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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Back from Hiatus

I realize its been an awfully long time since I last posted. Initially my reasoning was that there wasn't much to talk about, then of course I had a visit from my beautiful mom and Aunt and naturally there will be loads to post about, but I'm still trying to sift through a multitude of photos, etc.

This last week has been a strange one, with a number of occurrences:

Some not so good:

I've come down with an awful bad spasm in my back that has been making every day life a little unbearable for me, and what's worse, its stopping me from going to the gym which I'd really love to be doing if not just for the exercise, but to keep my mind off missing my mom and Aunt Nita. As most of you also know, Polar, our little family dog back home, had to be put down last Friday. Its going to be so strange to go home this summer and not have him there, even though I've known this was coming for such a long time and said my goodbyes when I was home last year.

Some very good:

Our little romeo Connor turned 13 on Monday. To think of how fast the past six years have gone is unreal - I remember being with him when he celebrated his 8th birthday. Connor is such a sweet, unbelievably funny young man, with a knack for bringing a smile to the face of everyone he encounters. I wonder what the next few years have in store for us, considering the fact he has already brought more than one pretty young lass to our house, and has a penchant for causing mischief. But honestly, what's to be expected from a lad who could not only charm the birds out of the sky, but has such big blue eyes and a mop of unruly golden curls to match said personality? He still doesn't shy away from giving big hugs to his old step-mom and hopefully it will last a little longer. I have to publish these two photos though, the first one because it is such a family favourite, and the second, because it captures his personality brilliantly and shows what a shining star he is.

On Tuesday, Andy's brother Adi and his lovely wife Zoe welcomed one of the most beautiful baby boys I have ever seen into the world. Archie James weighed in at 7.15 and only put his momma through 4.5 hours of labour. Which was deserved really, after the hellish time they have gone through to have a child. On a lighter note though, I often think that if Andy and I were to ever have a baby and it was a girl, I would be so tempted to call her Veronica. This is probably a witticism only North Americans would understand ;) .

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