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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sometimes, wishes do come true

I don't know what's happening here in North East England but I'm sure not going to complain.  I thought the snow we got last Sunday was pretty much going to be it for us, however Mother Nature decided to bless us with her bounty and we received quite a snow storm late in the day on Tuesday that carried on throughout most of the night.  Wednesday morning we woke to a blanket of snow that would impress any Nova Scotian.  

Unlike hardy Nova Scotians the whole county came to a standstill.   We aren't equipped for this kind of snow.  At all. 

Me, unlike any other adult am ecstatic about it.  I've been waiting seven years for this and pretty much had given up hope.  I thought an inch or so is all I would ever see.  After all, it has been over 20 years since England has seen this kind of snow.

Hardly anyone ventured out and many services and offices shut down for the day due to the fact that no one could drive as the roads weren't ploughed.  Many people have only dug themselves out yesterday and today.  Some people have taken it way too far in terms of using it as an excuse not to get to work after Wednesday, however Andy and I managed as we are lucky enough to have a 4x4.  The estate we live on is pretty much an ice rink and the 4 wheel drive makes it that bit easier to maneuver the streets.  Of course up until yesterday we only ventured out to work and back.  Essential trips only - a lesson we are trying to teach our obnoxious 18 year old that doesn't really seem to be sinking in.

Bah what can you do?   18 year olds know everything, sorry for not understanding that in the first instance.

Back to the snow. Molly absolutely adores it.  She constantly stands by the back door asking to be let out in it and luckily enough for her, because we love the snow so much and have been working reduced hours, she has never had so many walks.

This afternoon we took advantage of last night's dusting to spend a few hours outside and captured our activities with the following photos:

Meet Jeffery

Molly had fun helping, but almost dug a whole in his side

The boys decided to build a snow fort...
I pitched in eventually

The finished product - cozy

Plenty of room inside

We had a reindog in the back yard :)


Fern Wimpley said...

Ahahaha!! Molly is so cute!!
Love that last photo of her!
And Jeffrey is awesome!

Fern Wimpley said...

PS: Your hair looks great dark!
And PPS: You should be having fires out back! That'd be awesome!!

Laraf123 said...

GREAT snowman and Molly makes the best reindog I've ever seen. Enjoy!