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Sunday, April 10, 2005

I'm Cravin it Baby

Hrmmm... if only there was a way for Stacy to bring a small freezer/cooler with her! I've been thinking of DQ all day, so to make up for not having a local DQ I think I might go bake some choco chip/oatmeal cookies to satisfy my urge to indulge. So much for lighter eating. Owell there is always tomorrow!

Tonight we took Connor home via a bike ride. The sun was shining and it wasn't overly windy so it was set to be a very enjoyable trip. And it was - despite the fact that Alex took a header twice and wiped out due to the chain on his bike falling off. God love him, the first wipe out was hard - he ended up scraping his neck on his handle-bars and ended up with something akin to a bloody hickey, but he picked himself up and after a few deep breaths we set off again. Its amazing to watch the boys biking, they have so much energy. Connor's little legs were just pumping to keep up and he only asked to stop once for a break. He was so impressed that we took the scenic route back to his house and ended up doing over just 6 kilometers... (Andy has a speedometer on his bike). I'm really looking forward to getting a lot more riding it this spring/summer.

yesterday we took a trip to IKEA to get a few odds and ends. We ended up getting a nice little shelving piece that sits on the wall just above our PC/Desk and it looks so much nicer than the usual old junk we had hanging there (a phone list, a few unframed pics). We are debating painting next weekend but will play it completely by ear.

This weekend was a momentous weekend in world history - Pope JP II was buried and Prince Charles was re-married. I don't have much to say about either really. However I can't let the wedding go by and not add my two-cents worth:

I'm happy for Charles. He seems happy enough and his boys seem content and well adjusted with the issue so I can't really see the problem a lot of people are having. Yes Diana was lovely, and rightly should have been Queen, but she is not here in this world anymore (and wouldn't have been Queen anyway, even if she had lived). I won't go into the ins and outs about my feelings on Di, as this blog is about Charles and his new bride.

No, Camilla might not be as lovely to look at as Di, or be as young and interesting but she is the love of Charles' life. Perhaps they should have gotten their act together 30 years ago and married then, but they didn't. Sometimes life has a cruel way of denying us the things in life we really want. I don't envy the royals at all - I would never want to be held down by the laws they are meant to live by (I suppose that is why I admired Fergie so much). Charles, for many reasons did not marry the woman of his heart while he was young and I'm sure the years in between then and now have been difficult. However had he not gone down the path he felt he had to, he would not have the two beautiful sons he has today. So, although I'm not really concerned about the Prince of Wales, or his life, I am an advocate of true love and I'm glad to see that it prevailed on Friday (barf now if you choose).

And although I abhor the head-piece she wore for the blessing, I loved the outfit (hat included) that she wore for the actual marriage service. (FYI - I did not sit glued to the TV for the actual event - I was right there in the streets of Windsor... yeah NOT. I caught the highlights on the news that evening and read about it the paper.)

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