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Monday, August 20, 2007

Its a love/hate thing for sure

FaceBook: Whilst talking to Darla the other night on the phone, for well over an hour and a half, one of our topics of conversation was this phenomenon that seems to have taken over the IT world. Darla stated that it was the bain of her existence. She cannot understand why anyone would ask to be your friend and then never speak to you. The answer to that is plain and simple: for popularity purposes only - its a race to see how many 'friends' you can amass.

Both Darla and I have agreed that we don't seek out people to be friends with unless they are in fact our friends/relations and Dar can't even bring herself to ever add anyone as her friend, she just sits back and lets them come to her. While at the same time she wants to be friends with certain people who she does in fact know are members of FB. In the beginning I contacted a few old acquaintances from high school and often added a personal note, but now I will only ask people if they are important to me, and I rarely ever accept someone if I barely know them. I can happily report though, that out of all the friends who have contacted me we've caught up on the basics either through email or posting. One of my favourite things about logging into FB is seeing a notification that I've had a friend request, and it turns out to be someone I indeed what to reconnect with. Sad and pathetic, maybe -but I am grateful that FB is in play because I'm now in touch with a few people that I care very much for (i.e. two cousins that live far away). It just makes it so much easier.

My one problem with FB (and maybe I'm not being fair here)is that many of my fellow bloggers have seemed to slack off big style when it comes to blogging (myself included). This is disappointing to me because as an expat, I had come to look forward to reading these blogs a few times a week. There are a few of you who still blog regularly (and you two know who you are ;) and I really appreciate you for it. A few have blogged a bit more in recent days and I've read each line with such expectation, I'm reminding myself of an addict who keeps licking their cracked lips in sweaty anticipation of the next hit. Again, sad and pathetic maybe, but I make no excuses.

I am so grateful that my move to the UK came at a time when emails/blogs etc. were in play, and better yet, that long distance rates have improved so dramatically. Because of Emails, Blogs, and now FB, I am now able to keep in almost daily contact with my sisters/friends, etc. but I will say this, nothing beats hearing a familiar voice on the other end of the line, so clear that you cannot believe that there is an entire ocean and over 4000+ miles separating you.

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