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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmastime Grooving with Mrs McAllenby

The last couple of months at work have been hectic and maybe what might be termed a bit 'trying' for most of my team;  we hadn't managed to plan a work's night out for the Christmas Season, but that was ok because the girls from work, together with Robert and Dawn came over to help us deck the tree on Friday night, which ended up being more of a stress reliever than we expected.

We started by cracking open a bottle or two of champagne and toasted the start of the Christmas season:

Then we got down to decking the tree:

After the tree was finished and I'd admired the beautiful decorations from Christmas's past, as well as the new ones I'd been given this year (my friends always bring me a new bauble to put on the tree) the Christmas tunes got a bit rowdier and before long the dance tunes were taking over.  Andy was doing an excellent job as DJ and us girls began to really get our grooves on. 

The boys just sat back and laughed watched:

Another successful party at the McAllenby's.

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