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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Saturday Stroll

As not much has been going on other than a few head colds, and running errands, I thought I'd post a few pictures from a walk in the park Andy and I took with Molly on Saturday. It was gorgeous - sunny and crisp, perfect for being in a park as gorgeous as Hubbards Hills. There weren't many people around and Molly certainly enjoyed it. We are really relieved that she has finally begun going in the water on her own, something she gleefully did last weekend as she flung herself madly into the stream after a flock of birds.

I love these two:

Sorry, More Boob Talk

I just finished watching Tyra Banks' talk show. (I realize we are probably at least a month behind in episodes). It was all about breasts. Apparently there has been much rumour and speculation that she has had implants. Hrrmm. I have never thought that. I've never really paid it much attention to tell you the truth, but I have noticed her boobs on the rare time I see footage of her strutting it down the walkway in a VS bra. And every time I've never once thought real or fake? So many people have such an infatuation over breasts and if people have had boob jobs or not. She was a star on this episode and proved to all her viewers that she is in fact real - very real. I was worried that my boobs were sagging a bit sans bra. Tyra succeeded in making me feel that I'm actually ok. When that bra of hers came off - under t-shirt - it was very clear that those boobs of hers are natural. I just need to get myself some of the bras that Tyra has been wearing. She's a D cup, so I figure it can't be that hard for me to find something both pretty and uplifting in a DD. Definitely the one thing America has up on the rest of the world -Victoria secrets.

I mentioned her being a star on this episode. If I'm being honest, I have to admit that I'm enjoying her talk show and will continue to watch it. She seems genuinely kind and is working hard to make women feel good about themselves. That in itself says a lot - to me anyway. On the first show she and the audience all took off their make up - revealed their naked selves. And let me tell you, the lady looked, well, different without her makeup, not so pretty as the face we always see - she obviously was wearing a lot of face. If she wore less make up then the change probably wouldn't have been so dramatic. But she proved what most of us already know. It's easy to run around being envious of, or salivating over the models, and cover-girls - but so much of it is FAKE... make-up, air brushing, fake eye-lashes, hair extensions, etc. Any of us could be size 6 with perky tits, great abs, perfect skin, long locks, etc. if we had the money to blow on personal trainers and top scale salons...

I am me. I'm not happy with my body the way it is but it'll do. I've got more important things to spend my money on. I'll stick to the self-improvement regimes that I can afford - what I can fix (flab) will hopefully be fixed with a healthy work-out regime, what I can't afford to fix, or don't want to blow a heap of money on, will just have to stay the way it is. I'm too busy enjoying my life to get all caught up in that game.

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