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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Sweet Claire

On Saturday our worst fear came to pass as Andy's sister Claire lost her battle with pneumonia.  

It's hard to believe we won't see her cheeky grin any more.  

We were blessed to have had her with us for as long as we did, however nothing makes her loss easier to bear than perhaps remembering the wonderful times:

With Mum and Dad at our last Canada Day Party  

Mum and Dad with all four children at a family party we had in 2011

Claire was in love with her niece Daisy from the moment she arrived 

Claire and her beloved Aunty Mavis who has been by her side since the moment she was born.

We say goodbye to her next week;  for the time being we are staying close to each other while planning a  send off that Claire would have loved.  

Because Claire loved nothing more than a party with her family all around. 
Her Mum, Dad, brothers, sister & co. are going to see that this is exactly what she has, one last time.

We love you Claire, and will always hold you close in our hearts. 


Tina said...

Much love to you all. She looked like a very happy girl.

Fern Wimpley said...

Thinking of everyone, love you so much xoxo