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Friday, January 14, 2011

I'll choose a book everytime

I started my 50th book, 'Last Night In Twisted River' by John Irving, the week leading up to Christmas.  Because it was such a busy holiday season full of last minute Christmas shopping, meal planning and gift wrapping, I didn't have a whole lot of extra time to read.   Also, during Christmas I like to spend my spare time watching Christmas movies and drinking a lot of wine.  I will not deny it.

Last Night in Twisted River was a well written and captivating book, like most by Irving. I had so wanted to finish it by the end of the year though, which would have closed my 'So Far So Shelved 2010' list at an even 50 rather than 49.  Seriously, how unimpressive is that number? (Unless of course it has a one in front of it and is the weight my dream scales tell me I am).  I was hoping that my list would have topped out at a whopping and much more impressive 80, however I won't dwell on it, as my realistic goal at the beginning of 2010 was 52. My reasoning behind this was that early on in the year I was averaging about one book per week (even though some weeks I was reading more).  When you do the math, I should have completed 52 in total. 

This year, I may be able to do it, however I've started 2011 with this whopper of a beauty:

At approximately 1000 pages it might take me a little longer than a week;  however Ken has  away of pulling me so deeply into his narrative that I often end up reading his epic novels faster than a bog standard 400 pager.

The only trouble with this ginormous, hard-backed beauty is that it doesn't make bathtub reading easy, and that my dears, is my most favourite place to indulge in a book. 

Which brings me to this:  I-Pads. 

What a clever invention.  They are handy, convenient and user friendly. I wouldn't mind having one but when you have an I-phone, home computer and numerous laptops in the home, they would be an extravagant toy we really don't need.  Especially when it comes to reading books.  

Here are a few reasons why I've reached the conclusion that a good old fashioned book can never be replaced with an I-pad: 

1.  Books do not have to be 'charged' because they aren't battery operated
2.  You have to make sure the I-pad is transported in a protective case; they can't be thrown willy-nilly into your handbag;  
3.  It's much more enjoyable to read an actual book to a small child, enabling them to interact with you and turn the pages while looking at any pictures;
4. If you knock your wine over while reading a book, the pages only get wet.  An I-pad wouldn't react well to getting soaked in wine, no matter what vintage it is.

And lastly, but most importantly:

5.  You can't read your I-pad in the bath (while sipping an ice-cold glass of Pinot Grigio)


Tawny said...

I loved Last Night in Twisted River. LOVED it. Read parts out loud to Clara when she was six weeks old because I couldn't put it down.

And 49 books is impressive. At least to me - I'm lucky if I managed a book a month last year and likely not :).

I'm with you on the iPad, I looooove ours and enjoy reading books on it but my ideal reading environment is still in the tub :).

dawn mclaughlin said...

Me and Steve had this conversation last week- and we agree with you. There's nothing like the book in your hands (and I do 90% of my reading in the tub).

Joanne said...

Definitely a book lover here -- and did I ever LOVE Fall of Giants. Best thing I had to get me through my recoverly last year. Now is it 2012 yet so I can read the next installment???

Fern Wimpley said...

6. You look like a tool at your local Starbucks or Second Cup with your iPad out on the patio table (at least I think so...)
7. Books SMELL really good.
I might try and see how many books I read this year!

Fern Wimpley said...

Would nutrition books count??

Tawny said...

Oh stacy, what exactly makes a person look like a tool for reading on their ipad at whatever coffee shop, whether its indoors or outdoors?

I'm going to add, this ours is coming with us in April to Florida, the ipad would be an ideal thing to bring on holidays, especially a long leisurely one where you'd be doing a lot of reading. Just the ipad and hundreds of books at your fingertips.

If you think someone looks like a tool for using their ipad on a patio you'd probably thing they looked like a complete moron for using it on a beach or by the pool ;).

Laraf123 said...

I haven't read Ken Follett in ages--but I loved his older stuff. (I used to miss my stop on the way home because I'd just sit on the train engulfed in one of his thrillers.) I'm going to look into this new one. Yep, I'd take the book every time as well. The simple yet solid form appeals to me. And if you tend to lose things like I do, they are easily and inexpensively replaced!