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Friday, July 13, 2012

Hypo-all-the-way now...

If you know me at all you will know that my dog Molly holds a place in my life that most people don't.    

For months now she has been suffering from terrible skin allergies.  She's had several doses of antibiotics which would clear everything up for a few weeks but before long the rash/itch would be back.  I changed her food to hypo-allergenic and ordered Omega 3/Starfish oils to add to her diet.  It helped with the itch, but not so much the rash. 

So Mark (Molly's vet) and I agreed that she needed a whole series of blood work.  The result?  Molly is allergic to about four different types of grass, a few trees, nettles, dust and a multitude of other things that dogs have constant access to. Basically everything.  There are no tests for food, but after discussions with myself and a vet dermatologist, Mark reckons she is allergic to a lot of different foods as well.     

Aside from finding out the results of her blood work, this was the outcome of Molly's last trip to the vet:

A month's worth of strong antibiotics 
A strict diet of only hypo-allergenic food and dog treats (no people food at all, which will be hard for her dad, and yes a bit difficult for me too)

A much lighter bank account. - the vet bill is past the £300 mark, thankfully the organic food isn't as bad as I'd thought it would be because of online savings (and at least we have pet insurance for the vet fees)

Oh, and Mark, who takes such great care of Molly, informed me that he is leaving the service.  I could just about bear this news though as he'd just checked out a lump on Molly's back that he told me was nothing to worry about.  We will miss him... well Molly might not, but I will. He's cute, he's Irish and he's a good vet.  

My girl has cost a lot of money over the years, and my heart just about stops when I worry there might be something wrong with her; but she is worth it all.  Every penny, every near heart attack...  


Kristin said...

She is SO CUTE. People who begrudge spending money on their pets shouldn't have them!! We spent $1,000's on Teddy and I would do it all again. He was worth every penny and more.

Laraf123 said...

Of course she is worth it! I'm glad you have some answers and I hope she gets healthier every day.