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Monday, July 14, 2008

And providing the musical interlude for us on his little blue guitar...

This morning our skeleton crew came in to work in varying moods. I of course was on a high from not seeing only one movie this weekend but two. I haven't done that since being home in Nova Scotia. I'm still smiling from seeing Mama Mia last night, which my husband agreed to see with me, despite it being a major chick flick. Even Andy couldn't stop laughing at the antics of Julie Walters, who was absolutely hilarious, and although all the singing wasn't even close to that of what you would see in the West End, it was still a valiant effort on behalf of actors who don't normally sing and it was just plain FUN.

Seeing that gorgeous Greek scenery that I will soon shortly be experiencing in person was an added bonus as its not something I just have to dream about!

And of course, how could we not keep smiling when we have this kind of entertainment in an otherwise dismal office:

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