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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wanting and Needing

Yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work I heard a knock upon the door. At 8:00 this usually only means one thing: my mate the friendly post man has a very welcome package for me, or mine.

Turns out this box was addressed to me and the Allenby Clan from a very special Canuck we call Sage Longbottom, better known as Dawn. It was full of mine and my family's favourite Canadian things: Reese's pieces, Lucky Charms, Trident Gum, tuna, Pad Thai sauce, and a big package of these:

Here is where I add that I am probably the most gluttonous person this side of the Atlantic. My greediness came out in full whack as I proceeded to stuff my mouth with these wonderfully scrumptious peanutbutter chocolate treats and did not stop until today, when I reached the bottom of the bag. In my very weak defense I did manage to stop on occasion, trying to convince myself to share, if not with my mother-in-law, then at least with the kids. But I fobbed myself off, letting the evil cow inside me win. The cow convinced me that the kids could have the bag of Reese's, and the gum, Andy could have the Twerpz (or at least half that bag) that they could all have the cereal and every other goody, so long as I got the bag of PB cups.

Nevermind the fact that there were numerous other gifts in there for me such as a beautiful handmade scarf and hat, and treats from Lush. I'm not even putting a dent in what was in that box of gold. To top it all off there was a lovely Chinese game that we can't wait to try on the weekend.

It is times like these when I hold my friends and family so dear, for remembering all the little things of home that add up into something very big. We are truly blessed to have such caring people love us from afar.

Starting Over

This year began very quietly for Andy and I, we ended up having dinner out and retiring home by 10:00 to have a drink and welcome the New Year by ourselves. The weeks leading up to Christmas were rather hectic and I found my self experiencing a multitude of emotions, the end result being my disinterest in blogging. I seem to have found my way back though and am looking forward to both blogging and exercising with zest, a few weeks away from both have taken their toll both physically and emotionally. Exercising will not only assist my body in getting rid of the 1/2 stone I put on over the holidays (and most likely am still adding to) but it helps keep my mind focused and clear. Writing will only help the cause I should think.

We were all spoiled to excess over the holidays and didn't stop at the personal gifts for each other. Andy and I proceeded to buy ourselves that big double door fridge, as well as a clothes dryer (we had a little unexpected 'income' just prior to Christmas). Both these appliances have gone a long way to save my sanity, especially the dryer as I think I would have preferred to wring my own neck with jeans than hang one more pair over the radiator or door.

Connor's New Year Resolution (I haven't made any) is to drink only ice-water until the end of January, at least while here in this house. He has a fascination with the fridge's ice-maker/water dispenser and loves using it. Surprisingly he has stuck to it thus far bless him. We'd only dared to hope that this would be one very positive effect of the new fridge and we didn't even have to 'push' the kids into it. Fingers crossed that it continues even after the novelty wears off.

Oh, and how could I forget to mention one of my other favourite toys, Sky+. This happens to be the UK's equivalent to TiVo. My only thought around this new addition is 'What on earth took us so long?'

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