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Thursday, December 16, 2004

A Big Ole Bottle

A Great Big Bottle! Posted by Hello

This jug of delicous cider has been sitting on my kitchen shelf for over two weeks now, just anticipating the Christmas Season. Next week it will be going in our fridge to ensure it is nice and cold. Shame I will probably be drinking it all by my little ole self as Andy prefers beer and brandy. These are the times when a gal needs her Maritime pals around... Ummmmmm cider. Definitely one thing the British know how to make! (I can thank Darla for telling me to make sure I tried it!)

When I first saw this bottle at the local shop it reminded me of a big bottle of ale Cat and I bought while out at Brewdebakers. I think I still have the photos of us drinking it... too bad she isn't here to help me with this one! I say old chap, Jolly Good Times!

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