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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Keep the good times rolling

Yesterday was a roasting hot day here in the north east of England… Driving home yesterday the temperature was at 30 degrees. I don’t remember the last time it was that hot here. And the humidity was crazy; the kind of humidity where you just know a thunder storm will follow. And follow it has. Today at work we watched lightening, heavy rains and even hail crash down outside; the thunder was louder than I have heard in a long, long time. I rang home today to make sure Molly was alright. I knew John would have his hands full keeping my little pup calm. Like fireworks, she abhors thunder. It frightens the heck out of her.

Of course she was alright with her new best friend. Since my brother has arrived he has taken great joy in walking her every day. He even took her for a walk after everyone had eaten at Tasha’s 21st Birthday BBQ on Saturday.

It’s not just Molly that is enjoying having John to stay; we all are. I’ve been seeing Connor more than usual as a result; Most of my friends who have met John have taken a shine to him, and of course the family and he are getting along famously. But why wouldn’t they? They, as well as my brother are an easy going bunch. I was pleased that John got to see Alex for coffee on Saturday morning and is hoping to see him again before he leaves for Europe in a few weeks.

We have been keeping fairly busy and I’ve picked a few of my favourite pictures from the last ten days to share with you:

John and Connor on the London Eye:

At Cafe Rouge:

 On Tower Bridge:

We celebrated Tasha's 21st Birthday on Saturday:

John and Archie riding the train Archie constructed:

Champagne and a hottub:

On Sunday John and I headed out to York...
it was a fantastic day:

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Fern Wimpley said...

Glad that you're having so much fun!
Glad you finally posted!! xo