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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tingling with Anticipation...

Friday is my birthday and my loving husband has been planning something for weeks now. He has managed to keep it a secret thus far, although I know on Sunday he was fast approaching a point where he was going to erupt and tell me just exactly what he had planned. Of course this was when we were trying to sort out what I should be packing (he has told me that its an overnight excursion) and wanted me to trust him. I however don't think I'm the only woman that might have some reservations around a man picking out her outfit. I am, however a woman who loves a surprise and because he has worked so hard on this I will place my trust in him. Apparently he has had some assistance in planning this event, but hasn't told the children where he is taking me in fear that they spill the beans. Lord knows he's having a hard enough time keeping little 'hints' to himself as it is. If I was the kind of girl who persisted in being given some kind of idea as to what he was planning, I'm sure he would have broken by now. Call me crazy, but I'm happy to be kept in the dark.

There has also been an unexpected number of packages delivered to me. Mom and Dad's arrived just over a week ago, my friend gave me a gift bag last week, and today I received not one, but two! A package came from Tawny, wrapped in lovely lime green paper, and another had arrived earlier from Roisin. It's been hard not opening these packages, and I've even managed to hold off on Mom and Dad's (which is saying something since its been laying around for so long). But today I couldn't resist, I opened the one from Roisin, telling myself that I couldn't be 100% certain it was something to do with my birthday. Of course it was and inside I found a beautiful necklace and bracelet that will be just perfect for this weekend.

If I wasn't feeling a little bit celebrated before today, I sure am feeling it now.

I'm also looking forward to beginning this book. I think its going to be an absorbing piece, especially since I am so interested in psychiatry, and certainly the way it was perceived/practiced over 100 years ago. I'm trying to branch out in the type of literature I've been reading and just finished a non-fictional autobiography entitled 'A Piece of Cake' by an author called Cupcake Brown which tells a gripping, if appalling tale of how the US Legal/Foster system could so horribly fail a child in the 1970's and 80's. Thankfully this woman triumphed to become a lawyer in a top-ranking firm.

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