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Thursday, June 02, 2011

I wanna go far away...

With everything that has been happening at home I don’t know who is spending more time thinking of a holiday somewhere hot and warm, Andy or me.

Myrtos Beach - Kefalonia

I was perusing cheap holidays yesterday on the internet when Andy emailed me wondering if I was interested in going back to Kefalonia in September.

We are so often on the same page with each other you would think we write with the same pen.

Of course I would love to head out to Kefalonia in September. It’s one of our favourite Greek Islands. We know the location, we love the accommodation and it’s very comfortable. I don’t even want to think about the food or I will be drooling all over my keyboard.

Garbis Villas - where we love to stay...

There is a part of me though, that wants to try somewhere new, maybe add another country to the checklist on my map. However I don’t know if this is the year to do that or not due to time, expense, etc. I like the fact that I don’t have to use up a huge chunk of my leave on travelling, even if it means I won’t get home again this year. It’s nice to have the time to just take a day here and there when required.

As I might have mentioned more than once, my brother is coming and that will be like a holiday in itself. We could definitely incorporate a mini trip in with him as I know he is thinking of heading to Ireland this summer before heading off to Europe. I love the thought of exploring the Irish countryside as we’ve only ever visited once, and that was only Dublin for a few days (not nearly long enough). Andy and I had also been toying with the idea of visiting our friends in Italy… Italy is expensive though and I’m not sure if we can fit it into our budget this year.

We have a decision to make though and it’s a tricky one because we’d decided when we agreed to buy a hot tub that we wouldn’t need a holiday this year; this was before the teenager that used to live with us turned our hair a lighter shade of grey.

We have already determined that we will take some time off to explore the UK with John, but I also think a little beach break might be in order. We are mentally exhausted and quite frankly want to get away. If we do go in September it gives us something to look forward to, if nothing else.

In all seriousness, I would board a plane tomorrow for a week if we could find the right deal.

What I am focusing on though, is that John will be with us in just over two weeks. It will awesome to have him here, for him to meet my friends, Molly and the rest of the family. To show him this beautiful country and know that because we live here he had the added incentive to plan his tour of Europe. It’s been a long time coming, but finally, my baby brother is coming to the UK. Oh yeah!

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dawn mclaughlin said...

He'll be a ray of sunshine in Waltham! xo