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Friday, July 12, 2013

July Talk

We usually kick July off round these parts with our annual Canada Day BBQ, however as the weather has been so unpredictable this year we decided to give it a miss.  Other contributing factors included our considerable lack of half decent garden furniture, (the gazebo has ended up in the bin after the wind nearly tore the canvas in half) and because Andy has been spending a lot of hours working away we just decided it was time for a break.  Stay tuned next year for our regularly scheduled event. 

Not much else has been going on other than I'm trying to keep focused on staying healthy and spending time with Molly and the kids. 

Jayden had another sleep over last night:

 (He is growing way to fast... he talks non stop but as yet it's still mostly indecipherable)

As the days have finally gotten a bit warmer we tend to wait till later in the evening to take the dogs on a long walk;  This is one of my favourite walks however Molly spends most of it with her tail between her legs and shaking in anticipation of the next big gun shot.  I'm trying to get her used to the fact that the farmer's 'canon' has been removed now that his crops have finally come through and the birds are no longer pinching all the seeds.  I sometimes wonder if that thing is half as effective at scaring off birds as it is at nearly giving my so called gun dog a heart-attack.  

Last weekend was glorious, which worked out well as we had our gorgeously garrulous niece Daisy come to stay:

Not only is she incredibly beautiful, she's a quirky and amusing child to have around.

The first time she tried to pretend she couldn't hear me and and I asked the question 'Daisy, who is the boss around here?' her answer was a resounding 'not me!'  Too right little miss, but it's worth a try.  It's certainly easy for Aunty Jojo to forget it sometimes when she smiles that cheeky grin.

Our course we had to visit Grandma and Grandad Allenby:

Ice-cream with Grandma 

On Sunday morning we met up with Andy's brother and his family for a row on the boating lake.  Archie was in his glory watching his dad and Uncle try to row in sync. 

 And because it was actually sunny and warm the little ones had lots of time in the garden splashing in Blue Fish

Later when I was hanging up the wet clothes Daisy asked me if I was her Granny too;  Indeed I'm not I said with a smile, I'm your Aunty Jojo; she laughed and said that was good because she like that better.  

Oh, if only everything else was as simple as the view from a 2 year old's perspective.

At the request of my husband and presumably number one fan, I will endeavour to get a little bit better at posting again.

Happy Friday everyone - hope you have a fantastic weekend. 


Laraf123 said...

What beautiful family photos. I'm glad the weather has warmed a bit and you can enjoy the outdoors (and the simple things) with Daisy and Jayden!

Chrissy said...

Don't you love how you see everything a little differently when there's a young child around?

Jody said...

Lara, it's been an absolute treat weather-wise lately (long over-due) but we will take what we can ge

Chrissy, you couldn't have put it plainer :)

Hope sun isn't too overwhelming out in your part of the world girls.