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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sporticus Themed Christmas Cookies

It's a good thing I'm not the type who becomes fraught at all there to do at this time of the year.  I can't believe it's the 11th of December already.  December is almost half over and Christmas Eve is only 13 days away if you didn't already know. Sorry if my pointing this out puts more pressure on those of you who get caught up in the madness.  Personally I chose to opt out of the craziness.  I have enough of that all year long to fill my own stocking thank you very much. 

I did figure that I owed you a post though, considering I haven't managed to do so yet this month.  So much for my goal of blogging more in 2012.  However, as with most of the goals I set for myself it was very hit and miss.  Bah what can I do? I am who I am. 

This past weekend I decided it was time that I found some motivation and got on with my Christmas baking.  (I'm not done my shopping yet and haven't even started on the wrapping but there's still time for all of that.)  I asked my 3 year old nephew Archie to come and be my helper and although Tasha had her gallbladder removed on Wednesday she and her boyfriend Martin wanted to come join in the work fun too. 

I thought I'd be organized and put out all the ingredients we might need: 

I wasn't exactly sure which cookies we were going to aim to get baked, however I knew we were going to start with my mother's Christmas cookies.  

What little boy (and big girl) doesn't like cutting out Christmas shapes?

We were all even decked out in proper kitchen gear. 
(although Archie wouldn't wear his little apron)

Meet the gorgeous Martin (honestly, he's just the type of lovely young man you'd chose for your daughter although I try not to tell her too much as any parent will know how that has a habit of backfiring ;)

And of course Molly was in the background keeping a close watch.  Once the cookies started churning out she quickly moved into the kitchen.

We ended up making not only the Christmas Cookies but also Mars Bar Squares, Chocolate & Coconut Squares, Cranberry & White Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cherry Balls. 

Archie is a huge fan of Sporticus so we iced his cookies blue with white snowflakes.  And of course one has to have the obligatory lick of the mixers right?  (I have about 50 cookies left to ice once I  buy more icing sugar.)

After everyone had left I managed to churn out some White & Dark Chocolate Bark before sitting down with a big old glass of wine in front of my favourite Christmas movie Elf.

I'm still not done with my baking but it was a start.  

There is lots going on in the coming weeks and I will really try to keep up with posting for those of you that are taking a moment to visit in between all your own Christmas prep. (I'm excited to tell you about the amazing tree that I picked out in record time this year.)     

After I've iced my cookies later this evening I will head over to Robert and Dawn's to watch Miracle on 34th Street (the original) which I've never seen before; I know right? I haven't seen the modern one either. 

These are really the best bits of Christmas - the baking, the movies and getting together with friends and loved ones.  I could really do without the the Retail Festival that Christmas has become but I guess you have to take the bad with the good in any situation right? 

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