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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Ghosts of Halloween Past

Driving home from a dinner with colleagues last evening I was delighted to see tons of trick or treaters roaming the streets and they weren’t only on the main streets in town but were also out in droves in our village. When I pulled in the drive I was thrilled to see that Andy had put up even more decorations and ensured our jackolaterns were all lit. Because we live at the back of a cul-de-sac many kids might not bother to come all the way in without the enticement of spooky lighting. However Andy said we had about 25 so we were already up by 15 from last year. Unfortunately no more came around after I got in; I’m basically ok with this though as by 7:30 it’s usually just the big kids who don’t even bother to put much of a costume on. Another bonus for the goblins out last night was that the temperature was between 10-15 degrees so it wasn’t cold out. That’s one thing I always remember about trick or treating back in Nova Scotia; the temp never failed to drop to about 2 degrees on all hallows eve.

Plinky.com asked for a favourite memory of Halloween. I don’t have any one particular favourite, however I do have a few moments that stand out from Halloween’s past:

• Dressing in mom’s wedding gown when I was about 12 or 13. I couldn’t believe she let me wear her wedding dress; the only disappointing factor was that it wouldn’t zip up over the bulky sweater I had to wear. (It was probably more the fact that I am a completely different build to my mom and at 12 was about 30 lbs heavier than she was on her wedding day; She’s much shorter and has a slight frame). I reckon my little sister Tawny wore that dress without issue on another Halloween as she was skinny and hadn’t a rack most page 3 girls would pay big money for.)

  • The last year I went out.  My friends and I each filled not one, but two pillow cases with loot.   If you are going to retire from the game, you might as well make it a good one.  (We were about 15.)
• My cousin and I dressed as 1980's prostitutes one year… I know, I know. Ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous was that we actually caught the attention of a couple of fellows and ended up speaking to them for quite awhile before I cottoned on to the fact that they actually thought we were hookers. Great. I was not flattered. Needles to say, that was a lesson I didn’t need to learn twice. It's actually kind of sad that there were a number of young girls walking around our estate last night looking pretty much the same.

• My front window getting egged the first year I lived here. There wasn’t a knock at the door first so I know it wasn’t tricksters pulling a stunt because there were no treats to be had. It wasn’t a pleasant job to clean up and I’m glad we don’t live on a main thoroughfare anymore.

My sister posted a picture of Clara in both of her Halloween costumes yesterday. She had one for the day and a much warmer, bumblebee costume for trick or treating. I’m not quite sure where they went as Clara isn’t yet 2, however I love the Halloween spirit her parents are instilling in her. (Another blogger who adores Halloween and has two adorable girls, Jen mentioned her fear that a number of traditions seem to be dying out with today’s generation, with the exception of the materialism aspect and I sadly have to agree). Although Halloween doesn't seem to be what it was when I was young, I hope it doesn't end up only being about expensive costumes and trick or treating inside (i.e. malls).  Especially as it only seems to be getting more popular in the UK now. Oh, and how bad is it that most of the costumes young (and not so young) women are wearing have to be some type of 'sexy' theme.  Give me Marge Simpson or a gory zombie any year. 

Here’s a picture of Clara the Fairy (her daytime costume):

I think she makes the most adorable fairy ever.

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