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Friday, July 27, 2012

Trains & Bays

Last weekend we stayed in the sea-side town of Whitby to celebrate Andy's birthday. 

Robert, Dawn and I took him away for a surprise evening on the Pullman Dining Service - which to those of you who aren't English Train Geeks Fanatics, means a four course meal served on a journey through the Yorkshire countryside on a steam-engined train.  We had hoped to stay in the village of Pickering but trying to find a place to stay was like trying to find a needle in a haystack (and we booked months ago.)

We had really good weather for the drive north (although it wasn't nearly as warm as it has been the last few days) and stopped at the Black Swan Inn for lunch in the gorgeous village of Helmsley.

Andy wasn't quite sure what the plan was for the weekend;  we were thrilleld to see his face light up like that of a young boy on Christmas morning when our taxi pulled up at the quaint Grosmont Station and he saw the group of well dressed people in the platform gardens drinking wine while waiting to board the train...

Not bad for the wrong side of 45 eh? I think he looks pretty hot in his new duds :) 

Everyone cleaned up nicely for the birthday boy...

We didn't get to dine in the car I had really wanted, Car 79, because it was booked out to a group of seniors all decked out in tuxedo's and pretty dresses (something they apparently do every two years)... there was a lot of noise and laughter coming from that group and a few could barely walk when we alighted from the train back at Grosmont.  (Who says the over 50 Club don't know how to have a great time?)

Of course Dawn and I had to take advantage of the stage setting for a photo op:

Showing off my best assets :) 

Someone is dancing in the background :) 

We climbed the hillside for a look around the  ruins of the Abbey in Whitby on Saturday morning, before moving on to one of my favourite places, Robin Hood's Bay.

When we got back home Sunday afternoon Andy and I cracked open a bottle of cold, white wine (yes, my man is beginning to acquire a more distinguished palate) to enjoy in the sunshine before the kids and his parents arrived later that evening.  Needless to say, I made my man a very happy birthday boy (and for more than the reasons I shared with you here, but of course I will keep the fact that I rocked his world more than once to myself. Oops sorry, well so much for decorum).
One of our best weekends this summer.  Here's to many more

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Laraf123 said...

Looks like a really fun outing--a great way to celebrate the love in your life!