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Monday, November 08, 2010

Just don't make me empty promises

Yesterday marked the seventh day of my 30 Day Shred.  I haven't skipped one work out,  I've been taking Molly for longer walks, I've been watching everything I eat very carefully, and on Saturday and Sunday I even did a 45 minute cardio stint at the gym, followed by more abs.

Because I have been so faithful I decided I owed myself a treat.  So I will not tell you a lie:  on Saturday night I indulged in a glass three glasses of pinot grigio and a Crunchy Bar.  When I lost 28 lbs in 2003 I used to have one free day a week and it worked, so I figured it couldn't hurt.

Today I stepped on the scale and was absolutely appalled to see I've put on two pounds. So it probably did hurt. A lot.

Every day for the past week I have sweated my ass off.  I'm walking around trying to ignore the fact that it feels like I have steel rods inserted in my thighs.  Although it can be tiring and each night I need a hot bath to relieve the strain I am putting on my aching muscles, I'm actually enjoying the work-outs and the challenge of this program. 

Did I think I would see results instantly?  No, I didn't.  And I keep trying to tell myself that muscle weighs more than fat;  however I know that you don't build muscle up in a week.  However I do know that this shred is not your typical work out program and I actually feel different already.  They have promised that results will be achieved quicker than if I were just working out at the gym, because of the stress that is put on the body.  Andy has reported that my legs are already feeling firmer and maybe they are.  I'm not sure. I'm just confused at this moment and time.  Part of me wants to quit, but I won't.  I will see this through and find out for myself how 'real' this shred is. 

I will try to ignore the scales and if I come out of this down a size in clothing and much stronger, then I will feel like it all hasn't been for nothing. 


dawn mclaughlin said...

Sending you strength, Jods! It's not fair when you bust your balls that hard!!!!!

Laraf123 said...

Well, I still give you credit for being determined. I promised myself that I'd walk during my lunch hour every day. So far, I've done it once. You are way ahead of me--keep going, you'll see results soon, I know it!

BayGirl said...

I tried the 30 Day Shred at one point, too, but I couldn't take more than a few days of it. Might be an idea to give it another go soon, as I'm stronger now than I was then and have more stamina. At the moment I'm walking, doing Zumba, Yoga and Boxercise and loving it :)