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Friday, February 22, 2013

Waitin on that four o'clock whistle

When we were in the Maldives I had that Friday Feeling every day; It was certainly made easy on an evening like this:  

Sitting on the edge of the Asian Wok sure wasn't hard work, as we watched an incredible sunset while shark's swam in the shallows below us and we sipped on our yummy cocktails.  I love this picture - it captures the whole feeling of our trip and even my naff hair doesn't spoil it.  I mean can you see my tan? 

Getting back into the groove hasn't been the easiest, especially after the loss of Andy's sister, so I've been keeping fairly busy. It's only been a four day work for me (I had Monday off to help Beryl celebrate her 85th birthday) but I'm really glad it's Friday. 

On Tuesday night I tried making Pad Thai for the first time, meaning the sauce wasn't from a jar, and was impressed with my efforts.  Even Andy ate it and he's not much of a noodle man.

(I didn't think of snapping a picture until after I'd packed up for my lunch the next day.) 

After work my number one man and I are meeting with Rob & Dawn at our local for a bite to eat and Friday drinks, which will be really good as the four of us haven't had a proper catch up since we got back from our holiday.  Tomorrow my pal Sarah and I are heading out for a few spa treatments followed by lunch and very likely more than a glass of wine - we've been trying to get together to celebrate my rite of passage into the world of the Middle Aged since I've been back.  It should be good fun and as usually happens when we get together, I'm sure we won't be acting our age.  I mean really, whoever invented that ridiculous saying anyway? It's almost as silly as 'That's not very ladylike'. 

With that said, why does the theme here always seem to be food and drink? Bah, never mind - I will never purport to be anything other than myself.  I like to eat, I like to drink.  Some things will never change, especially me being 'ladylike'.

So wherever you may be, I hope you have a great weekend.  

1 comment:

Laraf123 said...

What a great photo--your vacation sounds (and looks) like paradise!

Oh, Pad Thai is my absolute favorite! I'm very impressed that you made it from scratch. Too bad I live way over here--I could use a lesson in how to prepare it in my kitchen. (I always order takeout.)