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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love me long time

I'm sitting here this morning after tyding up the kitchen, eating my oatmeal and watching a few episodes of SVU. I keep looking at my stepper but have decided not to get on it yet as I have a few errands to to run first. No point in having two showers.

But before I go anywhere, I have to wait in for the technician to come and have a look at our dishwasher.

So I've decided to blog and tell you what kind of Valenine I received last Thursday.

On Valentines Day I opened my card from Andy, dressed in my red top, slapped on some red lipstick and headed to work. This was the best effort I could make, considering my husband wasn't going to be home that night due to work obligations. I wasn't really expecing anymore than that anyway - after all, we've been together six years and married for over three.

I was very entrigued though, when at 4:00 that afternoon I received an email from Andy sending me on a 'treasure hunt' of sorts. His letter told me to head down to a shop in Seaview Street, where I was to ask the clerk if there was something there for me. I was given an time-scale of 75 minutes to acheive this.

My co-workers were puzzled, wondering how I would do this in the amount of time alloted as there are dozens of shops on that particular street. I laughed as I headed out the door. There is only one shop on Seaview Street where my husband could be sending me. In The Pink. Yay.

When I entered the shop and asked the assistant if there was something there for me I was presented with only an envelope. I was a little puzzled as I thought it might be one of the pink boxes, as were Karen and her assistant. When I explained what was happening though, they were squealing with glee when I told them my husband was sending me on a Valentine's treasure hunt.

I went back home to wait until 5:15 when I could open the envelope. At 5:15 I did as instructed and had to search out a 'safe place' to find clue number 2, which I accomplished in less than 2 minutes. Clue II said I should have a bath, and do my hair. I won't tell you what else it said.

After I was ready, I had to hunt out a few other clues and instructions, again, some of which I will keep private :) but which ultimately instructed me to get dressed up, because I would be picked up at a 9 p.m. A car arrived for me, but I wasn't told where I was going until I was dropped off in town in front of Othello, a very nice Greek restaraunt in town. I quickly ran up the stairs in my high heeled red boots and as I ascended, I saw my husband sat by the bar, dressed in a suit, waiting for me.

Needless to say, I was thrilled (although by the time I was told I was going out, it was my assumption my husband was going to make the drive across the country to take me out :) and after embracing, we sat down to enjoy a glass of wine.

While we were seated at our table and after we had chosen our three course meal, my husband reached into his breast pocket and pulled out a long pink box. Inside it was a lovely bracelet I had been coveting from where else? In the Pink.

My husband proved himself to be a wonderfully enchanting man on that day and it certainly reminded me of the early days when we first fell in love with each other. I can't help but smile when I think of all the time and effort he put into making and hiding the beautifully printed cards that held the clues and that he drove across the country to spend a few short hours with me before having to drive back early the next morning.

As far as Valentine's go, I think I would be hard pressed to find someone whose Valentine's was more 'cough' romantic..

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