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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bag full of loot alright

This morning as I was cleaning out the kitchen drawers, I came across a party loot bag, took a quick peek inside and saw that there was still some good stuff left in it - i.e. candy and a toy streamer thing and figured it must be an old one of Connor's and gave it to him. I heard him pop the streamers and start reading the sayings on the little pack of love hearts before just as I asked him to come back into the kitchen and hold the bin bag open for me. It was then that he showed me something from the loot bag and asked me what it was. I absentmindedly told him I didn't know and told him to just throw it in the bag. When he left the room I glanced into the empty bag and looked at what he had discarded. It was a condom. The loot bag was from a Hen Night I'd been on back in July. Oooooops. I guess we should thank someone that he's still innocent, at least when it comes to these issues. In the clinic where I work boys not much older than him are coming in constantly asking for 'johnnies'.

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