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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

Looking back I'm surprised that I've been away for nearly a month; in some ways it feels like only yesterday that I was celebrating my birthday.  In other ways it seems an eon ago as so much has happened in between then and now.  I had got to thinking when I was visiting home that I should probably do a post or two to let you all know what I'd been getting up to and show off some of the  photos I'd been taking.  However, I was too busy going to the gym nearly every day, either with my sister or mom, and in between we just had lots of down time hanging out at the house watching Private Practice, playing cards or Yatzee and basically just soaking up every moment we could with my mom, sister and brother.  Stacy and I had a fantastic time one evening just trying on dresses and prancing around in high heels to the great amusement of our mother.  She said it was music to her heart to see and hear us having so much fun 'being girls'.  I won't mention the fun we had messing around with one of mom's wigs... I'm sure they must have heard our shrieks of laughter back here in England.  We rocked that wig and I promise you photos in another post (even though many of you who are my friends on Facebook will already have been privy to these). 

Because I was only home for two weeks, the time passed way to quickly.  Then again, doesn't it always when you are having fun? My brother had some time off which was great as always, Dad managed a few days at home.  Of course I saw lots of my aunts and uncle;  I didn't see Dawn nearly enough, but enjoyed the few times we did meet up and shared a good, hard laugh as we often do when together:

Stace and I with our sister from another mister :)

I managed to take in four films whilst away  and enjoyed them all;  I won't forget the night we took in a   double feature during a blizzard with my brother, sister and dear friend Jeff.  But why not have an adventure when you are in a location that is equipped to handle so much snow and its only once every few years that I'm even home in winter?

Nova Scotia had plenty of snow during my stay and on my last day Stacy and I went out to play. And play we did... like a couple of kids.  It wasn't long before we were joined by my cousin Wayne and his twin boys, Lucas and Brendan.   The snow was thigh high in places which made the maneuvering hard for the twins seven year old legs, however they showed no fear or hesitation when it came to jumping off the deck into the drifts.  Seems like I was the only one who was slightly nervous.  At least I jumped though, Wayne didn't :)

I have loads of other stuff to share with you and promise to do so in the coming days.  I don't want to put it all in one post as a) I often struggle to find something interesting to tell you and for once have some posts 'stored' up and b) it would take you an hour to read if I spilled it all tonight (providing it even kept your interest).

So I leave you with a few of my favourite photos from that last 'snow' day and promise to be back soon... unless one post is enough for you that is :)

My beautiful, amazing baby sister

Jumpers!  Stace and the Twin Tornadoes!


Altogether now! I did jump, really :)

Happiness :)

I can't believe how long these horses have been around :) It wouldn't be home withouth looking out the back window and seeing them.


Anonymous said...

.Looks you had a ball and it was so good to see you Jods.. I'll get together with my buddy when i get back for Bingo. Love ya!!


JBrown31 said...

Happy I got to share some of your time home!

Tina said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. Stacy looks awesome. I can't believe those horses are still there!

Laraf123 said...

Beautiful winter photos. You express the joy of being home with your family so well--it's always a pleasure to read your posts!