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Thursday, December 02, 2004

My Christmas Spirit

Christmas is coming and I'm finally beginning to get in the spirit of things. This morning I was up fairly early as I knew the postman was coming with a parcel. He had come yesterday but I had missed him. I didn't want that to happen again, and luckily it didn't. I was excited to see Tawny's Christmas package for us - she even had the parcel wrapped in Christmas paper! I'm a bit surprised that it got here this early - Tawn only mailed it a few weeks ago and I'm pretty sure she sent it surface, which could take a month or more especially at this time of year.

So this morning after receiving Tawny's Christmas parcel I cleaned up the house and then took out a few of my Christmas Ornaments. Nothing much, just a few things I made at Claytime and a few candle holders. Tomorrow night when the boys are here we will put the tree and lights up. This weekend Wendy is having a joint Birthday/Christmas party for Alison and Scott (they share a birthday) and will be gone to Argentina for their actual birthday as well as Christmas. So begins the actual commencement of the holiday festivities here in New Waltham.

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