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Thursday, July 25, 2013

On what could be the nearly naked office

This evening marks the beginning of a four day weekend for me and to say I'm looking forward to this break is a considerable understatement. 

My office is ridiculously hot with little to zero air circulation.  The fans that are constantly on only offer a minimal respite.  I wear flip flops in the office and the bare minimum of clothes.  Not always easy when you work in an office environment but 3/4 length trousers and light cotton tops are my outfit of choice these days. Even light summer dresses can prove too uncomfortable.  Oh, and although there may be a written rule somewhere that bans sleeveless tops (I wouldn't know because I hardly wear sleeveless clothes outside of work because of the 'relationship' I have with my arms, never mind while at work) I've probably broken that rule and  I don't care.  I don't care because: 

1) I don't think many would question what I have on while it's this suffocating 
2)I'm a bit of rule breaker anyway (and luckily always seem to get away with whatever rule I happen to be ignoring at any given time).  

The other day a woman on another team made a 'light' comment about my 3/4 length pink cargo pants, almost sheer black blouse and flip flops. My answering response was to brightly smile and say 'you are lucky I'm wearing any clothes today'.

Besides I have the kind of boss who wouldn't really notice if I'm inappropriately dressed unless it was my birthday suit that I was wearing.  She's a bit of a rule breaker herself. 

I'm looking forward to the weekend for so many reasons and hopefully will find the time to post about the various planned activities.  What I'm looking forward to most of all though is going here with Robert, Dawn & Carter.  

Andy and I went a few years ago and loved it.  The accommodation is great, the surrounding walks are beautiful and the food is stunning (although I'm disappointed to see that Foie Gras is on the menu this month - I know some people think it's a sign of a classy place but fair warning to any future dining companions: I couldn't sit at the table with you should you ever decide to order this when dining with me. Google it if you are unclear as to why). 

Sorry, I got a bit off track there yet in this world of free range chicken and organically bred food, I cannot understand why anyone who cares about this stuff could eat that. Ok, ok... my rant is over for real this time.  
It truly is a brilliant place to stay and eat in.  It's like almost stepping back into an historical English setting and everything is lovely including the rooms that are situated in the converted stables.  Even better is the deal they offer on Sundays - as long as you reserve a table in the restaurant, you can stop for the night for only £10.  How can you beat that deal?

Bring on the four day weekend. I'm so ready for it. 

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Laraf123 said...

I hope you are having a lovely weekend--with air conditioning, if need be!