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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Summer Cravings

Lately I have been eating a lot of hummus. A LOT.... I love it.  If you asked me what my favourite food was at the moment it would be hummus; I've been making my own and buying all sorts of different flavours.  Roasted red pepper still seems to be my flavour of choice, and I like it chunky.  I would say the healthiest way to eat hummus is on celery (shame I didn't know this as a kid - it kicks Cheese Whiz's ass), or any other type of vegetable, but I've been really enjoying it on corn or rice cakes.  Scrumptious - and so filling. 

I have also been eating a lot of salads and vegetables; if you were to give me a choice between a plate of fish and chips or roasted vegetable salad, I'd likely pick the vegetables.  Don't get me wrong I love fries, I really do.  I love chips (or crisps as they are called in England), especially cheese and onion or the sweet chili flavour. However I rarely feel good after eating heavy meals.  Sure it tastes great while I'm actually eating, but afterwards I'm often left feeling very bloated and uncomfortable... not always, but sometimes.  On Monday night Andy and I went to the Royal Oak Pub (aka The Splash) and I indulged in scampi and home-cut chips.   It was a real treat and I only thought about it for a moment before digging in and clearing my whole plate (including the peas).  We then went for a lovely walk through Hubbard's Hills with Molly and sure, I know it didn't burn off all the calories I'd consumed but I wasn't making it an issue.  It's rare that I eat such stodgy food these days...  

Like I said, I've been eating a lot of healthy grub lately, but more so because it's what I've been craving, not just because I'm trying to keep my weight down.  In the last few weeks I've also had this for lunch more than once: 

Sure it's store-bought and not what I would call 'authentic' sushi, but boy how I do it enjoy it. So much so, that I had it for my lunch today and I will be eating it again tomorrow.  I could have easily eaten both boxes today but that's just greedy (not that I'm a stranger to greed; greed and I go back a long way). Tesco have been doing these new boxes and I love them,  especially the piece of smoked mackerel, but even more so for the pickled ginger and wasabi.  I adore wasabi.  Usually you just get a squeezy tube of soy sauce. But this box has wasabi... not nearly enough, but enough to count.  

Of course I could just by my own tube of wasabi right? 

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