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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

On turning 30-Old... (38)

Last night I went out with Beryl, my mum-in-law and another friend for a pre-birthday dinner to one of my favourite wine bars. I indulged in scallops a chocolate dessert and glass of wine – and why not?

The last couple of weeks haven’t been the easiest, in terms of what’s been going on in the lives of those I care about. As well, many of my friends/family have been suffering from the bout of flu that has been making the rounds and everybody has been more or less laying low. Andy spent most of the weekend lounging on the couch or bed, too poorly to do much else.

Tonight I think it’s more than just me who is looking forward to heading up to the local pub to enjoy a meal and have a few drinks. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday really, low key and unassuming.

So far today I have already been spoiled. I won’t lie and say that I don’t enjoy this day that I was born, a long time ago in the post era of free-love (even if it means I’m getting older). I like the extra attention: all the lovely cards and good wishes. Although I don’t expect any, the little gifts I receive are a great treat especially so soon after Christmas. Each year I’m truly surprised over how many people make a fuss over me. I’m really a very lucky girl. I know this without a doubt.

And on Saturday I fly home where I get to enjoy an extended birthday with my family (I always seem to be able to drag my birthday out over more than one day – it’s so much better that way). My family and I aren’t only going to be celebrating my birthday but the fact that my mother has made it through this year and is healthy, when it could have turned out so differently. (And we can’t forget my baby sister’s awesome achievement – I’m not sure if I will even recognize her after such a major weight loss!) I have so many people to give big hugs to on this trip home… I can’t wait. But I think I’ve said that already.

Most of my birthdays are good ones, but this year is gearing up to be a great one – I have so much to be grateful for.

So yes, I’m 30-Old today but that’s ok. I’m not forty yet.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Special girl!!


Fern Wimpley said...

Can't wait to see you on Saturday!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy be-lated birthday - hope it was a good one!!!

I sent you a couple of e-mails a while back about the owl toques I've been making, as well as an owl website that I came across that I thought you would like....but I have been finding out that some of my e-mails (for whatever reason) haven't been getting receieved, so drop me a line if you didn't get them - I didn't want you to think I ignored your request for an adult sized toque!!!!