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Monday, July 21, 2008

School's out for summer...well almost

I just got off the phone with Alex who was trying to con me into letting him have Wednesday off school. It's his last day and he was trying to say that because he only has one lesson in the morning, and then an two hour assembly, there really is no point in him going. Oh, but there is, and he will. But God love him for trying, I would have done the same. Man... but it only seems like yesterday when I was trying to pull the same con with my mom. Now that I think of it, she probably did let me stay home ;)

Connor finished last Thursday, but has to go back on the 28th August. Gross eh?

(Note: to my Canuck friends who may not be aware, kids over here have shorter summer breaks as they have many more small breaks off throughout the year i.e. a week in October, a week in May.)

Looking forward...

~ I can barely sit still because on Friday morning my sister Stacy will be arriving here to stay for nearly a whole month!!!

~ On the weekend, Stacy and I are participating in the Spheremania Challenge for Charity. If you've no idea what that is:

"SphereMania works by harnessing two willing participants in a 4m wide sphere facing each other. The sphere is then lifted hydraulically onto a giant slide which then rolls down a 200ft slide and inflatable track. The sphere is released sending participants hurtling down the slide reaching high speeds before stopping safely at the end of the track.

There is also a facility to record the experience, where either person wears a DVD camera filming the other person, as they tumble up and down and round and round.

Are we crazy - maybe. Let's hope Stacy is able to convince some of you at home to pledge her!

~ On Monday, the boys leave for a two week vacation in Turkey with their mother; its been a long time coming and I really do hope they enjoy themselves.

~ We have Stacy's mate Brian coming to visit us on the weekend of the 2nd (oh man... should we be worrying?? ;)

~ On Monday the 4th, Stacy, Andy, Brian and I leave to head over to Warrington, as Stace, Andy and I are heading to Kefalonia on Tuesday morning for a week of fantastic fun in the sun!!!(Something we don't see much of around these parts.) Brian is heading elsewhere for one his usual jaunts around Europe etc.

I'll not talk about what's on the agenda for the rest of the summer until after we get back from Greece... sorry but it seems to be overshadowing just about everything at this moment in time.

Come on Friday :)

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