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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beauty by the Water

The past two weeks have seemed to drag, yet the two weeks we spent in Nova Scotia went way too quickly. 

Robert & Dawn came over last night for Beef Stifado and copious amounts of wine;  we looked at all the photos we took and  reminisced about what a great holiday it was.  We laughed about how the first thing the boys, Stacy and I wanted to do after arriving back at Mom's house was hit the lake for a refreshing swim.  Robert said that at the time he didn't fancy it after such a long journey, especially as it included a 15 minute walk back into the woods, however once he was in the water he said it had been the absolute perfect thing to do after such a long day.. and it was.

My siblings and I do love that lake, as do my boys, which makes me really proud.  It's my hope to maybe one day have a house on that lake (unless of course they never sell the land, which would also probably be even better - leaving it unspoiled and fresh.)

The following day we hung out at the house; Tawny and Taylor came out with Clara and we made our plans for the Farmhouse trip. 

That Monday night after supper we drove into the city to have a walk down by the waterfront.  It got dark a lot earlier than expected but we had fun all the same:

Tuesday morning we packed up three vehicles and headed down to Lunenberg via the scenic route, with of course a stop at our beloved Rope Loft in Chester for some lunch.  Dawn & Robert loved it as much as I knew they would.  Although I was dismayed that there weren't any scallops on the menu, the mussels I had were fantastic.

Mid afternoon we arrived at the Farmhouse, 2nd Paradise Retreat in 2nd Peninsula, Lunenberg.  Tawny had found this place on line and it did NOT disappoint!

(Our view from the front deck first thing in the morning)

Of course Stacy and I had to climb out onto the roof - a window like that was just asking to be climbed through (the teenagers were dismayed they hadn't thought of it first):

Highlight of Activities (during the three days):

The awesome boat house and dock, perfect for sunbathing and jumping off of...

Oh, and dancing on the dock too of course.  Especially if your name is Clara.  Girl is definitely our Dancing Queen.

Mom & Aunt Marg drove down later Monday afternoon, with the plan to not be too far behind the rest of us 'lunch' crowd, however they got a little lost.  After a few phone calls Stacy drove out the bay road to collect them.  It was funny listening to Stacy describe what they had to say when she found them: Aunt Marg's "Where the f**k are we and where are you taking us?, followed by Mom's "We were gonna go the f**k home!"

(Mom enjoying a cooler next to Cam, after her long journey)

 On Tuesday after supper, Clara got herself locked in the bathroom;  it wasn't long before my husband came to the rescue with his team of willing helpers and operation 'Rescue Clara' was a success!

(I loved how even Aunt Marg jumped in on the mission)

The food - oh the food;  On Wednesday morning I cooked up a bunch bacon, Tawny made the mimosas and laid a gorgeous table while Stacy made her now famous healthy, berry pancakes.


  Aunt Shirley and Uncle Reg turned up on the Wednesday:

And of course we spent more time down by the waterside :)

If the boys weren't diving off the dock or in the kayak's they were catching many crabs scuttling about.  I think Clara enjoyed this as much as the boys, especially when they caught a few big ones.  Listening to Cameron screech when a huge one walked across his foot was another moment that made us all laugh.

Of course, a long day down by the dock needs to be rewarded with a cooling dip in the pool:

Followed by a swing in the hammock:

Nighttime activities included various games, or chilling with a book and glass of wine, and of course the boys loved building up the fire pit and of cooking their sausages over it:

(especially Uncle Reg)

This was an absolutely amazing place to spend three nights with the whole family. Everyone was in agreement that it won't be the last time we visit 2nd Peninsula.  Although there were 12 of us there (at any given time) it was a place where you could be with the group, or completely on your own to enjoy the peace and serenity.

We have to make this a repeat event.  Seriously.

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Laraf123 said...

How could you stand to leave? I don't even know these people and I want to share meals and scenery with them! So glad your vacation was a happy one!