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Monday, September 10, 2012

Finding Peace

It was easy in a place like this: 

(Early morning at the Farmhouse, before the sun burned through - we spent three glorious days here)

We got back into the country a week ago Sunday morning at approximately 9:30 am and I'm still not feeling as settled as I should be. 

It was a brilliant holiday for all of us.  Everything went pretty smoothly and as well as introducing Dawn, Robert and Cameron to my family and a few friends, we showed them as much of Nova Scotia as we could, in the short time we had. I believe Andy said he took upwards of 1000 photos (and between him and my sister, there must be thousands); after I've looked through them all again, I'm going to do a couple of posts on our various days out.

Being back at work is ok and although it's busy, I work with a great bunch of people who understand why I'm not my usually upbeat self;  they were only full of kindness and hugs the few times I got a bit tearful, which has thankfully passed.  Being full on with my period certainly didn't help with the continuous battle to hold it together. Reminder to self: don't schedule the departure from home and  family when you are due to start.  It's a sure-fire countdown to meltdown. And here I was thinking how awesome it was that I wouldn't have to deal with that while I was on vacay.  

So anyway... this week is a new week and I know this 'displaced' feeling will subside bit by bit and within a few more days I should be back to what constitutes normal.  I just didn't think it was going to take so long this time round.  I could read all kinds of various meaning into this, but I won't.  

I will be grateful that I got to spend time in such a beautiful place with my family.

And it won't be long until I am back with them again.   

I had already hit publish when I realized that today is my sister's birthday:

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl.  I loved spending time with you in Nova Scotia and although I'm sure you will get showered with wondering gifts, in this photo your are holding the best gift of all. 

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Fern Wimpley said...

Miss you so much sister!
Here's to the spring!