession that will take me home.

Home to my first family, my mother and father and my precious sisters and brother. To the people who have known me my whole life, and if not that long, than for the better part of it. Home to all my oldest friends and places where I have some of my best memories. Home to breathe the fresh coastal air and walk in the places that I can only dream of doing from so far away, especially during one of my favourite seasons (autumn isn't so noticeable in this part of the world). Home to where I fell in love with the man who would end up taking me so far, but in so many variant and positive ways.

My heart is bursting and I just want to shout it aloud:

I'm going home :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The great procrastinator - that's me. As they say back home - she doesn't know whether to shit or get off the pot.

As many of you are probably already aware, I have cut off my hair yet again in recent months, something that isn't hard to do considering the rate at which it grows back and which I will of course be endeavouring to do anyway. A few weeks ago just prior to leaving for Greece (I'll talk about that in a few moments), I dyed it (and a considerable amount of the carpet - don't even get me going about carpet in a bathroom...) a dark brown. Now that the shock of being dark has worn off and I don't find myself looking twice every time I pass my reflection, I've decided I want to go lighter again. Not blonde, but slightly lighter. I think I will visit the salon this time around.

Something else that has been on my mind for quite some time is the possibility of getting another tattoo. I definitely want one, but cannot decide if I want it on my foot or my inner wrist. If its on my foot it impedes me from working out for a few weeks and hence yet one more decision - where on my foot to place it something that is proving more awkward than I'd hoped. Another problem is that if I go with my wrist, I have to come up with a whole new tattoo idea because the idea for my foot is meant for my foot only. So it would seem that ultimately I will end up with three tattoos, but I'm only looking to have one done in the immediate future. If I can ever make up my mind that is. I often wonder why I was the one in my family cursed with this ridiculous affliction.

Greece was extremely hot, beautiful and very full up with two argumentative teenagers and one 11 year old. We had fun spending most mornings at the beach and our afternoons by the pool. We did a few rides which the kids adored such as the banana boat, especially when I was hanging off the side of the boat, head mostly submerged, and still managed to pull myself back upright - I can still see the shock on the guy's face who was watching us from the boat. I'm such a Zena :) We also had a day out on a pirate cruise where we all enjoyed walking the plank numerous times. The food choices at the resort weren't bad either considering we only had one buffet restaurant to choose from and the boys were willing to try a few Greek dishes which pleased us.

Surprisingly the highlight of the evenings were a huge bouncy castle and the nightly round of Bingo, which all three kids looked forward to (and won on the very last night). One disappointing factor was that throughout the whole week one or another of us was afflicted with some illness/problem such as headache, an abundance of bug bites, Tasha's even leading to a grossly swollen foot, and an ear infection that I came down with over the last few days. I do think Andy and I are both of the consensus that we won't be travelling all inclusive in Europe again and that we will keep Greece for ourselves in the future.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Its a love/hate thing for sure

FaceBook: Whilst talking to Darla the other night on the phone, for well over an hour and a half, one of our topics of conversation was this phenomenon that seems to have taken over the IT world. Darla stated that it was the bain of her existence. She cannot understand why anyone would ask to be your friend and then never speak to you. The answer to that is plain and simple: for popularity purposes only - its a race to see how many 'friends' you can amass.

Both Darla and I have agreed that we don't seek out people to be friends with unless they are in fact our friends/relations and Dar can't even bring herself to ever add anyone as her friend, she just sits back and lets them come to her. While at the same time she wants to be friends with certain people who she does in fact know are members of FB. In the beginning I contacted a few old acquaintances from high school and often added a personal note, but now I will only ask people if they are important to me, and I rarely ever accept someone if I barely know them. I can happily report though, that out of all the friends who have contacted me we've caught up on the basics either through email or posting. One of my favourite things about logging into FB is seeing a notification that I've had a friend request, and it turns out to be someone I indeed what to reconnect with. Sad and pathetic, maybe -but I am grateful that FB is in play because I'm now in touch with a few people that I care very much for (i.e. two cousins that live far away). It just makes it so much easier.

My one problem with FB (and maybe I'm not being fair here)is that many of my fellow bloggers have seemed to slack off big style when it comes to blogging (myself included). This is disappointing to me because as an expat, I had come to look forward to reading these blogs a few times a week. There are a few of you who still blog regularly (and you two know who you are ;) and I really appreciate you for it. A few have blogged a bit more in recent days and I've read each line with such expectation, I'm reminding myself of an addict who keeps licking their cracked lips in sweaty anticipation of the next hit. Again, sad and pathetic maybe, but I make no excuses.

I am so grateful that my move to the UK came at a time when emails/blogs etc. were in play, and better yet, that long distance rates have improved so dramatically. Because of Emails, Blogs, and now FB, I am now able to keep in almost daily contact with my sisters/friends, etc. but I will say this, nothing beats hearing a familiar voice on the other end of the line, so clear that you cannot believe that there is an entire ocean and over 4000+ miles separating you.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Longbottom's Last Day with us...

Everyday Dawn spent here with us in England was an amazing time and we managed to fit in a few fun trips between all the shopping that we somehow did without really planning to. Although we didn't get to Glasgow (that can happen next year when Fern is here), we made it to the Lake District, Hubbards Hills and to Halifax to see Dawn's beautiful friends Heeae and Johnny. It was such a treat for all of us to have here here and it was a sad moment when we said good-bye to her at the airport yesterday afternoon. My only consolation from crying outright was knowing that I will be seeing her at home in October if all goes according to plan.

We spent Thursday afternoon at the beach where Molly and the boys happily spent a few hours paddling and playing with the tire they always find while there. Molly would willingly retrieve that thing from the water countless times if we didn't stop her.

After a little cajoling we finally managed to get the boys to pack up and began our walk back to the car as a fighter jet continuously circled around us during its practice run to the bombing range a few miles up the road.

Dawn and I then showered and got ready to head out for the evening. I figured what better way to spend my mate's last night with us than to do her absolute favourite thing in England - play the pub quiz!

We headed out to the Grovsnor where we met up with Wendy, Beryl and Linda, Helen and Trev, Andy and Dave. It was a night full of laughs and I look forward to many more Quiz Nights when my Canadian and English folk are together.

The Pink Ladies Club

With the help of my very clever parents-in-law, we managed to come 2nd!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And the tone for the evening was set...

Dawn arrived on Saturday morning looking gloriously beautiful and I saw a number of people smiling out of the corner of my eye as I jumped up and down when I saw her walk through the arrivals door. My excitement was exacerbated by the fact that Andy and I had just that moment got there ourselves.

Despite the fact that Andy, Dawn and I were shattered late Saturday afternoon, our Canada BBQ was great fun and we all managed to keep going until after 1:00 a.m.

So far we've been to a movie, to a Bodypump class at the gym and today, to one of my favourite restaurants, The Mill House, for lunch with Beryl.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The wait is almost over!

It's just after 10:30 p.m. and I will soon take myself off to bed. Whether I will sleep or not is another story. The reason behind this is that tomorrow morning we pick Sage Miller Longbottom up at Gatwick Airport. We celebrate her arrival tomorrow night with the postponed Canada Day BBQ, and next weekend Andy will have the pleasure of turning 41 with two extremely wicked, and I should mention younger, babes.

Here's to three weeks of making even more fantastic memories.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

There's no point in denying it...

Yesterday while I was at work I received a phone call from my father-in-law Dave, saying that he had been down to the house to check on Molly since it was thundering quite a lot and he knows how much it upsets her. He was a bit worried because he couldn't find her anywhere.

I couldn't help smiling as I thanked him for being such a sweet and devoted Grandad, but he wasn't to worry as she was at her friend's house for the day. He laughed, be it the fact that Molly spends the days I work at Abbey's house, or that he's finally accepted that silly or not, he is Molly's Grandad. Wendy never fought Grandma, but then again, how could a woman that has upwards of six dogs in her house at any given time, argue the fact?

I knew this clan was the right one to marry into.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


The new hoover that we bought around Christmas time proved to be as useful at vacuuming as a little plastic vacuum you'd find in any pre-school. Once the start button broke, Andy gave in and took it back, swearing he was just going to buy another Henry, a little pull hoover he'd used for years and swore by. Now I was never overly fussy for the Henry myself but since I knew it worked better than the broken hoover, and that the much coveted Dyson was so far out of our price range, I relented.

Andy and Alex surprised me though. They didn't come home with a Henry at all. They came home with this:

Its called Hetty and is the newest model from the Henry range. The boys were so pleased with themselves for this purchase, figuring I'd love it if only for its colour. I could only laugh. Hetty is cute and she's not a bad hoover, and I had just begun to accept her. Until...

Until I borrowed something from my friend called a VAX, to actually clean the carpets. Elaine loaned me the Vax Hoover at the same time and now I don't even want to touch poor Hetty. I want to put her back in her box and take her back to the store for a full refund, and get myself a VAX. Hetty works well enough if your willing to get on your hands and knees to get the dog hair up with the hose, but the Vax just sucks it all up, especially those little lint balls that Hetty won't touch. I can't believe I'm blogging about a household appliance, its really astounding me if I were to be truthfully honest. But I need this hoover. I need this hoover like an addict needs his next fix of speed.

A Beloved Aunty

The Allenby clan were out last night for a family dinner at a lovely restaurant called The Beeches. Wendy had planned this a few months previous but didn't tell us there was any particular reason for the evening, we figured it was just another occasions for her to have an enjoyable evening with her family. Although the evening was exactly that, it was also in memory of Wendy's much loved Aunty Olive who sadly passed in the winter, leaving Wendy a very small sum of money. Wendy thought that this would be one of the best ways to share a portion of Aunty Olive's gift, and of course of celebrating her life. Which it certainly was. I believe she would be proud of the wonderful devotion of the family she has left behind.

Monday, July 02, 2007

My Home and Native Land

I didn't manage to post yesterday as I was afflicted with a very fuzzy head from a small gathering that involved a lot of Chinese food, and way too much vodka and wine. Dancing with a few of my friends in the living room at 12 a.m. soon led to some very competitive contortions that left one of my friends very sore the next morning. The things we do when we are drunk.

Connor spent most of yesterday running around wrapped in the Canadian Flag, telling his mate how it wasn't fair his Aunty Stacy gets to go to Mercy River whenever she wants and he doesn't.

When I consider where I am at this moment in time, here in England in our new home with my fantastic family, so many good friends around us, and a job I thoroughly enjoy I can finally say that England is now home to me too. Its also both amusing, and touching to realize that not only has England had this affect on me, but that my Canadian roots are rubbing off on the boys, something that is visible in small ways, but is definitely there. I'm over-joyed that they have the opportunity to experience the love of two great countries.

I proudly wore my red Canadian sweats from Roots all day, and my husband hung our Canadian Flag outside in the garden. We do intend on still having our Canada Day BBQ, however it will have to wait a few weeks until the ground is once again dry. But it matters not to me on what date I celebrate the country that I carry within me no matter where I am.

And any opportunity to have a party works for all of us.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I honestly don't know what to think...

I think maybe these girls have gone past it, but what do I know about these things? I think by the time Gerri had left they were fading fast.

No matter where I am though, when I hear a certain Spice Girl song it warps me back in time in Halifax when myself and a few girlfriends found ourselves in the Officer's Mess of an English naval ship that Cat had managed to score invites to. Oh the memories.

Row your boat some more

The north of Britain has been hit in recent weeks by massive downpours that have been causing a high level of flooding (see post about the dogs almost drowning). On Monday it came down so hard and fast that it made the rain of recent weeks look like a small shower. Most of our roads have been impassible and many people had to be escorted out by boat, their front lawns/roads are so completely submerged. Some have even lost their lives. Now, when those hit hardest are still wondering what will happen (as they can't go home due to high waters), we've been told to expect a rainstorm that will make Monday's pale in comparison. Will it come to pass? I certainly hope not, but I do hope that the counties and towns batten down and prepare as best as possible. I seem to remember a small coastline back in Canada that didn't quite heed the warnings for something called Hurricane Juan.

Andy and I were were going to host our first house party/BBQ this weekend, in honour of Canada Day but decided to postpone it for a few weeks until some proper summer weather decides to come our way. If it does rain like they say it will, I'm staying put, as all the roads get closed off and I can't be assed to sit in traffic for two hours to get back home. I won't complain though because honestly, its small potatoes compared to what some people have had to endure.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's always hard to say goodbye...

Just one short hour ago we said goodbye to Val and Mike at their hotel in Liverpool. We had a great weekend with them but it's always hard to say farewell to friends you don't see very often...

On Friday I borrowed Andy's sat-nav and off I went to pick them up at their hotel near the airport. How exciting it was to see them after two years, especially now that Valentina is absolutely glowing in her 6 1/2 month of pregnancy!

We made our way to the shopping outlet where it was the plan to find Val some maternity clothes, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed their pleasure in the sales and even indulged myself, when we went into Ralph Lauren and I got myself a pair of jeans. We both ended up buying a few things from the Gap Outlet Shop as well, including the same sweater as it was both cute and warm - we were both in need of something warmer.

I loved being in the baby shops with her, looking at maternity and baby clothes although at this stage in my life I'll say that's risky business for me!

On Saturday morning, despite the weather being iffy, we decided to drive to the Lake District, one of my very favourite places. We took a little train trip on a steam engine that we thought might be more scenic but was still enjoyable. Molly sure liked it.

After our train ride we took a drive to Hawkeshead, a little village that Fern, Dawn and I had fallen in love with last year,for some lunch. After a little walk around the village we drove back around Lake Windermere and headed down to Ingleton, yet another village surrounded by gorgeous scenery and took a walk before hitting yet another pub so Mike could enjoy another bitter :)

This morning we headed out for more shopping before driving into Liverpool for some lunch by the River Mersey. It was a bit chilly but at least the rain held off and we were able to drop Val and Mike off just before the rain started. They have tonight and tomorrow to enjoy the sights of Liverpool before departing back to Italy. The next time we see them will hopefully be sometime next year to meet the baby I took such joy in shopping for!

Now I'm off to spend an hour with my husband before heading back across the country.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The most laid-back place I have ever been...

Well I don't know where to begin really. Andy and I had such a relaxing, wonderful holiday together. 10 days of easy living, where the hardest decision was figuring out what beach to go to or what taverna to eat at.

We met some of the most beautiful, kind people: A fantastic lady called Dessy (not her correct Greek name) who could speak fluid English, and her mother (who couldn't speak a word of English). They invited us to their home in the hills over-looking the sea a few days later where Dessy's mom had cooked us a marvelous meal that lasted from 2:00 until 5:30 in the evening. It was so extraordinary to be in the company of an authentic Greek family, where not everyone could speak English, but amazingly enough we all managed to communicate. The food was out of this world - we were all joking of how many mints we would have to take to the wedding due to all the garlic we had consumed.

We met a lovely German woman called Petra and her Greek husband, and two beautiful children. They ran one of the cocktail/ice-cream bars on the main road in Aegina Marina, where we were staying. Petra was so excited for me to come back to the Island after the wedding to tell her all about it and show her the photos.

And of course the there was Silva, the young Greek lad who met us so cheerfully every night at our favourite cocktail bar... he was so eager to bring us a variety of fancy drinks garnished with fruits and fancy umbrellas. He had the barman make us a fantastic, nearly all alcohol drink in a pineapple that cost £25 Euros, but then gave us the second one for nothing. The Mexicana is still my favourite though - bring on the tequila. Needless to say we walked away from the taverna on many a night more than a little lopsided.

On the Sunday we made our way into Athens, where the original plan was to then remain on the mainland, and enjoy the sights and beaches of Athens. We had to change our plans though as the city was over-whelmingly hot and smoggy and with my bronchitis and Asthma acting up, we thought it was best to head back to the Island. It was an idea we had discussed before even leaving the Island anyway, as we had fallen in love with it.

The wedding itself was one of the most amazing events I have ever witnessed. It was so rewarding to see how the Greek Orthodox tie the knot, from the arrival of the bride to the Reception. Add to the fact that the reception was a mix of Greek and Irish, well it was definitely something to behold. I honestly don't remember ever seeing a more pretty bride (I'm sure I say this everytime, lol), but seriously, Sophia was an absolute vision, and Paul cut a handsome figure in an all-white suit, which is what the groom wears according to Greek tradition.

The reception itself was so much fun, and again the food was amazing. The party was full of laughter due to the antics of my fantastically comical pal Jane. Jane, Anna and myself joined in one of the greek dances, only to go back to the table where more comedic sessions were in play. It was such a great opportunity to have some good fun with the group I used to work with.

During the times we weren't on the beach, we rented a jeep, or on two occasions, a quad bike and toured around the Island, which was a lot of fun. We found a few good beaches and scenic viewpoints. It was too hot to trek up to the temple ruins on the mountain above our village so we took the quad up mid-morning one day. It was a sight worth seeing, as well as providing a spectacular view of both sides of the Island.

Sophia and Paul came over to the island on Tuesday with most of the Irish contingent and a few friends from work. We met up with them at lunch time and caught up with what everyone had been up to since the wedding, before heading back to our little cove for some more snorkeling and sun-bathing. God, it was hard work.

The only disparaging moments on the trip were when we came across animals that have been abandoned. Once it was a group of four little kittens on the side of a mountain road, that I had a hard time leaving behind, but honestly, what could we do? The other was realizing that Athens has a big problem with stray dogs. I was told that they run in packs similar to wolves, foraging for food and protecting one another. Apparently they won't harm people, but have distanced themselves from humans. I actually caught sight of one of these packs from the tram, on the way back to the port to catch the ferry back to Aegina. They were laid on the sidewalk near a park, just sleeping.

On a more positive note, its not all like this and most animals are well looked after. We loved how there were a number of dogs and cats in Aegina Marina just lazing about while their owners worked in the various shops/tavernas. We got to know quite a few and I could even communicate with a few as I'd learned a few words in Greek. In Aegina Town there were a number of horse drawn carriages and there was one, that when taking sight-seekers through town, had a cute little lab running ahead of the carriage, showing the driver the way. Mostly everyone seems to drive with care so I hope no harm ever comes to the little fellow.

I think its going to take me a little while to get over being back, as the life-style out there is so relaxing and fulfilling. I could easily see myself living on that Island, its like taking a step back in time, where everything is less complicated. The island is far enough from the city of Athens to feel like a world away, yet you only have a short ferry ride back into the city for anything you might be missing in regard to culture and entertainment; And absolutely everyone is so friendly and warm, but most importantly, the children seem so happy.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

We're Back, We're Brown, and my dog almost drowned...

Thursday was our last day on the glorious Island of Aegina Greece. As Andy and I took one last swim in the turquoise sea, I figured it would be the last time I would be taking a dip for quite some time - at least until our holiday with the children in August.

However we touched down late Thursday night to torrential rain, a typically up-yours welcome home from this wonderful place we call England. We were told on Friday morning by Andy's parents that both Alex and Molly had been on best behaviour, however Molly had not been outside for a proper walk since Tuesday because along with the heavy rain, came massive amounts of thunder and lightening. This is something our fierce little dog just can't cope with (along with fireworks), so she made the decision to forgo her beloved walk and stayed in the relative safety of her grandma's kitchen.

Today she nearly went mad with excitement when I took her out on the field to meet up with her pals Rico and Abby. I stood around laughing with Emma and Elaine (the dog's mom's) about how silly they were being, before the conversation moved on to more serious issues i.e. my trip, Emma's husband's big win on a game show - Deal or No Deal, etc. The dogs kept going in out of the bushes and it was after a few minutes that I noticed only the Dalmatian Rico on the field. Molly and Abby were nowhere to be found. There could only be one answer - The Beck, the stream that runs down behind the field that these two bad girls can never resist - must be a retriever thing.

Now we normally don't like the dogs going in the stream as its not the cleanest, however when it rains its not too bad. We did get a bit concerned though because with all the rain the river was running very deep and very fast. After a few minutes of calling, the dogs still didn't return. This was not too worrying, as they don't often come straight back, however when an additional minute or two went by and they still didn't respond, panic started setting in. We split up to scout out various parts of the stream, without much result. Double panic time. Elaine finally discovered Abby just out of sight behind some bushes, out in the middle of the water, struggling hard against the current. At least she was ok, but it was obvious she wasn't going anywhere and was tiring fast. My heart was in triple overload by then, for as I was fearing for Abby, I still couldn't find my own dog. There was only one thing to do and it looked like it was going to be me doing it. I took off my shoes, handed my sweater to Emma and plunged into the dirty, fast flowing Beck. I couldn't think about where I was headed, I could only think of the girls. Thankfully as I neared Abby, I finally caught sight of Molly, further down and like Abby, struggling hard. The poor things. Fighting the current, hearing their mamma's calling, and not being able to help themselves. I reached Abby and struggled to get her back upstream where Elaine could grab her and then went back for Molly. It was hard work getting us both out, but we finally managed. It was with a big sigh of relief that I pushed Molly to where she could jump out and thankfully reached for Emma's hand. The dogs were fine and went back to acting like nothing ever happened, although I will say Molly was worn out and slept most of tonight. I took my soaking wet-self home to get under the shower where I tried hard not to think about that dirty water, and clean out the cut on my foot. I don't dare think of what could have happened to the silly cows if we didn't find them when we did, and I'll be keeping a close eye out to ensure they don't go anywhere near the water during the next few days.

I do realize that this isn't the post most of you were probably expecting. I do have lots to report and some great photos to post in relation to our brilliant time in Greece, which I will do tomorrow.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

If its half as good as last time...

Tonight officially begins our 10 day holiday to Greece. We travelled up from Grimsby tonight in order to stay in our company flat, as we are flying from Manchester at 6:55 tomorrow morning.

We land at Athens airport at midday and have to travel a few short hours to Aegina Island, just an hour and fifteen minutes off the Coast. For six days we will bask in island warmth and comfort before heading back to Athens for some culture and the wedding of our very good friends, Sophia and Paul.

Andy took me to a lovely Chinese restaurant for a fantastic meal (which I completely ate using chopsticks ;) It was a terrific start to our holiday. If this trip is half as wonderful as our honeymoon two years ago we will be truly blessed. We loved Greece the last time we visited (Kefalonia Island) and were trying to figure out where to spend our summer holiday when our friends announced their wedding. As the price came up right, we figured why not. So here we go. Here's to Greek tradition, sun, wine, and best of all, food. See you all when we get back.

Jods and Andy

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman

She is a trusted and valued friend, a loved and treasured sister, and of course an adored and admired Aunty.

Happy Birthday Dawn, with much love from your family across the ocean.

And in other news...

A big old package arrived from back home today and inside it I found a few of my favourite things, lovingly filled by my mama:

* Chocolate filled with peanut butter
* Stove Top, a favourite of not just mine but all my boys
* KD - what my boys love but mistakenly refer to as pasta...
* Three Jars of Kraft PB - cause what they have here is a poor excuse (and one of em just happens to be for Valentina :)
* Lucky Charms for the Boys (no wonder they love Gina and Dawn so much)
* Kraft Lite French Dressing
* Fish Sauce

and much more.

Not to mention the ace pair of Roots red sweats with Canada emblazoned across the ass. God love my little sister Fern.

So tonight, instead of sticking to my healthy eating, I'm boiling the pot as I type, anxiously looking forward to my first bite of KD - not something i ever ate much of back home but once you take the beaver out of Canada anything can happen!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Time to Come Back

As of Friday I was officially back on line. Sure I could access my email, and read a few things on the Internet via work, but as access is so restricted, my choices were very limited. I feel like I've been out in left field as a result. That place where you can basically see what's going on, but your still not quite in the loop.

We've moved successfully and we are all completely happy and loving our new house. There have been a few 'slight' issues with the company we rent through and I've decided to take a back seat and let Andy handle the agents as I think my temper would get the better of me. This is quite a role reversal for Andy (the keeping calm bit ;), but I'm glad he's taking over, that bunch just rub me the wrong way. Although our new home is only a rental (we chose to go this route for a variety of reasons), its our home for the foreseeable future, most likely until we get back to Nova Scotia and we are going to make it just that. Four bedrooms and two reception rooms is a big bonus on the house we just moved from. Molly herself is in love with the back garden as its bigger than mostly every other garden on the estate, and although that might not sound like much, it is rather big. Not to mention its nearly next door to the playing field she loves to romp around on with all her mates.

I will be posting photos shortly, however, I've been busy taking a number of courses relating to the new job, the latest being Drug Awareness, which was intriguing due to a variety of different reasons and I can't wait for Stage II.

We also have to do a little bit of shopping for blinds/curtains etc. as the windows in all rooms but one were bare. We've completed mostly every room but the kitchen and our room. We want to change the colour scheme in our room slightly so we've just had the light shears up from the last house. We do have to fix this soon though, as the sun is coming up at 5 a.m. and its completely disrupting my delicate sleep habits. A couch for the front room is in order as well - let me tell you - you often realize how much 'stuff' you have when moving, which we did, but furniture wise, we were lacking. There is only so much furniture you can stuff into a little two up, two down. We are not rushing though in terms of a couch, because after living with a futon for 3 years, we are getting exactly what we want this time, and we are shooting for not only elegance, but comfort, a couch that will envelope you in its pure coziness!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Do you wanna f**k in a boat or a car???

Last night I was talking to mom on the phone when she mentioned what a 'whiz' she is becoming in regard to the Internet. That evil Internet. Because for any of you that know my mother, you know that she has tried to deny the computer and anything related to it, especially the Internet, since its onset. She has sworn she will never be interested in something that is used for filth, luring people into porno and affairs etc. But... apparently, she has been assimilated - at 59 years young. She's realizing that it can in fact be a very useful tool and that although it can still be used for badness (like everything else - her words) it can also be used for the greater good. She was also keen to add that she will just have to ignore rude pop ups, and gave me an example (that she was laughing through):

"I was on the a web page looking up home care and this little box pops up in the bottom corner and you know what it said? 'Do you prefer to fuck in a boat or a car?' I don't understand? I don't want to do either... what's that got do with me?"

By then I was laughing so hard,I could barely respond. Whether it was a reaction of her puzzlement, or just plain shock from hearing my very clean-mouthed mother saying the F word, I'm not sure. As I mentioned previously, she was laughing a lot herself, and proceeded to tell me about the filthy comments that were coming up when she googled Dr. Phil. She informed me that she was just going to have to ignore such things if she was going to be online.

I must say, my mom might initially deny such modern conveniences like the Internet or even the microwave oven, but when she finally discovers how useful they can be, she quickly becomes the converted.

Note: This blog was composed with my mother's acknowlegement and approval :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Camera

A few weeks ago I took my camera out of its case to take a photo and was crushed to see that the view screen was broken. We took it into the camera shop but to have it fixed would cost more than buying a new one. The camera was a Christmas present from Andy two years ago and I hated to just let it go, but it wasn't feasible to have it repaired. I really can't be without a camera as I like to take photos and Andy's digital vivitar he uses for work just wasn't cutting it - the delay took for ever.

So on the weekend we went out and I bought myself a new one. Its not bad at all, just a Samsung mind, but it takes nice shots without too much of a delay.

Andy has been pressing me to blog, and as I haven't a whole lot to talk about at the minute (other than the SUV getting smashed into and I don't really want to go there) so here are a few photos, one especially for my husband :)

This one is me playing at being some kind of dreamer, but a girl is allowed to do that...

And this... shhhh, listen? Who is it?

My Baby and Me

Friday, April 20, 2007

Which way to turn?

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. We had Maebh with us for about 10 days or so, my mother in-law's dog has had her pup's - five tiny runts that are so cute already, I've also just completed the last week of my old job, and we are in the process of moving.

In two weeks time we get the keys to a four bedroomed, detached house on the back of the estate we currently live on. I don't know who is more excited, Andy and I or the kids. The only downfall re the house is that it has carpeting throughout. I mean in every room, bathrooms/kitchen included. However this is something that we will be changing as soon as we can.

Speaking of bathrooms though, the house is equipped with three, which to me is a catch 22, as three bathrooms + 3 children = a lot of cleaning. I think I have to make the en suite toilet off limits to kids, and the downstairs off limits to everyone, other than guests. Call me anal, but unless everyone in the house is willing to help scrub toilets, and thus far no one has shown any inclination to clean the one we currently have, why should they be free to mess up more than one? (Of course this rule won't apply for when I'm taking a long bath as the en suite only has a shower stall - not that I'm complaining mind!)

I'm just so excited about the amount of space we will have. Other than extra room and a bigger garden, the best perk is getting away from the mardy-assed cow and her offspring that live next door. She has been so rude to the kids and even my friends that I'm about to erupt, so the timing couldn't be better - it would only have gotten worse now that spring is here and we are outside a lot. Its just such a shame when one person in a street full of great people ruins it for everyone else.


Last Sunday Andy and I took advantage of the 23 degree weather and drove up into the Yorkshire Dales with the dogs to do some hiking. The scenery was breathtaking, lots of rolling hills and even a waterfall. The dogs were in their glory and even Maebh took some tentative steps into the streams to get a cool off. We naturally couldn't keep Molly out of the water.

I fell pretty hard during our second hike through a wooded area, but brushed myself off, wiped the tears from my eyes and slugged on. But because I landed on my knees (what is it with me and my damn knees?), they were pretty knackered so we had to pack it in about 45 minutes later.

On the drive home we passed through a gorgeous national park, The Dalby Forest that was not only beautiful but offers a variety of outdoor activities so in the very near future we will be taking a trip up there for some hiking/biking.

Click here for more photos of our day out.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Next week is my last week at the clinic I've been working at for the past two years. The first place I've ever been employed in England. I will be a little saddened to say goodbye to the people I work with there, but know that any friends I've made will stay just that. What I won't miss is working five half days a week. Annie has informed me that I can continue choosing the time/days I work, so long as I fulfill my 20 hours per week. And I also get to wear jeans to work if I want. Oh,and I think I might have mentioned this before: my boss stocks the fridge with diet coke. I honestly think I have struck the jackpot.

As I type this I have two tired little girls laying beside me. We've just been on the field and they bounded around after Phoebe and Abby for a good half hour. Its a lovely, sunny evening and I'm taking advantage of it, especially with it just being the three of us. Andy took Alex to Warrington with him this morning (Al is on Easter break) to 'job shadow' him for a few days. They return on Friday, and in the interim, I get a much needed break, Alex isn't forced to go to his mother's, or hang out here being bored and Andy gets to spend some time with him. Its a three-way bonus. I do however miss Andy more when he's been home for longer than usual at the weekend. I usually get him for three nights tops, then he is gone again early on Monday morning. The past four days/five nights have been really good for us. However I do know that this week is going to pass quickly and he will be home again on Friday afternoon, so I have no cause to complain. Especially since it will be a quiet weekend again.

With so many exciting events in the works i.e. travelling, the possibility of seeing friends, and Val's wonderful news, I have moved out of the low period I was going through and am now full of optimism for the upcoming summer.

So tonight, I shall take advantage of this time on my own and head to the gym shortly. I have nothing to rush home for now that the girls are suitably worn out. Its time to start taking care of me again, both physically and mentally, and what better way than working up a good sweat.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hoppy Holidays

As I was saying to those at home, it sure doesn't seem a whole lot like Easter around these parts as folks just don't seem to get into it the same way. There is lots of drinking going on due to the long weekend, and when you throw in the massive amount of sunshine we've been having, you have to wonder why the hell not.

We haven't been doing the massive amounts of drinking, but we've been enjoying the sunshine and 18 degree weather. Today was rather windy, but I'll take that over the 20 cm of fore casted snow back in Nova Scotia. Because it was so nice, I decided not to make the three course turkey dinner I had been planning all week, and Andy took me and the boys for a carvery that was almost as good as what I would have cooked myself ;)

We've had the dogs to the beach three days running and they are wearily crashed out beside as I type away. What funny little creatures they are. I was just reading www.dooce.com and surprisingly her story about dogsitting is the exact mirror of mine. Its our little guest that cannot stop herself from crouching down in eager anticipation, awaiting that moment when Molly goes running after something. She then lunges, lips bared and teeth snapping, grabbing for Molly's back as she zigs and zags her way past Maebh. Only occasionally will she succeed. But they really do love each other. They do :) Its just so funny watching them, especially Maebh as she still has the clumsiness of a pup. Those graceful long legs are very deceiving. Today would have been a great day to have had the video with us.

Now that the pups are suitably worn out, Andy and I are going to enjoy yet another child-free night and head out to the cinema. Who knows we may even treat ourselves to a drink or two afterwards.

Happy Easter to you all, hope you are filling yourself up with chocolate and whatever feast you favour on this holiday that happens to be my favourite.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Annie

Last Friday Sarah and I took the day off work (well she was off all week anyway) and headed out to have our nails done in preparation for our boss Annie's big birthday celebration that night. I'd never had my nails 'gel tipped' before and I have to say, although its slightly expensive, I'm in love with the effect. As its something that's healthier for your nails, I chose this option over acrylics and I'm going to stick with it for a little while. I keep looking down expecting the polish to be chipped and am proven wrong every time :)

After a small glitch with the venue we were supposed to meet at for pre-dinner drinks (it was shut down by environmental health, nice eh?) we finally all hooked up and got quite merry before moving on to the Indian restaurant to eat ourselves silly.

Here are a few pics from one hell of a night out.

Great people, lots of drinks and tons of good food - what more can a gal ask for?

Rob, Annie, Mandy, Ricardo and Emily

Sharon, Me and Maxine

Sarah and I

Ang tearing it up (stone cold sober - what a girl!)

More pictures from our night out can be found here

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Happier to be me

I want to thank you all for your comments and emails that were full of encouraging and kind words. It means a lot to know that I have really good people in my life. I have, however, made the decision to remove my last post as it was written during a rather dark moment. That post did what it needed to do for me personally, and I have filed your comments away in a very special place. With the help of expressing myself and chatting to some of you I have begun to sort myself out and get my ample ass back in gear.

I feel much better already, and hopefully my next little emotional 'glitch' won't happen for awhile. But I am also going to take the steps required to do what needs doing, and knowing I have my friends and family for any needed support, makes it that much easier. I don't think having someone objective to talk to about any issues I may have around inheriting a ready-made family (with two teenagers and a less than happy ex-wife) in a new country, etc. etc. would hurt at all.

There is nothing weak or embarrassing about admitting you need a little assistance to get through some things in life. I've always known that, especially when it comes to other people, but now I know its right for me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

They wanna put me in rehab but I say No No No

The past week has been full of strange days. Last night while picking up a few groceries, Alex and I had the pleasure of frequently being in the same isle as a young fellow who was either drunk, high or mentally challenged (yes I should probably have been able to figure out which, but it wasn't easy) who kept us entertained with the above mentioned tune. He also had a constant monologue in place as he carefully picked out his groceries. His care in choosing his product is what led me to believe that he was probably the latter, however the fact that he kept muttering that he was ready to fight with whomever wanted to roll, gave me the impression he was either drunk or high. Either way, I didn't spend too long trying to figure it out as a) I didn't want to blatantly stare, and b) quite frankly it was none of my business so long as he didn't step out of line with Alex or myself (or anyone for that matter).

Last Friday I went in to work to have my colleague tell me to 'look in the box' in reference to a big red container that was placed in the middle of the floor. Now I don't know about you, but when someone tells me to look in a box, I'm more inclined to do just the opposite. Turns out there was a squirrel in the box that had been hit by a car that morning and another gal we worked with couldn't bear to leave it in the road. Now the squirrels over here are not like those in North America. They are BIG. And cute. And it broke my heart to see it laying there in the box so obviously hurt and frightened. I think N thought she could help it but it was obvious that its back end was useless. When she took it to the vet, they informed her they are not legally allowed to release a squirrel back into the wild as they are considered vermin. Nice. However this little guy wasn't going to make it back home, even if they would let him go, so he was put down. Nice ending to an already dissapointing week.

My husband did however take me away to Warrington on Friday where he keeps a company flat to stay in while he is there from Monday - Friday. Its the first time I've seen it since he's taken it on, and I'm pleased to say that I'm going to be spending a lot of weekends in this so obviously hip and child free environment. Its a great flat, very modern and minimal. I like it. Another bonus? Its close to both Wales and The Lake District. Come on summer, even then we'll happily bring the boys along.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

In Limbo

Its over. Five seasons. At least I have the whole series on DVD and can watch it however many times I want. I'm speaking of Six Feet Under, one of the most brilliant pieces of television ever made. I was way behind schedule when I finally decided I wanted to watch this much-raved about show and was thrilled when Andy bought me the first series. I received the 2nd and 3rd series for Christmas and bought the 4th and 5th shortly after myself. Some nights I stayed up till 2 a.m. (or later) as I couldn't bear the anticipation of waiting one whole night to begin again.

Last night my sleep was very broken as my mind kept returning to scenes from the final episode and I couldn't even talk to Andy about it because he is still back in season two. It was one of the saddest, yet gripping finales in television history. I think the way they decided to end it was so befitting of the show and it didn't disappoint. It didn't leave you hanging as to what might happen to the characters once they are out of sight. It had a sense of finality most shows don't leave you with. I'm still feeling overwhelmed by it all to tell you the truth. I'm a little sad they only ran it for five seasons. The complexity of the characters is unmatched in any show I have yet seen. Its hard for me to remember sometimes that these people are not real, and have moved on from 6FU. Now I just need to. Thank God for Prison Break and Lost.