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Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Rundown

I thought it was high time I dropped you a line to say that I'm still around and that no, I haven't completely given up on this whole sharing a component of my world with you just yet. I wish I had the drive to post a bit more often and this time round I don't even have a good excuse. Well that's not completely true. I have been extremely busy reading other blogs, mainly of the culinary variety. Lately I've been on a real baking kick, ever since St Paddy's Day (which was ironically my last post).  Work has been busy too, especially as I missed a few days due to a bad cold, however in reality I'm just making up excuses. 

Seriously though. Here is the rundown on what's been keeping me preoccupied: 

1. Trying to replicate pretty but tasty recipes I've been finding from some amazing food bloggers


  Neither of these were nearly as pretty as the original's but they were tasty. 

2. Going on a few hikes with Andy and the dogs (we've had Carter to stay a few weekends this spring. 

During our 9.5 mile hike through the surrounding villages last weekend, we came across the neatest little 'lending library': 

3. I have cheerfully been getting the house sorted for spring and of course Easter, which I love. We have a busy weekend planned over the holiday for a number of reasons, including Jayden's 2nd birthday. I know!  I don't know where the time has gone. I will make sure to pop back before the month is behind us to share photos and a tale or two.

I love the abundance of tulips this time of year brings.

Oh, and I almost forgot... There is one thing that is proving rather distracting; some of you need your fix from medical dramas, The Bachelor, hell maybe even some version of Housewives of who cares. Me? Well my fix for the next month or two is... Masterchef. 

If I'm not back before the weekend, Happy Easter! 


Laraf123 said...

Love, love, love #2. Oh, and the tulips aren't too shabby either! Thanks for sharing these happy things!

Jody said...

Lara, so pleased to see you sorted your comment glitch out :) I thought you would love that little library :) xo