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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Running around in circles

This week has found all my best laid plans blown to bits. I had carefully planned out my schedule so that I would not find myself in the last few hours prior to our departure to London running around trying to sort everything out at the last minute. As usual my plans have a way of running straight out the door, with me chasing after them.

Last night I took the boys to see a film as life in their other home hasn't been going so smoothly these last few days. The rest of the evening was spent repairing Alex's school clothes. I'm definitely not the type of mother who can sew something from scratch, or even hem a pair of pants, but I can put needle to thread and work it so that there is no longer a hole(s) where there shouldn't be, nevermind how uneven the result. I do however know that I am the kind of mother who won't let her kid go to school with the crotch out of his trousers, so alas, last night was spent trying to fix a problem that definitely needed fixing.

I thought I had most of today and half of tomorrow to get the house ready before driving down to London but Andy's schedule has changed and now, after three weeks of working local he has to drive all the way to Liverpool for one meeting on the Friday we go away. So to save him having to come all the way back here for me, I'll get up and leave the house with him at 6:00 a.m.

A small sacrifice, considering what the end result will be!

I did manage to get most tasks done this morning and there are just a few things left to get through before I can pack my bag and make a few calls/emails to finalize our plans!

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