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Monday, May 08, 2006

Not much of a recap, but something is better than nothing.

What with a whirlwind trip through London and Paris and and a long drive to Robin Hood's Bay followed by a hard night of drinking, (and this is only the half of it) I'm not even sure where to start to try and begin to catch everyone up with what's been happening. So I don't think I will even attempt to do so at this moment, only to say that I'm estatic that the children got to see there Aunty Stacy again, and of course to finally meet their Aunty Dawn. Our boys have been proving absolutely engaging and hilarious and if you can sit in a car for three hours and listen to Connor's constant stream of inquisitive chatter, than you definitely have a friend for life.

Tonight we are all set to head across to our local where we are meeting friends for Quiz Night, where we plan to totally decimate all other competitors. It is the belief that us Canucks (Les Castors), with a lot of help from our English Consorts, can do just that. Our trial run on Thursday night saw us take fourth place, tonight we want first.

The girls have found a little time to tell our tale from their warped perspective over on their sites, which you can find here on Stacy's Blog and here on Dawn's Blog

Stacy has also managed to upload a few pictures from London and Paris which you will find here. I will try and upload more photos when I get a little down time. At the moment I have to run again as we are off to take in a few more local sites and make our plans for this week.

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